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  1. Google Adwords' Search Query Report (or Search Term Report) shows you all the search terms that people have used to trigger your ads. For instance, if you're running the phrase match variation of the term "dog food", your ads might be triggered by the search phrases "organic dog food", "cheap dog food", "healthy dog food", etc. The search term report shows you this, which is extremely handy for identifying negative keywords. MS adCenter has no such feature. I just called them to double check. Google Analytics has a report which shows you paid search terms, but as far as I can tell (please correct me if I'm wrong) it only shows the ones you list in your Adwords account - not adCenter. So my question is, is there some analytics program (or something I'm missing in Google Analytics) which would show me this data?
  2. "I have resources that do this already for me" - Can you recommend these resources to others?
  3. fisicx - I interpret your comment as meaning that creating pages in multiple languages is a good idea, but that as with English language sites, there's no need to submit to the search engines, as they will find you anyway. glyn - Is there some proper way to declare the language in the HEAD? Something like <META name="language" content="French"> Thanks for introducing me to the word "stroppy," but please clarify the comment. Not sure what you're saying there. Would you use a service like http://www.mplw.com if you had an international clientele?
  4. So would you say then that this technique of building one page in each different important language might work, because the search engines for each language will come around and recognize that language, index that page, and that page may then come up when searches are conducted in that language? And how about Google? The English-speaking Google obviously indexes the site. Will Google recognize the existence of other languages in the site and send the appropriate spiders, or will they come anyway?
  5. A client of mine was approached by a Multilingual Search Engine Optimization company. I watched their demo at http://www.mplw.com/demo.html, and what they do is have translators translate content you provide in order to create one page in your site for each language you want to target. They then submit those pages to international search engines. I have my doubts about this. Don't most international search engines only accept submissions from sites with TLDs for particular countries, such is .uk, .de, .jp, and so on? Would any Japanese search engine worth its salt accept a single page on a .com site merely because it was written in Japanese? Whether or not this is a viable approach, does anyone have experience with companies like this? Are there one or two companies which stand out as superior to the rest? Thanks.
  6. Tools like OptiLink and Yahoo Site Explorer let you see who's linking to you, and provide additional info such as Links Out, Target Links, Google Rank, Linking Page Title, and Link Text. But so far I haven't found a tool which can create a catalog of all incoming links, including the specific page (home page or internal page) to which each link is pointing. Any suggestions?
  7. 165 strange 404 errors just showed up in Google Webmaster Tools. http://www.bidontravel.com/japanese.php?u=...-htl-names.html is an example. Hover your mouse over that URL and you'll see that it's actually a lot longer than the forum software reveals. We don't have any Japanese or Arabic translation on the site. Portuguese is also referred to in some of the other 404 errors. Neither I nor the webmaster have a clue as to what these are or why they're there. The bit at the end (http://www.bidontravel.com/hot-htl-names.html) is valid but the rest is a mystery. Any suggestions?
  8. Some sites link to http://www.availability-calendars.com, which redirects to the company's main site. There is no content on http://www.availability-calendars.com - it just redirects. Is any PageRank it accrues passed on to the main site?
  9. ricka

    Project Timer Recommendation?

    A friend of mine is a certified TimeSlips consultant and I was considering doing that myself at one point, so I went along to one of his clients with him. I'm afraid that with TimeSlips, I'd be using a cannon to kill an ant. I need something way simpler. I'm looking at TimeSlice for Windows (http://timeslice.us/windows/index.html). It may do the job, but I'll miss the simplicity of ProjectTimer Pro. It did exactly what I needed, but apparently it's not an option.
  10. I've been using ProjectTimer Pro on a Mac (http://www.scriptsoftware.com/projecttimer/) to keep track of my billable time for multiple clients, but I'm moving everything over to a PC and the PC equivalent of the software is too buggy to be usable. Can anyone suggest an alternative? Basically, I need to be able to start and stop timers for multiple clients throughout the day, see running totals for each client and day, and print invoices. Features beyond these would probably be an encumbrance more than an advantage. Thanks.
  11. There you have to do it one at a time. I'd like to be able to paste in a list of phrases and come back to find a table correlating each of those phrases with one or more page(s) in a particular site.
  12. Does an application exist into which you can paste a list of keyword phrases and be told which pages in a particular site are already best optimized for those phrases?
  13. Thanks. Very helpful responses. Here's a related question. A client of mine, whose site is all in English, plans to translate about 10 pages into Spanish. Should he just add those to his current site, which is well-established and has good SE rankings? Would there be some compelling advantages to setting up a new site with a new domain name for the Spanish content? I can think of plenty of cons and only a few pros, which might include being able to submit the site to some Spanish search engines and directories. Then again, maybe I could do that with just his Spanish pages if he were to add them to his existing site. Your thoughts?
  14. How do search engines deal with the accents commonly used in Spanish, German and other languages? Do they index them? Do people use them in their query strings?
  15. A friend of mine is thinking of developing a site which would connect professionals with clients via video chat. A client would come to his site, find a professional that that they wished to talk to, and set up a chat. I believe some porn sites do something like this. I would like to refer him to some companies who could set this up for him. Any recommendations? Here's his explanation of what he's trying to do: Looking for a web server technology that can hook up two remote web cam's (one being the web site client, one being a professional who is using the web site to solicit business). We want to create a web portal for a a particular industry. Its likely that the technology we are looking for would work through a plug-in with the web browser rather than through say "ichat" or "skype video"--though if there is a good way to use those webcam technologies through the web site please let us know. The web server would serve as a host connecting two remote web cams.