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  1. New Digs

    It's been a while. So, what's the news? What happened to the Ninjas? I guess a lot of change in the year or so since I last looked in ... time flies
  2. I am in a very different place than I was 5 years ago (running my own sites full time), and even more different than 10 years ago (working for a bank). Now I am working for an agency. But in 5-10 more years? Who knows! I doubt I will have a successful website again, so hopefully working for a successful agency that continues to be enjoyable and relaxed. My commute is a 15 minute walk and I am close to my kids school, so that is all rather nice really. Unfortunately, I still have another 25 years before I can retire - they put the age up to 68 a few weeks ago. A bit annoying.
  3. Do people see URLs anymore though? Most people view web on mobile, and URLs not really visible. People follow links, they don't read and type URLs, do they? Apart from the short ones that are deliberated made to be promoted.
  4. How does this help WordPress users? With WordPress, you use the WYSIWYG editor if you don't want to write HTML, which is what probably 99.99% of users do. Markdown seems a be a more complicated way to write if you use WordPress.
  5. Was the Fred update related to backlinks though? I read that it was about "ad heavy, low value content and affiliate sites." https://www.seroundtable.com/google-fred-update-ad-heavy-low-value-23538.html Or was there another one more recently?
  6. Good links help rank websites, whether they are bought or not.
  7. Well, if the redirect does make things worse, turn it off. Best to try it and see first though.
  8. Why keep anything at all on the original site? Redirect the home page too.
  9. Well, I work for an SEO company. Does that make me an SEO? I like to think so, but my job description is content manager. And the accountant, the cleaner and tea boy - are they SEOs? In fact, the directors mostly do sales, client management, reporting, and HR. Are they SEOs? Is anybody actually an SEO? Maybe SEO never died, maybe it never existed! #confused
  10. should be no problem, just 301 those pages and check for 404s on the new site, incase some pages are not 301ed due to funny URLs etc. Maybe check which pages get the most organic traffic and make sure those redirects work, and that they redirect to very relevant pages.
  11. I disagree. I run a local website with FB page. People often ask for recommendations for traders and a lot of people link up their facebook pages. A lot of conversation takes place on similar social pages with people recommended businesses they have used. In fact, I am pretty sure a friend of mine asked for fencing recommendations sometime in the last year!
  12. No, but, likes never worked that way did they? Nobody ever bought a new tap because somebody else bought one. Although .... I may have bought a record because somebody liked it, and I have downloaded books that other people liked. And I have watched TV series on the back of likes, some of which involved paying subscriptions. So, actually, they do work!
  13. Edgerank - maybe. But, I know that I still see things in my streams that my friends like, and know that friends sometimes see things I like. Quite often, in fact. So, likes do count - they get a post seen more. OK, small study based on personal experience, but, I see them working.
  14. Seems that the main point is that "Likes alone don't drive purchases", which is nothing new. I thought likes increase edgerank, which meant your posts are more likely to appear in user streams, and interaction by users (e.g. comments and likes) more likely to appear in their friends streams, which means, they are not pointless if your goal is getting more brand awareness on FB. Or is that also no longer the case?