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  1. Can't we have option 4? Keep the domain, install a fresh, open source forum on a cheaper host that is practically self-sufficient through improved ad placements and look forward to a new future?
  2. Actually, one a second think - this content matching makes perfect sense. Otherwise, somebody could create a lovely clean, ad-free, info rich, fast, secure. beautiful mobile website, and have a desktop version with thin content and packed with ads, knowing that many people will see this version because around 30-40% of people do still use desktops. So, make sure both pages look the same, don't try to trick Google! Most people do this anyway - very few sites now have totally different mobile and desktop versions, most are responsive now, aren't they?
  3. "Some people had speculated that a way to prevent mobile first indexing was to have a site that is not mobile friendly" And this explains nicely why you should not always listen to what the expert speculators tell you! I had to read 3 times before I was sure I had not gone mad and was misreading it, as I really cannot believe anybody would really think that a "solution" to getting penalised would be to deliberately make a site mobile UNfriendly! Comes back to the same old story - Google wants to provide the best search results to its users. Most users are now using mobiles and tablets. They cannot give the best results if the sites don't work well on mobiles and tablets. It's really that simple. Basic UX.
  4. Nah, I had newsletter years ago, but never really made it work. I actually deleted the comment subscriptions last night to avoid having to do anything with that. I do have feedburner running for it, but that is a Google service, so it's their job to sort out not mine, as far as I am concerned!
  5. this was one of the most useful threads - lots of great advice that's still in place today. I think the website probably looks totally different. Shame there were no screenshots!
  6. I had forgotten about that one. I still get some traffic from DuckDuckGo. Nothing from Blekko. Oh, Blekko has gone.
  7. Well, if you can be anonymous here, you can be anonymous on Facebook too. I mean, who only has one profile?
  8. That is shocking. 42 users in 48 hours? My web host will handle 50,000 daily users for about $10 a month. How do these guys justify those rates?!??? Ditch them. Move domain to new hosting and leave that on the home page as reason why you had to close. Wait for them to beg forgiveness. Start a FB group.
  9. I'd like to see them fine webmasters €20000000. They'll only go after the big retail and social media sites, otherwise they'll risk crippling the economy, if they don't spend all their budget on legal fees first!
  10. Oh, and final crazy idea... WordPress. Rather than a forum, just have a blog. Let anybody comment. Make people you know authors (i.e. us lot and any other trustworthy people interested). Then offer paid posts for new contributors - so long as all links are nofollow Google will be happy, and if done on this same domain with its old "authority", you can charge for people to blog. Don't get greedy, but $25 will probably get enough people interested to pay for your time. Then each blog post is like a new thread - but rather than being one liners that lead to a discussion, it will encourage the OP to do some research, thinking etc. and talk more about where they're at. Easy to use subscription for updates on new posts and new comments. One click updates. And you could probably just use your existing hosting for it. Yeah, I'd do that. Maybe put it to the vote: Facebook Group WordPress installation on cre8asiteforums.com Twitter #cre8 Yahoo!
  11. Or, another crazy idea. I have recently been looking at Twitter a tiny bit more (still only about 10 tweets in the last year!). We could just go there, and agree to always use #cre8 when saying anything web related that we'd normally post here. But I think FB would be easier.
  12. $135 month for hosting - that is insane. What is the daily pageviews from Analytics? According to SEMRush there is hardly any traffic, just a few random keywords bring traffic in. Is that reality? I am sure we could find much cheaper hosting, and find a way to keep spammers out (or, let them in and give more people full mod powers to just delete and block people). But, I think none of us old timers really want to be looking after a forum, as much as we might say now "I'll help keep it running!". While it's hard to let go, sometimes you must. I ditched a lot of domains in the last few years - some domains that I thought I would never let go. I didn't even bother saving the content on some (I still have too many!). But, if it is taking TIME and ENERGY, that is the real issue. I really suggest that we create a group on Facebook - most of us probably have an account there. People can drop in and ask the odd question, we can easily stay in touch, and no costs to anybody. Just call it Cre8asiteforum and few new SEO spammers will know the name, so won't target it. If anybody isn't on Facebook, well, they can make an account if they want to stay in touch. And for those that are anon here, we can just pretend we don't know who you are in real life. Other than Facebook, there is really only Google+, which even I no longer look at, or a simple free hosted forum. But then, that will just have the same problems plus the added risk that they can pull the plug at any moment. Or we just invade a random forum that's out there! Doesn't even have to be web related, there's probably a nice cooking or home design forum we could sneak into and chat in one of the general areas, nobody will know we're there! If we open a Facebook Group soon, we could each review our own threads here and copy over any we feel we want to keep alive. Although, in all honesty, why bother? It's just words. In the old days they would have been blown away by the wind long ago, why the need to archive everything digital? (OK, the answer to that is targeted advertising!).
  13. Well, that's not really true. If you washed dirty potatoes in clean water, and allowed the dirty water to irrigate the soil, then nothing has really got dirty, has it? But, I know what you mean,.