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  1. I'd build sites out of them and gain traffic using purely PPC...
  2. Kim ref: "I'm not sure why but this client had gone out, without our knowledge, and created a dupe site on a different domain" I had a client do that in 2005. I found out and each month for 4 months I asked him if there was any other web marketing activity he wanted to tell me about - his answer every time was no. After 4 months I went in to see him, showed him what I already knew about and he kept up the charade acting like it was someone else who had copied his website (with his number on it)... a DNS lookup in front of him soon showed he was the registrant for the site - couldn't really deny it then could he? I handed him a CD of his site, thanked him for his business and walked out the door... have to admit it did wonders for my reputation... word got round its about the service and care I provide, not just the money.... 'twas a brave move I guess but it worked... Daz
  3. Without meaning to be rude but I'd use neither... if you use the sitemap layout page I'd say reduce the amount of choice... I'd also review the design, it doesn't enthuse me into wanting to spend time looking at your product let alone buy it...
  4. Try this one - I've known about it for years... http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/ I'll check John's site out myself as well. Daz
  5. In my opinion you are paying to be included in a web directory whereas a paid link is to have a link on someone elses website/page which is only there because you paid an amount of money to be there. Paying to be in directories shouldn't get you banned on a search engine - they (G) seem to like links from the Yahoo directory well enough (which is around $300)
  6. Let me get this straight you are asking for a 404 page response on the old domain to 301 redirect to the new domain then?
  7. "...I've been doing the link building for years. But it would be nice if someone had list of best 20 sites which allowed you to put your own anchor text. " Surely after all these years of linkbuilding you'd have your own list to consult and go through? Forget about "the best 20 sites" - I'd doubt anyone would A) Truly, truly know B) Be willing to share that knowledge when it gives them an edge. Do some competitor research on competitor links - check out Yahoo Site Explorer, that will help. Think of ways that would make people happy to link to you without a condition in place.... if you deem it relevant link to others in a similar field of your own (but obviously only to sites that offer resources themselves) Daz
  8. I'd recommend you look at meta descriptions too. Its nothing more than a list... Your page footer is chock full of keywords and is just spam in my opinion. I don't think your site is suffering too badly, i.e. if I put in Tjs timber fencing into Google you're listed. I'd recommend you look at the content and make it less "List" like. Daz
  9. I just think forums are a just a mirror of society - people in modern society in my opinion have become very fickle and will jump on any "golden" bandwagon that comes along. They don't want to put in effort - they just want answers NOW (and usually then claim direct credit for). Its not just SEO, I've also seen it in gliding (I used to be an instructor), people just don't want to put in the effort - mostly as there are too many other distractions in modern life today. There were people here on this forum that got the benefit of SEO advice for free, set up their own sites to do something similar and then charged. In my opinion if you charged a nominal fee for membership then you would give the forum a "value" and in my opinion when I have given SEO advice for free its never been as valued as much as when I charge. Its not how much you pay, its how much you perceive its value.... Daz PS I belong to an organisation thats motto is "Givers Gain" - its worked extremely well for me for over 6 years as I like to help others - for those who say it didn't work they never really "gave" - they just wanted to "take"....
  10. I'm proud to say I've never once used the word "page sculpting" or indeed used the technique. I know some SEO experts were crowing from the rooftop about page sculpting but having been in the industry since 2001 I've learnt to not just jump on the bandwagon just because an expert proclaims something. I observe, test and then come up with my own theories. It pays to develop a strong BS filter and Ruud's tip is bang on. I ended up following dozens of blogs 2 years ago but now I follow very few... don't bother trying to read between the lines, waste of time, read something, test it, make a decision and then move on... much more efficient use of time I reckon,
  11. Not wanting to diss your pagerank update but I've got client sites on Google in top 3 organics with lower PR than competitors below them.... would be interested to note if you see more traffic but it depends on where you rank for existing keywords already I guess?
  12. Yes I did use it and select Russian but I wasn't sure if the keywords should have been in Cryllic? I saw them in English over here so a little sceptical but they served a purpose well enough. Thanks Daz
  13. You could always copy the image as a new layer, add a strong blur effect and then adjust the opacity of that layer to bring some of the sharpness from the original image below. Makes for a soft, dream like image (depending how low or high you set the opacity of the blurred layer) which could turn your image into a masterpiece...
  14. When you say "lots", how many is that? Daz
  15. Wish I was going. Got to New York in November last year for a mini vacation - loved it! Next time! Daz