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  1. rofl... oooh, lol, i can't stop laughing. Although WordPress started out as blogging software it now claims to be a content management system. If it really is a content management system why are so many people using things like Visual Composer or Elementor Pro to manage the content? I've never liked WP and this trend is proving my point.
  2. A client side only solution would be done using Javascript. The Javacript simply filters the options and updates the result pages without reloading the whole page. If the lists are long or complex i recommend a database. In this case when a user changes an option Javascript sends the updated filter options to a php program on the server which uses the database to get the matches. The php then returns these matches to the Javascript which updates the results area of the page, but doesn't reload the whole page. This process is known as AJAX ("asynchronous JavaScript and XML").
  3. If i was programming this i wouldn't use a form. I would use AJAX.
  4. If you want a fast, light page a simple script would be the best way to go. I don't know of any existing one to use but it wouldn't take a programmer long to make a custom one. You could be taught to edit the database list directly or a second script could be made for you to add/delete/modify items from the database's criteria list (i'm assuming it's a large/complex enough list that a database is a better choice over a text file).
  5. How Do You Build Your Website?

    My favorite website making program of all time was GoLive from Adobe. Then Adobe bought Dreamweaver and discontinued Golive. Sad days. While they put a few of GoLive's features in Dreamweaver, like the link button, the two programs were so structurally different that very few features could be merged into Dreamweaver. I never like Dreamweaver and quickly dumped it. I started hand coding websites in 1994 using CygnusED (CED). Not only do i still do small sites in Notepad++ but any custom code i make for Joomla, Wordpress or other systems i do in Notepad++ then copy/paste it. I've always felt more comfortable with code then any WYSIWYG editor. Other then Notepad++ there is no one tool i usually turn too. I use what best fits the job. I will say though that i hate Wordpress. Way too limiting and constantly needs to be babysat. I still tell everyone to learn HTML, and CSS. How many times have you been in a WYSIWYG editor and can't get it to nest lists properly, or end a list and start a paragraph in the right spot. Switch to code view, fix it, (fix some other bad or wasteful editor code you spotted) and switch back.
  6. Your asking about peoples future plans, so as someone that retired nearly four years ago i am coming from the other direction. As a retiree i have done a lot travel, remodeled my house, enjoyed my hobbies and spent more time with family as i'm sure many of you wish to do. I've also noticed my mind isn't as sharp as it used to be. Simple things like doing math in my head or unscrambling the letters of a word puzzle don't come as easily as it used to. As a result i placed some online ads and started doing some small programming jobs. I breezed through some small wordpress and other projects but struggled with a Drupal site enhancement. I had a much harder time visually how all the Drupal code, html, css, javascript, custom php, database information etc... stitched together. I got the job done but it took more time then i expected. I guess i'm saying "use it or lose it". I just accepted the task of teaching someone that's computer illiterate how to make a website with wordpress. I'm sure i'm still up to the job, the question is whether she is.
  7. Adobe released some information this week that stated browsers will no longer support Flash by 2020. I realize this may seem a long time away, but it’s never too early to be prepared. You can read the article in full by clicking here. Microsoft – (As stated in the article)Through the end of 2017 and into 2018 — Edge will continue to ask users for permission to run Flash on most sites the first time the site is visited, remembering the user’s preference on subsequent visits. IE will continue to allow Flash without prompting for permission. Mid to late 2018 — Edge will require permission for Flash to be run each session. IE will continue to allow Flash for all sites. Mid to late 2019 — Flash will be disabled by default in both Edge and IE. Users will be able to re-enable Flash in both browsers. End of 2020 — Flash in Edge and IE will be removed across all supported versions of Windows. Users will no longer have any ability to enable or run Flash. Google Chrome – Currently you can use Flash if you allow the plugin to run. At this time, Google hasn’t made any announcements to stop allowing Flash earlier than Adobe’s planned kill date of 2020. Mozilla – You can see their detailed listing of Flash plans by clicking here.September 2017Starting with Firefox 56 in September 2017, Firefox for Android will remove all support for plugins. Late 2018 In the second half of 2018, Firefox will no longer remember the Flash setting and users will have to choose each session whether to activate Flash. Early 2019 In early 2019, Firefox will show a user-visible warning on sites that continue to use Flash. 2019 A few months after the user-visible warning, Firefox will disable the Flash plugin by default. Users will not be prompted to enable Flash, but it will still be possible to activate Flash on certain sites using browser settings. 2020 In early 2020, Flash support will be completely removed from consumer versions of Firefox. The Firefox Extended Support Release (ESR) will continue to support for Flash until the end of 2020. 2021 When Adobe stops shipping security updates for Flash at the end of 2020, Firefox will refuse to load the plugin.
  8. I've done work for many corporations including some with long legal disclaimers. In the footer we always put a paragraph explaining how the online versions of our disclaimers was the most recent version and that they applied to all our online and offline documentation, transactions, etc... Below this were links to the document(s).
  9. Ai Ethics, Future, Life

    This Google unit devoted to overcoming or curing death has been popping up a lot lately. It's a misleading tag line that is really getting under my skin. Goggle and every other sane person on the planet realizes we are no where near eliminating death. Dig a little deeper into the actual Google literature, instead of the edited bits that keep getting copy/pasted from various sensationalist locations, and you'll discover the real goals of the unit. The units goal is to research the underlying causes of ageing and develop ways to combat them with the goal of increasing healthspan. There is no point to increasing lifespan if you spend the last 30 years hooked up to machines or confined to a wheelchair in a vegetative state. I think most of us can agree aging is only worthwhile if your healthy and active. Besides, if people stopped dying where would put them all? Nature would surely correct that problem when we run out food and kill the planet by pure numbers. As it is were already killing the planet largely due to overpopulation. Half of all the nutrients produced on Earth are eaten by just one species.
  10. Voice Ai - What Do We Do With It?

    I remember in the 90's when computer got faster enough to record sound digitally of a decent quality. All the experts predicted that keyboards and mice would disappear in a couple years as everything switched to voice command. They reasoned that since computer speed would double in 18 months plus a few months to write the speech recognition software voice control was about to take over everything. They were clueless about the difficulties deciphering speech, separating speech from other sounds in the room etc... Now, 25 years later speech recognition is just becoming good enough to be useful.
  11. Came across this today: Facebook 'likes' don’t work like marketers think they do https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/03/170302134005.htm
  12. Why are we all trying to simplify our writing? Our corporate marketing department always told us to write everything at a grade 3 level. Why? I don't understand the need to make everything as stupid as possible. Surely, the average person can read at a level higher then grade 3. My favorite reading material is those that I have to concentrate on to understand and makes me think later.
  13. I have a hand coded site of over 1400 pages that is still live and although it's no longer updated still generates some user traffic and feedback. Originally made it in 1996 and updated until 2001 i used find/replace to update the headers and footers. It's the only i ever did that i never updated beyond html2, font tags and all. Ahh.. the memories.
  14. I used to do a lot of hand coded sites. Now, i occasionally hand code cv's in php for people (including my own). It's the best way to really do something original, that has personality, and projects something real about the person. They are typically only a few pages and have enormous attention to detail for all screen sizes and print.
  15. <i class="fa fa-arrow-down fa-2x" aria-hidden="true"></i> SUPERDOOPER Use the before pseudo classes: before and hover i:hover::before { content: "Read this -"; } As tam noted above "i" may not be the appropriate tag for this. Original post edited to correct my code