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  1. Kim - hi. Is there anything back from the hosts on pricing for this and what kind of "fee"/subscription cost would people be expected to pay? Thanks
  2. Wow. ❤️ - amazing. There's no such thing as a dream that's too big by the way That's an amazing project and future plans/dreams there Kim. I'm impressed. Of course you need to get off the net on a daily basis and concentrate on this. A perfectly natural thing to do. It's a HUGE barn! My brother had a tiny (in comparison) old English farm barn converted - and that was a project and a half..lol.. - nice to see your's started with a new roof already because that was the bit that the took the longest/most expensive bit to do. You should sell planks to people online - but so they get their names engraved in it or embedded company logo - rather like a Sponsored Wall - generate a bit of income that way. I'd donate! It's very cool Kim. A real neat project/dream satisfying project to get to grips with. Nice one
  3. Ha. If you use the "Wayback Machine" internet archive website you can still see some of those rare beauties popping on archived forum pages from years gone by
  4. It works! Oo you are good at this Kim
  5. Just started last night particularly on the "What Would It Take To Stop The Forums Closing" thread. Help! Paul
  6. I think you really nailed it there Kim about the daily grind with the forums and the work involved. I'm sure some financial & technical plan will jump up in the next few weeks... but who will actually run the forums on a daily basis? I remember what a nightmare it was dealing with spammers, checking out email addresses, blocking/banning - all that good stuff that no-one ever saw out front. But... I do hope a rescue package comes into play. Rockefeller can sell his artworks for record prices... but these forums are priceless.
  7. Oh bugger! Let me say it first - this is so sad. "Moving on" is a thing that we all end up doing with stuff and life - and fair play to you Kim you have devoted a lot of your life here. I saw Stock wrote a Facebook post about this which woke me up with a start as I trolled through my Saturday afternoon social media slumber. May I just say: "THANK YOU KIM" - what you've done here with the Cre8asiteforums is more than I can put into words properly. You created a community, a caring attitude to everyone who joined, and personally for me gave me some of the best times I've had on the internet and making new friends for life. I have learnt so much here. It's still a bit of a shock. No more Cre8asiteforums after May 25th. It's been part of my life (as a regular and an Admin/Mod) . It's been part of a lot of people's life. Gosh. I am going to miss coming here. Really I am. All the friends I've made here - all as a result of these forums Kim - for that I really am thankful. You're a major league player in the internet universe in all the commercial things that you've done, but for here you've been "Mrs Cre8asite"...lol... the mother of the sweetest, kindest group of people who gently shared their help and knowledge with passing strangers needing assistance. Thank you again Kim for everything. You're the best. Good luck with all future stuff going on, but remember for many of us there'll always be a little bit of our hearts with you for the beautiful thing you created here. ... and this is the only place I really felt comfortable posting dancing bananas as well... lol...
  8. Afternoon all I want to make videos on my iphone being held in a clamp and I want to have a template/edges/frames to it so that it looks like a theatre with curtains, stage and a "top bit". On the "top bit" I want to be able to customize it with a logo/brand but basically be able to put words in there. So, I'm not sure if there's an all-singing-all-dancing app that can do this... or is this something I need to do in post recording, i.e. with software on my PC (Windows 10). And that's where I need your help - does anyone have any ideas about this, links to software or apps, or any clue as to how I can go about this? Thank you all very much in advance (p.s. I have done some searching on the interweb - but it all got a bit confusing ) Paul p.s. what about using green screen technology? Has anyone tried that? ta.
  9. This thread! LOL Classic. I just went back through it
  10. Just briefly on the whole business approach to dealing with companies that have been badly burnt before... I will draw a comparison to my auditing work where a client would say - "Well we never did this before" or "We weren't asked for that last time" or even "That wasn't result last time" - and I say "I can't comment on that - but this is what I do..." - and then go onto explain what I do. Just diverting them away from the negative experiences they had before and getting them to focus on you, your work, and what you can do for them would be the approach that I would take.
  11. A threesome...lol... must be some old SEO algorithm/technique or something?
  12. How cool. Nice one Kim. The forums are back home
  13. send2paul

    Firefox Update - Help Needed With New Extensions

    p.s. can't find this: "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" in about:config and more info for those suffering the same fate as me... good explanation and possible solution here: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/11/13/customize-firefox-57-with-css/
  14. send2paul

    Firefox Update - Help Needed With New Extensions

    bobbb - hi - "Does not Language and Appearance in General options change font colour and size?" - no, not that I can see. Any font sizes appear to effect the text in the browser window and not the fonts on the toolbars which is what I want to change. iamlost - hi - Four clicks?!?!? Are you mad, sir?? lol I'll try the "config" route, although I'm not always keen on playing around with "those things"..rolling back to the previous version sounds like a good idea. Thanks all! Paul :dancebanana:
  15. send2paul

    View New Content Not Working?

    I like it when in all seriousness you can say "I have contacted Ninjas for help" Kim... lol... Thank you