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  1. This thread! LOL Classic. I just went back through it
  2. Just briefly on the whole business approach to dealing with companies that have been badly burnt before... I will draw a comparison to my auditing work where a client would say - "Well we never did this before" or "We weren't asked for that last time" or even "That wasn't result last time" - and I say "I can't comment on that - but this is what I do..." - and then go onto explain what I do. Just diverting them away from the negative experiences they had before and getting them to focus on you, your work, and what you can do for them would be the approach that I would take.
  3. A threesome...lol... must be some old SEO algorithm/technique or something?
  4. How cool. Nice one Kim. The forums are back home
  5. Firefox Update - Help Needed With New Extensions

    p.s. can't find this: "layout.css.devPixelsPerPx" in about:config and more info for those suffering the same fate as me... good explanation and possible solution here: https://www.ghacks.net/2017/11/13/customize-firefox-57-with-css/
  6. Firefox Update - Help Needed With New Extensions

    bobbb - hi - "Does not Language and Appearance in General options change font colour and size?" - no, not that I can see. Any font sizes appear to effect the text in the browser window and not the fonts on the toolbars which is what I want to change. iamlost - hi - Four clicks?!?!? Are you mad, sir?? lol I'll try the "config" route, although I'm not always keen on playing around with "those things"..rolling back to the previous version sounds like a good idea. Thanks all! Paul :dancebanana:
  7. View New Content Not Working?

    I like it when in all seriousness you can say "I have contacted Ninjas for help" Kim... lol... Thank you
  8. Webmasterworld And Seochat Sold To Brett Tabke

    "Don't fix it it if ain't broken" I want to be "Dancing Bananaering" for years to come thank you very much! :dancebanana: I hope the forums remain as they are. Paul
  9. Evening all. Firefox updated. Extensions not working. The two main ones not working are: Theme Font & Size Changer Save Passwords Button - https://github.com/adamfranco/Saved-Passwords-Button Does anyone know of any extensions which can help replace them? I've had a look at a few and searched Mozilla's lists. The problems that it has caused are: Font sizes and theme colour of folders etc on the toolbar have all shrunk and I have no way of fixing them. The installed themes you can chose from Mozilla just change the colour but not not allow you to change the size of the fonts. I have to go into the Options/Saved passwords part of Firefox to find my saved passwords which are not auto-filling on websites. Thanks muchly in advance for any help/advice received. Paul
  10. Evening all. I haven't logged in for a while.. but when I did and clicked on the "View New Content" it said there wasn't any to view... which is clearly not the case. Any clues anyone? Thanks Paul
  11. Yup - still happening... or not happening as the case may be. Still not getting email notifications when someone responds to a post I made? Irritated of Essex
  12. It seems to be running okay now. I tried the old "restart without add-ons and extensions"... and then just manually added them all back in... restarted... and WHOOSH :infinite-banana: - back to normal
  13. 8GB or RAM... 32-bit thingy. Thanks everyone for your input. I shall try some more of Firefox's suggestions (I don't know why I couldn't find that link before Iamlost?) Thanks again folks! Paul
  14. Evening all. This is madness. Like the "Bad Old Days" of dodgy web browsers. But..... Firefox keeps running slower & slower - and the more tabs are open the slower it gets. So what have I done? I've done the interesting "Refresh" and a full uninstall & reinstall. Still no improvement. (Version 53. 32-bit). Tried it without Add-Ons or Extensions. No effect. Firefox is allowed through the PC firewall and is not "restricted in any way by Avast, Superantispyware or CCleaner - the anti-virus/pc cleaning tools I use. The PC is fine - everything else runs fine as is the internet connection and any programmes which use it. I've attached a couple of screenshots from the Windows 10 Task Manager. These are a few minutes apart and show Firefox slowly reaching Warp 10 before it blasts off into hyperspace! Yes - one is at one's wits end. Any help/ideas anyone? All help would be greatly appreciated. Ta Paul
  15. Back In Hospital!

    Hello Pete. I have to say I haven't commented on a website in "The Hospital" for such a long time. (I think I may have seen one of yours Pete, or even this one in here before?) Anyway.... Yes - pretty much as Kim said - a bit busy in general. But my main thing is just really a design/user "thing" preference of my own - and that's the use of a HUGE website banner at the top. As I see it on my 19" monitor it takes up just under half of the screen as I look at it. And I have to immediately start scrolling in order to "do anything" or find out more information. Equally the mouse-over drop down menus produce HUGE option boxes which then cover the remaining gap between the bottom of those boxes and the bottom of the screen because of the large banner - so I can't see any of the website without scrolling again. (And when viewed on my mobile phone the banner fills up the whole screen (apart from the floating "subscribe to our newsletter" tab) and a menu button). If it were me - I'd reduce the banner size - that'll get the content "further up the page" and enable people to see (and click on!) that "Tame Your Saxaphone Here" and "Hot Topics" buttons. Of course, this may look differently on other size monitors with different resolutions etc. Cool site. Nice one Paul