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  1. I ignore all this stuff so much. Nice that people are having recoveries, in the end google will affiliate you and you are still dead, but even then if you are a producer, not in FMCG sectors, you might survive!
  2. Sad News on the Passing of Matt Cutts' Wife

    That's horrendous. Heartfelt wishes at this time.
  3. When Google said to webmasters that they no longer needed to submit their url to addurl that was pretty much like setting the metal wireframes before the cement on that wall imho.
  4. Wonderful, now all I have to do is programmatically scrape competitordomain + ads.txt to find out those "trusted networks". I can almost spell the warrior forum PDF and tool on the horizon. !
  5. I've always looked at that statue and thought 'is that all?'
  6. iamlost says to not call it AI

    I am sure that the chasm caused by vested interests in money making off people and the lack of any critical thinking about the impact on society that should have gone with the rise of social media is something that historians will write about. You can sub in AI in that...the outcome will be the same
  7. Facebook Craps on Businesses

    Jar of Vaseline in left hand + Carrot in Right hand, I'm ready for faecesbook are you?
  8. I feel the need to unzip my trousers in this discussion as it seems to be about comparisons.
  9. So basically Google Analytics seeks to take ownership of as much traffic as possible and assign it's value to their own advertising platform. I'm guessing that, https://www.google.com/analytics/attribution/, is simply a way to further modify the input channel and own even more.
  10. Just a quick heads up if you do text ads using Google Adwords PPC. Google is now automatically using its own photo stock alongside text images to increase ad CTR. I've just been sent an example of a piece of Google photo stock that was associated with a client ad that was pretty awful. It seems that the only way to not have this applied algorhythmically to your ad is to either opt-out (10 days) or to use the banner builder in Google Adwords and do the text ads there and then associated your own graphic assets. No time to elaborate this was just a quick ping to all readers to look into it. Glyn.
  11. Emoticons are real to kids.. and they have no point of reference for normal offline emotions to mitigate. That is a problem
  12. The focus here is not on links, although they are nice and will increase site rank, it's really about getting local stuff. It's nothing new, and as IAMLOST suggests (if he can pull himself away for half-a-second from reading my profile information) the method is as he describes. I'm not suggesting that this is managed by an agency, but should be managed in-house. It is the only way that it can be cost-effective. You can't justify a billing event with a client of 1K for 2 links if you actually did 30 individual contact requests no matter how good the link is. In the world-wide web, forging local links with relevant establishments is likely to go well, but only if you are the company making the proposal and on some generic email account on a gmail domain. To answer Earl, I have always seens positive shifts in the pac results when link building, haven't you? Although it has to be said that in the Hotel sector most of the pac results are now meta-search feeds masquerading as PAC results. PAC is usually the website link in the box on the right. What Google has inadvertently done with it's listings deliberately or not is serve Brand Bidding campaigns under the box results that would previously have had some limitations placed on them via TradeMark violations if protected terms were used in the adwords headline copy. Consequently companies such as booking.com that might not be able to have high quality score adverts because they have had TM limits put on their advertising accounts, can still appear against brand with their prices, and simply whackup their meta-search PPC click cost to get more or less the same thing. It actually might convert even better. Glyn.
  13. Source: https://medium.com/@glynmusica/local-link-building-guidelines-for-hotels-97050497e993 I hope this is a useful read for someone. Glyn
  14. In Google Tag manager you can trigger scroll depth events on a page and have the page path loaded as a label. You can then see the pages where the scroll depth reaches the thresholds (25%, 50%, 75% to memory) which gives some nice insights. Look I used a bold!