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  1. I'm confused. The posts exist in the Database not in the uploads folder. The uploads folder is where all the images and other media resides not the post content. Can you provide an example of what you see when you import into word?
  2. fisicx

    Site Sharing By Screenshot

    Skype is quite clever, you paste the link and skype goes and gets a screenshot or some other visual content from the page and adds that to the conversation. A quick straw poll (my daughter and her friends) and none of them do the screenshot thing. What they do is use the 'share' button on their phones. This may or may not use a screengrab (it depends on the device).
  3. Text toggle images sorted and also been messing with the other images to give them a bit of breathing space There are some other tweaks to make it work a bit smoother: http://clean.testblog.co.uk/
  4. OK Mr Picky, I've moved the images up so they line up at the top. Not put a border round them yet as I'm not sure the position is right. I've also got both sites showing fixed width content. The only real difference is the background. https://onepage.aerin.co.uk/- full width http://clean.testblog.co.uk/- fixed width
  5. I can do this for you: http://onepage.aerin.co.uk/support/
  6. I go away, I come back. I've been playing with features to try and make the theme more usable. There is now an option to hide the menu items on small screens and a floating 'TOP' button. The TOP button is there to help people on long scrolls. But this one is clever. It only appears if you scroll and fades when you stop so it doesn't obscure the content. If you then scroll again it appear again. I've only got it set up on the homepage for now. http://clean.testblog.co.uk/ I'm also working on making it lighter and faster. The amount of code is now miniscule. Even with all the images on the test site there are only 18 server requests. Remove these and the whole site loads with just 6 requests! Which for a wordpress site is about a low as you can get.
  7. Mine works well: https://quick-plugins.com/quick-contact-form/1737-2/ Very responsive and easy to use
  8. I know a chap who has an adsense site that is a bunch of how to guides. He uses adwords to get traffic and has some highly targeted adsense on each page. One of his pages is how to replace a ballcock. The adsense is places to buy a ballcock. It pays for two holidays each year.
  9. I do the same with Amazon or eBay and other familiar brands where I know what to do when I land. But if I'm searching for a specific item and want to compare prices and delivery then I'm more likely to use a search engine and from there go to the product page. I will probably never see the homepage of the site. Loyal customers are a dying breed. The ease of online shopping means I can looks for deals and bargains across a range of suppliers. My wife buys jsut about everything from eBay and Amazon and rarely uses the same seller twice. She just looks for the right product at the right price.
  10. I agree - referrals and recommendations is what SM is all about. This discussion is about likes and shares originating from your website. But if my mate asks me on FB if I know a bloke who can fix fences I will post a link. Or the fencer can join the conversation. But me sharing the fencers site won't do much. Within 24 hours that post has fallen off the bottom of the page and the chances of it appearing in people's feed anyway is slim.
  11. Which is fine as that's what SM is all about. But that doesn't mean it will work with all sites. And if you sell concrete fence posts I doubt you even need a facebook page. My wife looks at her FB feed when she gets home from work. She whizzes through all the guff and occasionally looks at a video. The only time she ever brought anything was because Rick Wakeman posted about a new record. Entertainment again. Not socks, belts and teabags. All I'm suggesting is to be a bit selective about what you put on your site. Don't just add a like or share button because everyone else is doing it.
  12. Try removing all the SM gunk from your site. I did and the difference it made was diddly squat. You want people to come from SM sites to your website not the other way round. Share if you really must but look at your stats and see how many people came to your site from twitter or wherever and then brought your stuff. The number is going to be tiny (unless you are selling lifestyle, toys, fashion etc). But did you click the link and buy the things your friends liked? One of my facebook friends liked a park in Bristol because he can fly his drone there. Anthor one liked a tap he brought in B&Q. This is why I don't use facebook much anymore.
  13. I agree, which is it is why you still need a homepage that leads you to the blue widget. As you say, it is the doorway and should be focused on the getting the visitor to the product or service they want. I have a question for you. How did you get to the site in the first place? I'm assuming it was via some sort of marketing and you went to the site to find out more. How long did you hang about on the homepage or did you go straight the navigation or the search? Did you even scroll down the homepage? If the homepage just had a search box and a nav bar would that have sufficed? Note: I'm not suggesting a minimalist homepage is good (or one filled with bling), it's more about knowing your potential customer and meeting their needs.
  14. Thanks Tam, I've fiddled with the font size and added some styling to the nav links. And I've upped the opacity of the page background. You can change most thing in the Wordpress customizer, I'd rather just let users do their own thing. For example: http://sitepizzeria.co.uk/. I just set everything up and they did the rest themselves.
  15. ....or clowns to the left of me So I've been working on my wordpress theme for a while and gradually filtering out all the bits I don't need and making the rest nice and neat. But my design skills are sadly lacking. http://clean.testblog.co.uk/ has the header in the middle http://onepage.aerin.co.uk/ has it on the left. I'm ambivalent about either but you may have other opinions. Other ideas and suggestions welcome