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  1. Slider With Links

    yes it is actually
  2. Slider With Links

    thank you for this. the website is in standard html with tables I don't have any ccs are there any alternatives that you know of?
  3. hi there. im looking to create a slder for a website that acts as the banner at the top, constantly sliding from say left to right at preset intervals with links. (ideally, the links on the far left of the image would remain the same - whatver the image and the ones on the righ would change depending on the image i created the sited in html with dreamweaver . it has no css is this something that i can achieve with perhaps a plugin or but cutting and pasting code? cheers
  4. hello I'm now about to embark on an exercise to get this area sorted since the website has few at the moment I vaguely remember this being an important area that I need to address two questions then: is it still important? what recommendations would you give me re my approach to it thanks in advance
  5. hi - having submitted my sitemap to google - the webmaster comes up with a message saying there's a parsing error, suggesting that there's an entry that may not be read. It asks me to validate. what do they mean by this and does it matter? I can see my site online after all www.rtls.uk.com/sitemap.xml
  6. Next Steps

    hi thanks and sorry - what do you mean by 'look for agents'
  7. hi ive recently uploaded a site and fetched pages with google what would people recommend as my next step please? would bing or yahho for example automatically find it or do I have to do more beyond this please? thanks
  8. Sitewide Change

    I know its just html can anyone tell me what to find and replace please as i'm not very techy thank you all for responses btw
  9. hi does anyone know if there's a quick way of changing links in a site so that they are all relative to document and not site root?
  10. hello a basic page has been created in html and it needs to made mobile friendly - does it all need to be done again from scratch or can modifications be made to make it mobile friendly?
  11. Ccs

    thank you all with a program like dreamweaver, could i just safely delete the ccs file then and then use the WYSIWYG features to change whatever styles i want?
  12. Ccs

    hi ive inherited a small website that i need to add pages to all of the page files are unique apart from the index page which has a ccs and html version not sure what the ccs one does but i think it defines style per page? either way, can i safety delete it before i add other pages?
  13. and would a cinemagraph index page be penalised for seo purposes?
  14. ah that's great thanks well I was thinking of creating a site with either the top quarter of the page having the banner or having a page where the complete page has an image
  15. hi there i'm creating a new website and i'm curious as to whether or not the kind of links I employ on my site (ie javacript or anything other than a vanilla flavour hyperlink that perhaps changes colour on it's use is bad for seo purposes these days are hotspots bad too? also - will large banners or hefty videos be penalised? haven't done a website for a while hence trying to get myself up to speed!