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  1. Wait a minute. It did recognize the urls and made them clickable. I suppose I'll do some adjustments.
  2. Okay. I created another file through your suggestions bobb, then dropped it into my pdf file folder instead of editing or 'open' then uploaded. Links don't work. Can't edit title tag. It was probably 2016 when I got help on this before and it worked, but I'll be danged what I used to make it work. http://www.uptownfloors.com/pdf/gluedown.pdf
  3. Clickable links within PDF. Worked fine a few years back. Some link 'hotspots' have moved for some reason. Mouse over towards bottom. They were all on the underlined blue text. http://www.uptownfloors.com/pdf/SolidInstall.pdf Open with says ...Dreamweaver or browse. Browse where or for what. Now that I think about it, maybe I should just change it to an html web page and be done with it...easy. But PDF looks better printed out. " Can you edit the WPS or convert to DOC? Then WIndows 10 has a PDF printer. " Did that, lost the clickable links. I'll look more the next few days.
  4. I'm certain somebody referenced a good free tool to use, but I lost it when changing PC's. Need to update some PDF's but DW doesn't recognize any editor when I click on the file. "Can't find a valid editor"
  5. I don't pay attention to it anymore. Yea I may look in WMW, but it's the same blah, blah, blah. I'm down 33% from a year ago. Guess I need some of that EAT s***;. How does one get that s***? I suppose one of these days I'll have someone tinker with my issues or maybe I don't have enough s***; and never will have any of that EAT s*** Been watching some George Carlin videos during slow periods,. Does it show?
  6. Damn straight. That got me thinking about somebody complaining I don't put dates on my 'blog posts.' She was p***ed. First off it's not a BLOG! Wasn't worth replying as my information or industry changes at a snails pace. However I grumble when looking for technology type issues without dates.
  7. Ken Fisher

    First we take Manhattan...

    Why didn't Google ask for $3B worth of incentives? Why? Everybody knows they have deep pockets
  8. Using too many long words is part of 'my problem' and blah, blah, blah
  9. Ken Fisher

    Amazon goes vertical

    "knocking down luxury market doors" Possibly, but have doubts. Maybe knock off luxury products? I recall this article about Sears selling homes by catalog..and they didn't take shortcuts with crappy materials either. https://www.popularmechanics.com/home/how-to-plans/a20859/sears-sold-70000-homes-from-their-catalog-are-you-living-in-one/
  10. Ken Fisher

    iamlost says to not call it AI

    I'm sure you guys have seen this. Worth another laugh.
  11. Ken Fisher


    "Unable to start another process"
  12. Ken Fisher

    Firefox Update - Help Needed With New Extensions

    I wish I could get off Firefox, but I don't want The Gorg watching my every move. I have issues with three different browsers running, plus PS notepad DW, and other folders. Drives me nuts. Maybe I should use a sidebar?
  13. Geez, now I now how old you guys are, but I can relate to White Rabbit...Go Ask Alice. Love it.