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  1. shawson

    Css Rollovers In Ie6

    'Ello all, just thought i'd post an update on this as we're half way through another project at the moment and came across the exact same issue i had before on the Hodder Children's site. We managed to solve it this time by re-saving the image files we were using for the roll overs (as before only certain buttons or groups of buttons seemed to be effected). We re-saved the GIF's with the following settings; GIF - Web Adaptive - Alpha Transparency - 128 colours - no dithering We're using Macromedia Fireworks, version 8. i don't know if maybe this issue can be caused by particular settings on the GIF format, but this seemed to solve the problem for us in this instance. I don't know if these settings will always fix it, but it does seem like it's worth fiddling with the export options when saving your gif buttons to be used as roll overs if you experience this same bug i had.
  2. shawson

    Css Rollovers In Ie6

    Well I gave that fix a go on my local system and added the images back in and it seems to work perfectly! i've no idea why, but it does! i'm just about to implement it all on the live pages- Many MANY thanks for your help with this one! Any idea why ie6 went so mad with the original markup?
  3. shawson

    Css Rollovers In Ie6

    Hey, thanks for the detailed response Autocrat, tis much appreciated- i shall give this a go today and let you know what happens!
  4. shawson

    Css Rollovers In Ie6

    hey- cheers for the quick response! well i wacked that code in and they do seem to respond a bit quicker, but still got the weirdness- i really dont understand what is happening with this!
  5. Afternoon All, I'm having an awesome time making my roll overs work in ie6- they're fine in every other stinking browser- its just good ol ie. Point your copy of this horrifically produced poiece of software over to http://www1devalt.lbsltd.co.uk/ and have a butchers at the top 4 buttons "First books", "Girls Books" etc. Notice, on mouse out, the image sometimes restores to the correct image, but other times shows a totally random chunk of the browser in that space. Any ideas at all would be greatly appreciated as i'm at a total loss! Cheers all, Shaw.
  6. shawson

    IE7 Disappearing Margins

    Ahh that's a handy tip- i always generally always build for firefox- then when its fine in that move on to ie and get rid of all the horrific problems on that then just small tweaks as i test opera and safari. Do you know how similar the windows version of safari is to the mac version- it does worry me that we dont have a mac at hand to test things on!
  7. shawson

    IE7 Disappearing Margins

    ok not to worry - i fixed it! i had to swap my left margin for a bit of left padding which is considerably less offensive to picky old ie7.
  8. ...more often than not you don't. We've just launched a site which is fine in Fire Fox (obviously!), ie6 and on the whole ie7 except for one niggling problem which has me baffled. If you have a moment your copy ie7 at this bad boy- http://www.waylandbooks.co.uk/ My problem is the left navigation- this is a bulleted list which sits within a div which has 12 pixel's of left margin to stop it floating over the shadowed edge of the page, however this margin seems to randomly disappear- sometimes it does, and other times it doesn't. When it does disappear, if you scroll down the page and then back up it will redraw it correctly- so something in my code is irritating twitchy old IE and I'm hoping that someone here will have seen this behaviour or something similar before? Any suggestions would be greatly received. Cheers Ladies & Gents. Shawson.
  9. shawson

    Css For Safari

    this may be of use.... http://diveintomark.org/archives/2003/11/12/safari
  10. haha yes, tis true- i remember when i worked at Fresh Egg i would often call over Andrew Heasman who i worked with at the time for a bit of, what we came to know as, 'code watching' where i would have been stuck on something for like an hour- call andy over to try and help and as i explained the problem to him i would figure out how to fix it. I guess it wasn't some magical presence andy had after all...
  11. ok well obviously this was just a test as i wouldnt post such a stupid question and possibly embarras myself.... the solution it turned out, was just to add a right margin to the floated image of say 5px, and this seems to work perfect across all the browsers. so thats that. Cheers anyway!
  12. I'm toying once more with my Ol' pal, CSS. I've been given concepts and i've cut it up and css'erised it all, everything validates nicely and on the whole, looks like it should across all the browsers; with one exception. For those of you like me who hate to read, but do like pictures... you can see it online @ Its a book listing page- i float the book image to the right, and the left i have a h2 with the title, and a paragraph which contains the details and the "more details" and "add to basket" button. My problem is that the heading and paragraph text snaps right up to the image on the left. I add margins but they don't appear unless i set them to a value larger than the width of the book image, as the css spec specifies that the margins and automatically increased to clear the floated element blah blah blah. So obviously my extra 20px left margin is smaller than the automatically increased margin of around 100px. I would set my margin to = 15px + width of the floated book image, but the site is content managed, and the images are scaled to a height of 135px height by a calculated width to constrain proportions, so the width is variable. No worries i thought- I'll just use padding- this is where I loose track of whats going on, as this doesn't seem to appear either? I figured maybe the margin isn't working so i increased the height of the paragraph to 100px, and under IE6 i could see it poking past the bottom of the picture, and the margins did indeed seem to be working , but now the padding was working too. The moment i removed the 100px height it shrunk away, and the padding broke once more. Under firefox it did nothing- when i expanded the height, the paragraph seemed to be running right under the image to the far left of the containgin div, with no margin whatsoever. So much like quantum physics, it seems trying to look at whats going on, changes the result. I'm no quantum physicist so I'm hoping one of you guys may be able to shed some light on this mystery... Cheers Chaps, Shawson.
  13. shawson

    Help With Coding

    I coded something for my site which I think fits this description almost perfectly... it's even laid out the same way- i did it all with javascript/html but the javascript is dynamically built by a php script as it's a database driven site... anyway if this is what you're after then have a delve through the source code, or give me a shout and I'll try and explain how I built it as it's been a while.. It would benefit from some sort of preloader as there's a lag between the mouse over and the image on the left updating, but I never bothered sorting this as its just kind of a sand box site that I use for testing out bits when I get bored!
  14. thanks all! The find control method works a treat, just have to make sure you implicitly set up a control of the type you need first- i'm using it like so... Dim thisControl As System.Web.UI.WebControls.TextBox = Me.inputForm.FindControl(strFieldName)thisControl.CssClass = "normal" and it works perfectly! Thanks again. Shawson
  15. Cheers guys. I shall have a look-see. No not starting anything new but was thinking of overhauling my existing site which i've kind of neglacted for the past few year's and thought about doing something a bit swanky! But first things first - i'm in the middle of converting it to css which i've been doing on and off for about 4 months now! (www.shawson.co.uk) Yes it's just one of those things I've always wondered; scouted about on google but to no avail and figured someone here was bound to know! Thanks once again chaps. Shawson.