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  1. I had look at a frames site and frames to non-frames seems like a bit of work but not that hard. (depends on the number of pages). I even talked about it here re: other forums where people post and expect immediate answers and then never check back. You still have the same site of course and it is not mobile friendly. It's only a start and a bit better.
  2. Read the link. "for calculations, conversions and time queries" it was a good idea. Yes it takes away traffic for some sites. It is something Google or Bing can calculate themselves with their own computing power and not like stealing scraping using information from third party sites and then displaying it as their own stuff. Now Barry Schwartz says: Conversions of all kinds are available on the Calculator. No need for Google and company
  3. I don't think this will boost ranking. It would be too simple a solution... but then what do I know. User-agent: Googlebot-Image Disallow: / User-agent: Googlebot Disallow: /images
  4. I had heard elsewhere (on TV and radio) that TV and radio were still top dog. I thought it weird then wondered why Trivago, Hotels.com, and the rest advertise a website on TV. Hmmmm. Putting aside the obvious $ motivation for stats 1, I still have to ask: Who is doing the second 'reality' stats? or how did we come to that? For 3. newspapers and 4. magazines I still struggle to understand how 'viewable' and not necessarily 'seen' for a website is any different than 'printed' and not necessarily 'seen' for a newspaper or magazine. I understand front page and last page costing the most. Are both reports measuring the same people? I presume not but there must be some overlap. Does it matter? I guess it's what works best. Presuming they are not measuring the same people, which group is more profitable?
  5. Canada and North America

    Last time I looked it was. I'll check with Justin. Does that mean we are off the hook with the NAFTA re-negotiations? Justin, the PM, called back. We are.
  6. Google a Flutter

    It's relate to iamlost's post.
  7. Google a Flutter

    The 5 worst programming languages to learn in 2018 https://www.techrepublic.com/article/the-5-worst-programming-languages-to-learn-in-2018/ And the loser/winner is: (1) NB autostarting video
  8. I've always had mixed feelings about this Fishkin guy. Was it because he was/is super successful in a kinda snake oil field. Or was it his name which gave me a negative biased feeling? I think item 4 of his tidbits sums it. I still remember when MOZ and DMOZ were another way of spelling god. Nevertheless you still have to respect someone who got to where he is. Hats off.
  9. And you know who is a lot like this? Amazon's IMDB. I recently put up something for a mother doing her best to propel her daughter in the world of acting, modelling, etc. I tried in vain to explain the scam of IMDB; another where info is entered by people. I know because I had entered some stuff about movies (goofs) until a light lit in my head. (Yes I also edited in Wikipedia). I tried to demonstrate how IMDB and other Social Media are competitors for traffic. You know who is consistently beating her in ranking (images+web)? IMDB. And how are they beating her? With her bio and images which she entered into IMDB. I looked at the page. There are ~275 links to internal pages and Amazon products. Amazon is monetising to death all this free content. What's the payback? Zero. Not even a link to the "official site" or none I could see in the code. What a sweet deal for Jeff. Ditto for 1 or 2 Social Media. At least for some of the other sm competitors I presume there is a link back. (have not checked) Even "evil" Google gives a link. Just to be specific it was: Disallow: /images and for a number of SEs I also put some code in htaccess to block most of the image grabs from hot links and the like while allowing Google and Bing + others to take a snapshot of the rendered page. They will respect the robots.txt but still take a picture.
  10. Here's a little exception which you may or not have noticed. Except it took "Big Bucks" Getty to sue them. When we the people complained G couldn't give a spit. Google pulls 'view image' button from search, makes copyright pictures harder to steal https://www.techrepublic.com/article/google-pulls-view-image-button-from-search-makes-copyright-pictures-harder-to-steal/ Not really but that's another subject. ...and to this I add: Most anything on Wikipedia has been lifted from other sites by humans. Is it a consolation that it was not a bot? If you have any kind of good information on the web you can kiss it goodbye because it will eventually be on Wikipedia. Now G (and others) can feel justified in using it since it is a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. There is a simple solution to this and I have said it before. We just have to have the collective cojones to do this. Mea Culpa.(50%) Done this for images. User-agent: googlebot Disallow: /
  11. I had always wondered why there were none. We talk at length here about monetising
  12. Guard Your Crypto

    L.A. Times website injected with Monero cryptocurrency mining script https://www.techrepublic.com/article/l-a-times-website-injected-with-monero-cryptocurrency-mining-script/ More and more you read how Amazon AWS is a hornet's nest of malware. OK they are now to blame directly. They only supply the platform but they could do more. How hard would it be to sweep all the buckets for malware on some sort of regular basis instead waiting for a malware report? They have the resources. They must have a path to all their stuff in a sort of file system way. Jeff it's not all about money. Don't be the NRA. Search for: amazon aws malware host
  13. iamlost says to not call it AI

    I think this is already here or near. Microsoft calls it holoportation. I think someone there has been watching too much Star Trek. Holo Deck and Teleportation https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/holoportation-3/?from=https%3A%2F%2Fresearch.microsoft.com%2Fholoportation https://youtu.be/7d59O6cfaM0 This video above is an example. And there was another in these forums about Fake News video with George W. Bush as a subject. I'll search for it. this one : This too is ripe for exploitation
  14. iamlost says to not call it AI

    AI ripe for exploitation, experts warn http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-43127533
  15. The British couple who cost Google £2bn - but destroyed their business in the process https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/british-couple-cost-google-2bn-destroyed-business-process-124156615.html David vs Goliath This is right up earpearl's alley Of course G is appealing. They probably have a warehouse full of lawyers on retainers just waiting for a fight. 1.68bn is probably a bit excessive but when you are number 1 you have to expect number 1 heat.