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  1. Xenu. Not sure how well it will do with WP type links where the link and parms are parsed by a rewrite engine.
  2. Maybe we should all go back to brick and mortar using real money (bypass the greedy banks) and real people ( many jobs ). maybe not
  3. I have been using it since the initial posting. Not recommended. Yesterday, 11-Dec-2017, I made a DNS IP address change for a domain and quad9 still pointed to the old hosting IP four hours later. Today it is flipping between the two IPs. Used nslookup to test so no influence from my DNS cache. Google's gets it consistently right. Sorry IBM. Thumbs down. I sent their quad9 support an email. Nothing.
  4. Here's a kicker. I went to that link (General Data Protection Regulation) and, on the landing page, Privacy Badger reports 9 potential trackers: 3 which were blocked completely (red), 2 google ones for which it let only the cookie through (yellow), and 5 in the green. What's that saying about doctors healing?
  5. My 2 cents on your point 2: I'm not a lawyer nor have any legal training. I think all the data you collect would pass a privacy test. You mentioned, previously, that you use your own Piwik hosting and just mentioned above there is no sign-in on your site. So what do you have? A fingerprint of a visitor who lives in Nick's Nose Cove, Newfoundland. It could be any of those five people living there. But who is it really? Number 74930712 in your DB. I've mentioned it before. You don't have a name and address to which you replied your info is better than that because you have a wealth of data on visitor 74930712 for the purpose of marketing etc on your site. Still anonymous it the sense of privacy which that bill is all about (did not read). You may be able to make very educated guesses but could not tell age, sex, gender, race, colour, and native language of that visitor. I think it is mainly addressed to Googles, Facebooks, Microsofts, and Amazons et al who have names and addresses and more on all these visitors and have the capabilities to data mine this data. I guess it applies to site with sign-ins also. I presume you do not have the resources of the those companies. Now if a person asks you "to be removed" that person would have to provide specific ID which kind of defeats the purpose of anonymity. Can't say the same of a google type who has the info of that specific person. Subsitiute Mexico City for Nick's Nose Cove.
  6. New free Quad9 DNS service has built-in security, privacy settings to protect internet users https://www.techrepublic.com/article/new-free-quad9-dns-service-has-built-in-security-privacy-settings-to-protect-internet-users/ Quad9 (IP address: uses threat intelligence from their X-Force Threat Intelligence database, along with 18 other agencies, to compile a thorough blacklist of websites. Whenever a user attempts to navigate to a website that is known to contain malicious code, Quad9 will block it. https://www.quad9.net/#/ You can test a site. Big deal eh. Google has which is "free" and there are a number of other "free" ones. Except according to IBM: We shall see.
  7. Yes a clickbait title IEEE announces 3 AI standards to protect human well-being in the robot revolution Designers of artificial intelligence systems must take human ethical considerations into account to protect our society, according to IEEE https://www.techrepublic.com/article/ieee-announces-3-ai-standards-to-protect-human-well-being-in-the-robot-revolution/ Does not say if it will be mandatory ...and for the sticklers: AI as it is defined today. Asimov's 3 laws of robotics 1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. 2. A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings except where such orders would conflict with the First Law. 3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Laws. ... and it just stuck me: AI is Isaac Asimov's initial in reverse.
  8. Ah like tracking with 1px images or however it is called. sly You would think Javascript or a browser would refuse to execute a script in a ,gif extention or anything else than .js.
  9. So what's their scam? This is obviously a money making enterprise. All the time, effort, resources, and its cost are not for the public good. How does this make money? I see no ads on the front page. Ah! It must be a telephone number scam.
  10. The country code is South Africa. The domain is registered via enom to someone in South Africa and the website is in a Cloudflare cloud. My feeling is the information you would supply would just be used to further validate your information and thus make it more valuable. You would be hard pressed to supply 2). Your info would not be deleted (or deleted as it is on a hard drive nudge nudge, wink, wink ). This person(s) probably has other entities online with this same info or others on the shelf ready to be deployed or there is a group of them or your info would be passed on/sold/traded before being "deleted". You would forever be chasing it. We all know once something is on the Internet it is never deleted. If this info is correct it is pretty ballzy of them to not even get address privacy. Costs $10 or something. The email is valid and so is the address. "fake news". Now we would need a way to bombard that email or fax. Too late to change the laws. Registrant Name: JOHANNES FOURIE Registrant Organization: - Registrant Street: 6 ANNE MARIE STR Registrant Street: PARELVALLEI Registrant City: SOMERSET WEST Registrant State/Province: WESTERN CAPE Registrant Postal Code: 7130 Registrant Country: ZA Registrant Phone: +27.722801952 Registrant Phone Ext: Registrant Fax: Registrant Fax Ext: Registrant Email: JOHANFOURIEINC@GMAIL.COM Registry Admin ID: Admin Name: JOHANNES FOURIE Admin Organization: - Admin Street: 6 ANNE MARIE STR Admin Street: PARELVALLEI Admin City: SOMERSET WEST Admin State/Province: WESTERN CAPE Admin Postal Code: 7130 Admin Country: ZA Admin Phone: +27.722801952
  11. Is there an example of this somewhere. Not the hacking of a site part.
  12. How coincidental. I spent the better part of Sunday looking at articles and listening to TED talks on the subject. No one had a solution of course. Almost everyone agreed social media was a major cause. It has reduced our attention span and helped to polarise us since there are now thousands of "news sources". One gave the example of inauguration day in January. Another stated two different groups come to two different conclusion given the exact same news event. We can't even agree on what is fact. In the days of print and mainstream TV not one would dare to NOT report on a major event. One presenter mentioned that facts are easy to verify and gave an example which I will relate using a "today" example. November 8, 2107 Le Journal de Montreal reported Charles Manson had died at age 83. Not that I care but I was astounded. How come I have not heard. I subscribe to three newsletters and read a portal. "Was this censored so we don't glorify him more than he is?" I thought. We know why I had not heard. Bet they got lots of clicks. How would Google rate the president of a country on these three points. Let's use Macron for example . It would have to be top points. Now what if he started to spew garbage? I read this in May. (not intended as support) Grappling with facts in the age of Trump http://www.dw.com/en/grappling-with-facts-in-the-age-of-trump/a-39050549 Read the part of the walking incident and golf cart and the "not listening incident". I'm sure this article has been modified since because there was also the finger incident. (Search: g7 trump finger italian prime minister) It's what caught my attention because I've seen myself in that pose and I was not giving the finger. Inside all "fake news" there is some "real news" and inside all "real news" there is some "fake news". Anyone who has seen an event from the inside or close to the inside knows this; usually done via omission, "out of context", or editorializing... and today by total fabrication. Today I don't know what to believe or not and am skeptic of everything. This was interesting: (4.27 minutes)
  13. The article is a blatant plug (and chest thumping) for their anti-malware product but still informative. I use it on my main work PC. So this is mostly a FYI article. https://blog.emsisoft.com/2017/11/17/fileless-malware-attacks/ It offers 5 point protection. One is to Disable PowerShell.
  14. It's 5 clicks if you use a master password. Problem with this is you will eventually end up in an Win XP type situation. Better to bite the bullet now than when you get the warning that your version is no longer supported. <rant>Less and less options to configure. Who is making all these global changes on a whim it seems. What are they thinking. Everything is an icon. Does no one read anymore or is that becoming a lost art? Luckily we have hover when using a mouse</rant>
  15. Does not Language and Appearance in General options change font colour and size? I often wonder who makes all these global changes all the time in FF. We went from square tabs to rounded one because that was "cool" now we are back to square. That must now be "cool".