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  1. @iamlost Thanks! That's exactly the kind of answer I wanted and knew I would receive!! Everything makes senses except the part "a site and a PWA are two different things". To someone like me not in the weeds on this kind of stuff, I do a performance check and Lighthouse led me to believe that I needed to consider those PWA recommendations for the site that I was testing. I could see others, including my clients, discovering Lighthouse, running their site through the test and then believing they need to address all those variables as the cause of not having top page rankings in the SERPS. I did a subsequent search and found several WordPress plugins that will do this -- when I have some free time to investigate. Not surprised this is a PWA marketing effort -- I got that impression immediately because I really had not been exposed to so much data on PWA deficiencies on any other metric testing tool. I did stop and think why is Google pushing this and what do they have to gain? Haven't trusted their motives for a very long time. I hope you'll report back on the findings of your tests? Thank you again for taking the time to educate me -- very much appreciated!
  2. So I need some schooling -- and as usual, this is the first place that I come! Did a search and didn't see any previous discussions.... I ran a site through Google's LIghthouse This tool provides a different perspective on mobile speeds you may not get from other tools. What seems to be a priority is PWA, making your site a Progressive Web App. Being I do WordPress, I did find plugins that do this for you. However, is this a priority? I would think eventually with the mobile first approach that this would be a huge ranking factor. With that in mind should all sites now be entertaining adding/becoming a PWA? What are you doing and your thoughts? Thanks as always for taking the time to share you insights!
  3. New Digs

    Thanks, Kim! Also congrats on the great write-up too!
  4. I used to get a kick out of the "butler" branding on Ask Jeeves.... Boy, we are dating ourselves! (I too avoid G as much as possible.)
  5. Thank you @Grumpus and @EarlPearl!! Will definitely look into how to leverage Schema better! In this particular case they aren't really "local" -- they are virtual nationwide with no physical location. Has anyone told you guys that you rock lately?
  6. Appreciate the explanation, @iamlost and @test-ok -- backs up my initial instincts on how to proceed. Since they were not tracking rankings, other than searching for themselves, what @bobbb states could have happened -- we don't know. But that's a risk that take if they stay on their current path of 19 sites that they do not keep updated. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  7. Being these sites are WordPress we're then still going to have 19 separate installs to track, maintenance, optimize, etc., right?
  8. I have a client that instead of having one comprehensive site, decided to put up 19 identical sites -- one for each city that they wanted to target. I had advised that having one site that was a one-stop-shop for their services with individual targeted city pages was the best way to go -- especially when we are talking WordPress sites that need to be updated and monitored. But they are DIYers and DIY'd each site. I loaded up the theme and plugins and they took it from there. All the sites have blank pages (or coming soon), blank Blogs so no content is being added. They are basically brochurewares. Duplicate everything just with "cityname" changed. Because they didn't pay attention to updating, the majority of their sites got hacked. I cleaned all the sites told them how they have to approach maintenance, and provided recommendations (UI, content, blah, blah, blah) moving forward. Nothing has changed. They either don't have or don't want to spend the money and/or time. None of the site are https either. They didn't like hearing my advice on that. So that's the backstory... I'm here to get input from you guys about what is the best approach at this point in time from an SEO POV. I believe moving to one https comprehensive site is easier to manage, optimize, track and keep secure. And less expensive in the long term. Then, point/forward the 18 city domains to each city's page on the new site. They do not want risk any rankings they have for their city sites. I asked how they had been tracking rankings and not surprisingly their answer was they search for themselves to determine where they rank. Ugh. These are nice folks and I would really like to help them succeed. So next week I've scheduled a telecon to go over their options. How would you handle this situation if the client were yours? Am I on the right track? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  9. What I notice is that not much has changed in two decades. I collaborate with a pretty big name company that just can't get out of the "sales pitchy hypey take advantage of what your customers don't know to make a sale" analogy. That approach is just as prevalent now as it was when i started back in the dark ages. The SMBs that buy into that smoke and mirrors are ticked when they don't get results or top page rankings. The biggie that is just as much a part of SEO that very few SMB's and their SEO providers concentrate on and work to hone is having a solid strong Brand. Your landing pages can get "found" but if they don't reflect trust, confidence combined with an energetic relatable story -- you're nothing special. Back button.
  10. Big privacy concerns too: http://fortune.com/2016/09/22/google-allo-nope/ I don't need anything anticipating/telling me what I want/need, to drive my car for me or to let me know what groceries are not in my fridge. “Big Brother is Watching You.” ― George Orwell, 1984
  11. Getting Away From Paypal...

    Thanks, Tam! Will check both out. With PayPal I also had my merchant account through their division that does that. So I do need both... Appreciate the quick response -- being I have only 48 hours until they drop the hammer.
  12. I've used PayPal forever. Heard horror stores but never had a problem... until now. Seems PayPal has decided after nearly a decade that one of the items on my husband's site is a weapon -- a monkey fist keychain. We don't sell it as a weapon -- but it's self-defense application has been know for literally a century. At first they told us we couldn't use the word "self-defense". We did have that term on our item that has a nylon core ball. When I removed that, it then became that the items with the 3/4" steel ball were the issue and needed to be removed. The thing is searching around I find all kinds of sites that sell this item with terms that clearly are about self-defense, some even with knives attached and hooks to hang on to that use PayPal. I asked "why us" when we don't even rank for these items and was told it was "brought to their attention". This is a hobby site, does small bucks, so someone ratted us out? Really? If PayPal was so into this policy one would think they most certainly would have already stopped the sites that actually rank for the terms and are easy to find. They then asked me to provide the URLs of the other sites that I saw taking PayPal and I refused to help them. So they will not allow us to sell using PP for these items and we have 48 hours to take them off our site -- or split payments -- like I know how to do that. If I have to find alternate payment for those, I'll get totally away from PayPal.​ I haven't had to review payment processors or options for decades as I've always used PayPal. These items are decent sellers to Law Enforcement so we don't want to stop selling. Any suggestions on what would work for a small hobby site would be appreciated as I really don't even know where to start... Thanks in advance!
  13. What good does traffic do if it is just "traffic", right? Or if you are getting the traffic -- but it doesn't produce anything -- what is that traffic worth? If for fun, who cares, but generally when we discuss "SEO" and design we're talking about making the donuts. I have a client that in almost every conversation tells me about the 250,000+ page views that their site is getting. Whoo-hoo -- show me the money! There is no ROI at this point. When I ask how that "traffic" is being monetized -- all we can talk about is adding more content and more ads. Not sure if the 8 ads already on each page is why -- I know I run from sites where I have to dodge ads.... I don't know... Maybe this is off topic, but whenever I'm forced to read about an SEO debate of any kind I find I am growing wearing of all the "SEO" this vs. that, do this, then do that. I feel like I haven't read anything new or inspiring in years. I've unsubbed from most of the lists I was on because I just felt I was being click baited all the time. Only to land on an "SEO" article that is "duh!", shallow, or just regurgitating the same old same old. I agree on the latest design trends. But if you are not a developer you're stuck with the "Huge images above the fold, bold color gingerbread all around the margins." I pine for the old days where displaying information came before eye-candy. But then we are living in an eye-candy world with attention spans of a gnat aren't we? Here's a landing page that gets "traffic" without all that... VISITS TO DRUDGE 8/11/16 032,943,524 PAST 24 HOURS 928,887,546 PAST 31 DAYS 9,280,512,962 PAST YEAR
  14. Redirects Lose Dampness

    Just read a Case Study from Glenn Gabe on the same topic: Proof That 301 Redirects To Less-Relevant Pages Are Seen As Soft 404s To Google [Case Study] With all the "bailing wire and glue" required now-a-days I find myself yelling "UNCLE!" at least once a week. Then I pick myself up off the floor and get back to making my sites the best the can be for site visitors -- that's about all I have the control to control.