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  1. Even though I haven't been here much lately, this is really really sad - Thanks kim and everyone elser who's made this such a useful, helpful and informative forum. At least there's one thing - nobody is banging on about GDPR, and you will be safe on May 25 when every other website and forum gets fined €20000000
  2. Many thanks for the prompt reply.
  3. Ah, I may have found the answer, easier than I thought. Is there any reason not to just use a simple 301 like this? Redirect 301 /folder/showthread.php https://mydomain/showthread.php
  4. Please can somebody tell me how I would do a redirect for a few specific URLs, that have a query string? This is an example: http://mydomain/folder/showthread.php?t=12345 needs to redirect to: http://mydomain/showthread.php?t=12345 many thanks.
  5. Many thanks for these very useful replies and resources.
  6. "(Yes, I do random site reviews for a living.)" = Yes, I am a spammer and proud of it.
  7. I know trial and error may work best as this can vary from niche to niche, but just looking for a starting point. Up to now I have been subsdising my hosting expanses with Adsense, but I now want to get more seriously into monetizing the site by selling ad banners directly. I have decided to charge CPM as opposed to CPC. I was interested in what others here think is better, and what you have found to be reasonable charges for either in your niche. I wondered if there is a useful way to work out what is the best price so that I'm not undercharging or overcharging. Is there some formula based on what i was getting with Adsense? Obviously I should be earning more via selling banners direct or it is not worth doing. For example if Google were paying me £100 p.m for 200,000 views, that is 50p per 1000. So I'm thinking £1 per 1000 so at least I double my earnings. What do you think? More than that?
  8. Bit late to the party, but I a using Adrotate Pro plugin on Wordpress, which tracks views and/or clicks. It also has geolocation. You can give advertisers an advertiser account, which means they can view the stats. I think when selling banners directly, in many cases geolocation is crucial. My main client is a UK mail order shop and so there is very little point in showing that outside the UK as they are not selling anything unique, their customers are mostly UK. So if that is my only banner and showing everywhere, they are wasting some money and I am missing an opportunity to have at least a US advertiser.
  9. Pete

    Checking Your Serps

    I have stopped worrying too much about position, but still aim for top half of page 1. Once you are there you can beat the higher up sites by having the best snippet. That's the way search anyway, I will often very quickly skip to the one further down that has a description which starts to answer my question.
  10. Pete

    Back In Hospital!

    Bit beyond me re:php however I'v found a solution for me which is a lighter version of the photo - it works much better at a smaller height for me than the dark one did.
  11. Pete

    Back In Hospital!

    Well, I am going to experiment. I agree the smaller header is better for content visibility, I think i preferred the pain white at that kind of size but I've edited the photo down to check it out with the photo. I'll live with it like that. I wish there was a quick way to swap between the two so I could have a poll on on my forum.
  12. Pete

    Back In Hospital!

    Well, I have gone back to an eralier incarnation of the header, smaller and simpler - just white space background. I have to say I don't like it as much but I can se it's positives.
  13. Pete

    Back In Hospital!

    Yes, I was concerned people would think that. It's going to be a struggle between what I actually like and what will work best. Secretly I know that is a struggle I will lose The header has gone through various incarnations, and this is the one I like, but yes, it will probably have to be smaller. I didn't like those myself. It server to show the vast number of pages but in fact those boxes were irrelevant as the page also included the sub headings with excerpts of the posts. I'm always struggling with the main headings, many people never click on them as the hover shows the drop down - they just use links in the dropdown. They are really just a glorified category archive anyway. This I have experimented wth. I think it has to be one or the other. The description text shows the most important pages, but is stil a précis of the subsection, and I think if each of those pagaes was a link people would get to those pages and maybe ignore the others - hence it is just one big link to the subsection main page with index of what's in there. Good point. Thank you, and thanks to everyone for looking.
  14. https://jazzyproductionmusic.com I won't say anything about it here, hopefully the site and the point of it speaks for itself. If it doesn't, then that's what i need to here about folks. If it does, let me know as well. Targeted audience is film/TV/radio production companies - anyone looking for music to use.
  15. Pete

    Back In Hospital!

    Thanks Kim. Now I have bot types of subnavigation I am spending some time comparing, I think I am preferring the version (2), just the subsection descriptions in the dropdown as aopposed to listing all pages. Mind you that is exactly what they have on etsy.com and I think that must be a successful site.