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  1. The problem is some search engines are linking directly to the /cabinslbj/index.htm page and then it redirects to the new cabins.htm, which loses the menu. I'm trying to redirect to the main index.html page but have cabins.htm in frame2 instead of the default main.htm.
  2. This is driving me crazy. I know it must be easy, but I can't find the answer anywhere. My index.html page is a framed page (don't ask---I inherited it and there are way too many child pages to deal with to fix it). Anyway, frame1 is menu.htm and frame2 is main.htm. You click on the menu and frame2 changes to whatever. In my case to cabin pages on various lakes. I killed off a page showing up in frame2 and I'm trying to redirect it to another. The page I killed off is /cabinslbj/index.htm so I want a redirect back to index.htm with menu.htm in frame1 and cabins.htm (from the same folder as index.htm is in) to frame2. I was thinking of something like... <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0;url=http://www.highlandlakes.com/index.html?frame1=menu.htm&frame2=main.htm"/> but I can't find the syntax anywhere...or does it need so javascript or a php page? Thanks for your help!