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  1. No idea, but it is funny! Did Google get hacked?
  2. FP_Guy

    Okay, I Give Up

    I changed the h2 (site-description) from a margin-top:210px to a padding-top:210px to prevent forcing the logo down. I like your 'cheat' wiser3. Also, I will take your id vs. class into consideration. The problem is that WordPress set's these forthright.
  3. FP_Guy

    Okay, I Give Up

    Awesome! Thank you guys!
  4. I'm stumped on this one. On http://javaandjivecoffeehouse.com/index.php I created a WordPress site from a clean slate blank template. Whenever I remove the border from #masthead or reduce the border size to zero it shoes it down the page. The problem is that if I assign a height to #masthead it makes the mobile menu disappear and I cannot seem to rectify this. Anybody out there got any ideas? Been a long time since I posted anything here hasn't it? Michael
  5. Good advice Grumpus. Usually people like this who think they have a great idea and are careful about secrecy are the ones that do not go very far. I usually tack on extra to the estimate as well to prepare for the unexpected. P.S. I finally got sick of working around Quickbooks and paying for the upgrades and developed my own that suits to my exact needs and can import .csv files successfully...
  6. Unfortunately no, I'm looking for a 'whole package' deal so I don't have to use multiple plugins or do multiple programming. Michael
  7. I've already explored that option but it is nothing like eharmony.com and even with the plugins it doesn't do enough.
  8. Hello Everyone! I am trying to find a software solution (WordPress would be nice but not necessary) where a website is like a dating website but instead of the options, gender, age, etc. you can create custom taxonomies of different subjects like type of car, motor size, car color, etc. This way when someone does a search it can come up with a match from custom categories that I input into it. So far Googling around I have not been able to come up with anything. There are dating site options but it seems that you can't customize the categories in the software. Any ideas? Michael
  9. Thanks Kim, but there was nothing there that would work.
  10. Hello Everyone, There is a website at http://sunstar-mc.com/ that uses multi-tiered dropdown navigation. I have made this before with smaller selections but my client has thousands and thousands of products and I told him that it would be very expensive to create this on such a large scale. Does anyone out there know a software, shopping cart plug-in, wordpress plugin, etc. that can cut down on the cost for my client? Michael
  11. Hello, I have a question for the masses. There is a potential client that has a secure website that people can enter their social security number but the results of the form are EMAILED to them. My question is how to make the website send out the email securely. I'm guessing that it isn't now despite the website having an SSL Certificate. I told them that it could be stored online securely for them to view and I would check into if the email can be sent securely from the website. Michael - It's been so damn long since I have been on here I better double check the email address in my profile. . .
  12. Here is a great article written on the subject at SEOmoz
  13. A customer that had someone do some black hat SEO with some VERY bad links pointing to their site including porn and forced upon links from other sites. I had made a list and contacted each one manually to have the link removed. A few of them reponded to take them off and some of them were not even aware the link was there because their site got hacked and installed a virus of some kind. I will use this tool hoping that it will help his rankings come back, but from what was posted here it is questionable. I will give it a try anyway.
  14. I always thought it would go this way especially with the social media card in play. Thanks for the check list!