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  1. If people leave FB they will suffer from withdrawal and go right back.. probably within a couple weeks.
  2. It sounds like somebody kindly built them a large website and eventually had to move on to other things. Building and tending a large website takes an awful lot of work. The nonprofit should give thanks for the help that they have enjoyed. The nonprofit has choices.... A) An unsustainable future on Drupal from a person who they expect to do it for free or at a nonprofit discount rate, B) Make a decision to hire and pay full price for a professional who will update and care for their large website site long-term - and maintain their willingness to pay for it. Their site might not be mobile friendly, probably isn't https and has other issues. These things can be very costly for a large website. The nonprofit should be willing to pay if they want the luxury of a large website from an experienced person. C) Settle on a small static site that a generous person might build for them at a nonprofit rate. Or, pay full price for a professional to build it. D) Since about 50% of the people in the United States are regular Facebook users, the nonprofit probably has enough talent in their membership to run their own Facebook presence. This last choice offers them an opportunity to have full and independent control. A good nonprofit should have enthusiastic members who will want to do this. E) Combinations of C and D can be elegantly done.
  3. When I last sold using adwords (2016) I found that the average amount of time between the first visit to the site and the conversion was 13 days.
  4. Thanks for sharing that, Earl. We have seen that so many times and didn't think much about it. But... perhaps the path predates the bricks?
  5. I used to work with land surveyors in the United States. They had tape measures incremented in decimal feet.... but, yes, most people want feet and inches.
  6. jonbey... you are the first person I know who has figured out a situation where that rule does not work. Thanks!
  7. You are exactly right. A "boosting" algorithm is only a good term if you are one of the Up Guys. It's like ... "you can't make something clean without making something else dirty".
  8. I've always thought that Google should give a ranking bonus to Adsense sites. They make money for google, don't they? So, Google could be evil smart and give them strong preference. No? Slap an ad on the bottom of your website, earl. It might boost your rankings. And, if you set-up DFP then you can show ads above the fold to anyone who is outside of your typical clients' geography.
  9. Canada and North America

    Yes. Canada is definitely part of North America. The Wikipeida article for North America has a map and list of countries.
  10. Google a Flutter

    When I see a "five worst..." "five best... " five anything, ten anything article, I know it will be prattle.
  11. I don't have any problem with a few Google ads.
  12. No More About.com

    I have been getting a steadily increasing amount of traffic from searchencrypt.com. It's a privacy search engine (no I am not publishing porn or anything that people don't want to be caught looking at).
  13. No More About.com

    A lot of about.com stuff has resurfaced on Thoughtco.com. Some of it is Good Stuff. Much of it is Prattle. I'll stop my comments there.
  14. Thank you! I have an ads.txt file up on one of my sites. We will upload to the others on Monday. Only one of my sites has been reviewed.