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  1. It all depends on what is driving the company. Cash is the oxygen needed for a business. If you can't get enough oxygen to survive then you've got to do whatever is necessary to stay alive. On the other hand some businesses are nowhere near this point. Their cavalier treatment of staff is often only to produce the maximum bottom line for the glorification of the CEO.
  2. Google is now in on this act with the unveiling of Contributor or https://contributor.google.com/ Unfortunately if you don't have a US billing address, you can't get in on thie particular blocking action. I get a 500 error when I try that address. The following works for all. https://support.google.com/contributor/answer/6064591 It would seem it's only a matter of time before we can all get in on the action. It's a clever move on Google's part. They're playing off the advertisers against those who are targeted by advertising. Sweet - at least for the big G.
  3. In case anyone wrestled with this, I am now working with the free Wordpress theme, Mystic Lake. It handles this problem well IMHO.
  4. I am building a new WordPress blog and would appreciate advice on a small issue that has come up. I am looking for a theme that has a full-width header and beneath that a content column on the left and a sidebar on the right. I was Impressed by the Mantra theme but have run into a problem with it when using a smart phone. You can see what I mean by looking at the attached screenshot. This is a view of the blog using the Chrome browser on a Samsung Note 4 in landscape version. Instead of a horizontal menu bar as would be seen on a desktop PC, you will see one tab of that bar on the left and at the extreme right a small downward pointing triangle. Clicking on that triangle gives you a choice among a list of the web pages in the blog What I want is the same horizontal menu bar that appears on the desktop version. If it has to be folded so that some pages appear on a second row, then that is fine with me. Does anyone know of WordPress themes that would give me this? I know that the standard WordPress theme, twentyfifteen, is not useful for what I want.
  5. bwelford

    Proof Google Hates Apps

    ... And why is it so wrong for Google to lose its trademark? When a company is small, I understand why it may wish to protect its trademark. When it is big, I am not sure I follow the logic of protecting it.
  6. Yes, I would certainly put a good word in for Grammarly, which I have begun to use. If you find having too many tags open in Chrome is causing a computing speed problem, then you can also use The Great Suspender extension, which puts them to sleep after whatever time you select.
  7. bwelford

    My First Web Site Was...

    I uploaded my website image to a test subdirectory I use for such matters. If you don't want to do that, you can always attach a file in the full message editing page as I have done below. HTH.
  8. bwelford

    My First Web Site Was...

    Here's what my website looked like in November 1997 via the Wayback Machine.
  9. bwelford

    My First Web Site Was...

    I was going to show you my earliest effort as recorded on the WayBack Machine but at the moment http://archive.org/web/ is not working. Hope it comes back soon.
  10. bwelford

    Wikipedia Got Whacked?

    Is Wikipedia the son of DMOZ?
  11. bwelford

    Wikipedia Got Whacked?

    What goes around comes around. By publicizing the basis of their page rank algorithm, Google succeeded in filling the Internet with spammy links. Now with their emphasis on content, the Internet is filling up with spammy content. There is no way a search algorithm can determine what is authoritative and what is not. Matt Cutts must be so happy that he is now out to grass.
  12. bwelford

    Wikipedia Got Whacked?

    Seems to me that Google cannot win here. Either Wikipedia has authority or it does not.
  13. That's a brilliant move by Amazon. In some ways it makes more logical sense to sell services online than to sell products. After all that you avoid the whole shipping challenge. There is no need to get into new and risky technology like drones. As compared with their competition, Amazon is certainly adding value to this type of transaction. I'm sure they will do very well.
  14. bwelford

    What Will We Be Doing In 2015?

    I guess it's no longer sufficient to watch your Ps and Qs. Now you have to keep an eye on your Rs.
  15. This is a fascinating discussion , which has caused me to do some serious rethinking. I currently have five blogs which used to show the date on each post. I removed this some two months ago since most of my posts are timeless. They contain content which could be true at any point in time. I also had a concern that if I was unable to blog for a period of time this showed an apparent time gap in the posts which might be seen in a negative way. The URLs for the posts still show the date so with a little effort you can pin down when the post was written. I was reasonably happy with my decision until I started to read some of the comments above. Any decision like this always has positive and negative aspects. I still feel it is best to leave my posts without dates. In my defense , perhaps I can note that it is always very difficult to know when any Google web page was written . That policy seems to be to avoid showing the date . They do of course put in the effort to keep things current . However I can regard that policy as confirmation of the appropriateness of my own.