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    Which Do You Like Better?

    Thanks everyone for your comments. AbleReach: Your right about the SEO value that they would add. However that would require a separate page and additional coding to get it to work. I'm doing the project for free and have very little time to spare. wmw71190: I agree with the background and having another CTA on version 1, definitely something that needs to be done.
  2. Some good comments have been provided. I too agree that you have too many ads on your site. It looks like a typical affiliate site trying to push products. Maybe try to change it up a bit with some banner ads from different CPM ad companies. You also might want to see if you could pickup some affiliate deals for something in your niche market like cell phone covers, laptop cases, etc. I would go with the blog type homepage, link to recent topics, categories, tags, etc. That will do a lot more for you on the SEO front than anything else. Remember you want your READERS to be happy. If they keep coming back you have a better chance that they click something. Also don't be affraid to use colors. Your logo is nice but it is gigantic which I personally don't feel is necessary as it takes up space that could be used for other things.
  3. Nicholas

    Which Do You Like Better?

    Thanks Walter and your right the photos are not very good. My brother provided the photos and I worked with what I had. I entirely agree with you though. The upward angle is ok on a few shots but not for all, I think as a siding specialist he needs to show the details in his work that people would appreciate like, clean corners, straight lines (although hard to show in images), flashing, etc... A nice 3/4 view of the house for the main pictures should be used too as you suggested.
  4. Hello All, This is just a quick request to see which you guys like better: Version 1: When you click a gallery image a jQuery lightbox will popup with the ability to click next / prev etc... The large image at the top will represent the project. On the main page we will have something similar but it will be a rotator so that it shows the different projects with a brief description of the company. Version 2: This version allows you to see a large image on the project page. Ideally clicking a thumb nail will change the image. The site is for my brother, who sides homes and he wants a web site to mainly show a gallery of his past projects to potential clients. Thanks in advance!
  5. Nicholas


    Thanks for your comments! dazzlindonna: The user flow is designed similar to the iTunes download page which doesn't really give you much choice aside from downloading the iTunes product. So no you didn't miss anything, it was intentionally designed that way. adriang: Great comment about the categories. I will definitely need to provide more details to the visitor to make what they are signing up for more transparent.
  6. Nicholas


    Not even a I like it or I hate it Anyone think it's ok to use PNG's with Alpha?
  7. Alright guys we just launched this web site http://www.weeklyplus.com I have two questions: 1. In general what do you think about the simplicity and the user flow? 2. I am getting a "Page contains unsecured content" in Google Chrome but Firefox, nor Internet Explorer complain, any ideas? Appreciate your help and comments!
  8. Thank you for your replies! I do believe that your suspicions may be accurate. I have noticed many newer sites in the position above me. My main page although not primarily real estate (it offers summaries of all the different sections of the site) is ranked 18th for the same term. It has almost twice the number of external links than my real estate page. On the other hand the internal links on the main page are not nearly as real estate specific as found on the real estate page. I'd say 90% of the internal links on the real estate section go to real estate related content. Where maybe 30% of the internal links on the main page are real estate related. This also may be google re-adjusting because I'm still noticing quite a lot of movement in positions of other sites and even my site. It was in the 50's now it's back into the 40's so who knows whats the story. If I do end up stuck at a lower position I have been holding off on a new version of my site which has tremendously enhanced internal linking. It will be really neat to observe the results and see what type of effect content only changes will have in my case. Added note: I have done some diggin in analytics and webmaster tools to see what they say. Webmaster Tools is reporting my position still as #8 and Analytics based on Top Content on the real estate page by entrance keyword is not showing a significant drop as would be expected from dropping 3-5 pages. This is just a theory but it's also possible that since i'm located in Costa Rica and I see the content from the local server, that something on the local server is happening and maybe it's updating or re-calculating or whatever. Sometimes I wish I knew how to get the true results that 90% of North Americans see.
  9. Hello All, My site has been for months and months within the top 12 results on Google for "Costa Rica Real Estate". Recently (I only first noticed, this past Wednesday) my rank has dropped to the 40's. My main page of the site is even ranking higher than the real estate page and it's very weird that after a couple years of maintaining a steady position this would happen. I have not made any layout changes, keyword changes or anything else of such in over 6 months. Only small changes to the content in some listings (very minimal). I have also noticed tons of fluctuations in these results over the past couple days. Is Google doing one of it's famous algorithm updates?
  10. Thanks bob for the input! That makes me feel much more comfortable posting it on the live site
  11. Hello All, So I installed a really neat script on my site called LightBox 2. It allows my visitors to view the images for each listing on my site without having to visit another page and well it looks sharp too The problem is the way lightbox works is that it listens for the click event and then captures all the links to images with a common rel value. Ofcourse since I have little thumbs that show a larger preview image which I then want them to be able to click and see the big image I have to insert something like this on the page: <a href="image link 1" rel="lightbox[photos]"></a> <a href="image link 2" rel="lightbox[photos]"></a> <a href="image link 3" rel="lightbox[photos]"></a> <a href="image link 4" rel="lightbox[photos]"></a> <a href="image link 5" rel="lightbox[photos]"></a> You can visit the page here: A Listing with LightBox 2 example Is there anything wrong with having those links there? Sometimes it might be up to 15 or 20 depending how many photos they have. Thank you in advance!
  12. Nicholas

    Cms + Forum + Shopping Cart Combo

    Thank you everyone for your replies! It has given me quite a bit to look at! I will certainly look into the Drupal and others mentioned. It is a big project that i'm trying to achieve but I think it's going to me more logical to release in parts, first the forum, then the articles / blogs and so on.
  13. Nicholas

    Cms + Forum + Shopping Cart Combo

    Did I post this in the wrong section?
  14. Hello All, I am starting a new project that will mainly be a social community. I want to give my viewers the ability to post blogs, articles, participate in forums and view / interact with our store (buy products / no processing needed in-store pickup only). I have experience with Mambo and it seems to be decent software for something like this however I know there are tons more out there. I really like vBulletin but I would have to pay for it to get going which isn't a big deal but I wonder if there is another solution out there that is better and would combine with a CMS better than vBulletin does. SEO is very important for me so being able to keep all the urls the way I need with Categories / Topics etc. is very important. The mambo + smf works well but I wonder if there are any better forums + cms + store combos out there? Most important above all is that they all share the login, however I don't mind having a central login page which would then log them into whatever section of the site they are visiting. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. One other thing I left out, I will also compliment the travel section by having: /travel/car-rentals/ /travel/packages/ /travel/tours/ /travel/vacation-rentals/