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  1. glyn - (maybe along with data sharing settings/privacy controls - however this is done) to implement the snippet for gtm, anonymizing ip -- I simply replace the existing analytics code on all the pages with this google tag manager script alone? Or supplement the old? from what I remember AdSense code requires analytics... these would be "non-privacy" cookies then, it seems? no concerns about adsense compliance with GDPR then? ________________________ added 5.18.18 _______________ Just saw this at https://www.google.com/about/company/consenthelpstaging.html -- "Help with the EU User Consent Policy" "What if I don’t want to have end users’ personal data used for personalization of ads? We will be launching new functionality that allows you to disable personalized ads. Please note that the non-personalized ads that we serve on websites still require cookies to operate" Is Google referring to anonymizing ip's through gtm -- or is this possibly some unreleased option that isn't yet available, before May 25th?
  2. Is awstats or webalizer considered a tracking tool - that many or most sites use, packaged with hosting plans - or are they just stats programs? I don't "track" individual users that I know of. I do use FB and twitter buttons. Google + on a site. Do they need to come down by the Google directive? bobbb - "Solution: Load all the button from your site. Same for fonts etc etc. " Not sure how this could be done...back to the EU user consent policy: "If personal data of end users of a third party property is shared with Google due to your use of, or integration with, a Google product, then you must use commercially reasonable efforts to ensure the operator of the third party property complies with the above duties. A third party property is a site, app or other property that is not under your, your affiliate's or your client's control and whose operator is not already using a Google product that incorporates this policy." Sorry, this is all unclear to me. Are they saying the third part of, say, being a twitter or FB account - that I must be sure they comply with Googles EU user consent policy?
  3. no logins am not in EU https://www.google.com/about/company/consentstaging.html How is legally required defined? By whom? I do see where EU countries vary from one to the next on their requirements like the ability to change consent, etc. About the collection of personal data, necessary to serve up their ads -- this is what Google does. They want me to gain consent on their behalf? I'm confused. And I'm still trying to figure out what they mean by a third party. They says it is a site or app not under my control and whose is not already using a Google product that incorporates this policy -- the same time as they say I must ensure that they comply with these policies? WHAT? How can I possibly be responsible for a party not under my control? bobbb - "However, if you use Google Analytics as your only tracking tool, and you don’t enable display features, then Google doesn’t require you to gain tracking consent." I'm not sure what display features even are - can't get into my account until I bow to the new AdSense terms.
  4. Trying to apply a rule to block EU country codes (31 of them) -- it fails on my VPS plan. Host is telling me that I need a dedicated plan to execute this (filter?) Problem is there is no way I can justify a dedicated plan for this.
  5. Well happy birthday in advance Kim! The other issue would be -- will google be able to know these countries are blocked (cpanel) and not just look for the 'consent' script and suspend the account as a result? Further yet, might it bear on serps?
  6. When I saw the forum is shutting down the 25th I heard a voice - "is this related to Google's updated wording on EU consent"? The new terms for adsense users, now mentions their EU User Consent Policy. Where you have to get consent from those end users in the EU, maintain records of this, etc. etc etc. I believe this applies to even info-based sites like mine. But why isn't this being talking about? At least that I can find (on any forums). Am debating on just, blocking access to all EU countries at the server level/cpanel. More script on hundreds of pages doesn't add up. Maybe posting here now is futile, don't know. Will see. But this forum has been a huge help out in the past....Thank You everyone. And please consider keeping you doors open (if you recall some years back I supported the idea of ppc here as an idea -- I still do!)
  7. Thanks for the input jonbey ... even though I see this being done by other sites/domains, wasn't sure if it was considered unscrupulous by G. So the only thing I need keep is the firstsite domain. Was simply going to redirect all pages from firstsite to the main index of the second site. My concern is that the pages were "too closely related" which induced penalty fear.
  8. Which pages on the firstsite must stay in place where they presently are? Could I get by with only a basic placeholder page on firstsite for the main index page?
  9. I'm dissolving a site, which is an old job posting board with a lot of inbound links. Want to direct all traffic to a seperate site (firstsite is about finding positions doing the work, the secondsite is basically about how to do the work). Both sites are more than 10 yrs old. Of note is the the firstsite aleady contains links to the second (about 15). Should I be concerned about potential adverse impacts from Google and others if directing all site to another with: Options +FollowSymLinks -MultiViews RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^(www\.)?firstsite\.com$ [NC] RewriteRule ^ httpcolon//www.secondsite.com/ [R=301,L] I guess with this I could remove all firstsite pages. Do I need to keep the index page of the firstsite, or only the htaccess file inroot? I also guess any internal 301's should be removed from the present firstsite?
  10. Maybe the best things to do, for now, is to keep the "review" out of the domain (while developing a site), and then later, after the site is established, I can get a better feel not only for the traffic but the quality of products, Then if & when I decide to transfer it over into selling products - keep the reviews, but, open reviews to postings by site visitors. At that point, I would be selling products with reviews attached, like many internet dealers. Only difference is it wouldn't be a review site per se.
  11. optisite

    Who Is The Best Domain Registrar?

    Be careful using register.com initial search. Over the past couple days they did in fact say names were available when they were not. Must be a glitch in their record search. I did verify (2) names that were available through them, then went to register thru another registrar which is how I found out. And the names were not listed below as being available for sale by a private party.
  12. I hear that loud and clear, especially with all the lesser-quality stuff that's out there being pushed, and growing apparently. What you never hear talked about, is that all the junk that's out there, the throwaway stuff, is shipped partly ready for the landfill, or the sea. Now this might be "great for the economy and for the jobs that it takes to produce" (present day mentality) But what really has taken the hit, as a result, is the environment, and that is not okay in my book. As a review site, I should know the stuff fairly intimately. So I would know what to recommend. Actually I went to see one particular item today, they unboxed it for me at the store so I could give it a going through. -- Examining this thing, I would never buy, but I might review it and list both the pros and the cons so people are made aware before they do comitt to buying. It's quite deceiving when you simply see a picture of it on the internet. You'd never detect its marginal build quality. Back to being a reviewer - I would think this poses somewhat of an advantage, to selling thru a store section - unless the potential buyers think the reviews are tainted by incentive. Sellers of many products on sites are providing reviews, at the same time, so why really should it not go vice versa? If an when site visitors do buy, they may end up holding my site to a higher standard as a result.
  13. The general impression of review sites, at least by some, has been that they "maintain objectivity" by not being directly involved in the sale process. But I think things have changed somewhat over the course of the past several years: Given the bridge that Amazon, for instance, has provided to many review sites with their program. Along with sites, for ex, consumer reports, that now place links from products for visitors who wish to buy products, to info sites that sell products direct. Developing a review site now, with 'reviews' in the domain name, I am reconsidering whether I could start a "buy" section within it. What think we?
  14. You'd use adsense even on specific product reviews? Where the site visitor is further along, to the point of purchase for that product?
  15. But what about 'all things being equal' ... not necessarily thin content. Say a decent ranking page to begin with had Amazon ads added.... does this fall into googles disfavor?