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  1. I have a difficult time following the specifics. But the general context is disturbing. It appears much of your old info, old info about your husband, old info about your husband and his ex wife are in the hands of various business entities. These entities such as the "deeply below the radar screen"/an entity I've never heard of discoverthem.com and who knows how many others have accessed your info and have it available and are presumably making $$ selling this stuff; not only have your info, all types of past info, etc. probably have no processes or filters to update and correct the info, and most relevantly have had no direct contact with you; ....are now distributors of this info, make $$ on it, probably have legal protections for doing so, and frankly make it difficult for you to get this info removed. And I bet they have various legal protections for doing all of that. Outside of the deeply below the radar screen discoverthem dot com there are probably others like them and none of them ever were in direct contact with you, but somehow got your info and are now displaying it to their hearts content. How did this come about? Without our realizing it all levels of privacy and accuracy have been stripped from our lives and some bottom fishing data buyers have impact on our lives. And they are going to make it incredibly difficult to undo what they have done....none of which was ever done with our knowledge or agreement. These f*(^__ing laws have to change. Screw these identity stealing SOB's. rant over
  2. These google guys are sneaky, in fact weasels. This year regardless of every step you took to turn off location ID on an android google has been able to track you to the nearest cell tower. And nobody knew this. Weasels https://qz.com/1131515/google-collects-android-users-locations-even-when-location-services-are-disabled/
  3. China 50, United States 10?

    Yeah. But can they do this? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mpdFTe-clw4
  4. So now you have me reading through all instructions in FF, safari, and chrome: which is what I should have been doing anyway. ?
  5. Glyn: I believe the American journalist Franklyn Foer is addressing your concerns
  6. So #7 will probably remain. Guess I asked for that ?
  7. Since reminded that I can erase cookies I've done the following: 1. I tend to visit a fair number of news sites, often following stories from one source to another. 2. I do subscribe to a couple of news sites. The pricing is great. I like to devour news. 3. But the process of following news stories leads me to certain sources and of those certain sources X times a month with X exceeding their minimum. 4. Cr@p. I'm at my personal limit for subscribing to news sources. 5. Now I'm removing cookies from some of those sources where the limit might be something like 3 three visits/month and I might be visiting 5-10 times. 6. It was working...but now it might not be working in all cases, which leads me to believe these news sources are putting multiple cookies on the devices, with names I don't easily recognize. 7. If the assumption in 6 above is correct....once again the "other guys" have outsmarted me!!!!!
  8. Webmasterworld And Seochat Sold To Brett Tabke

    Im pretty sure that was his goal. For whatever reasons it didnt work out or he couldnt effect the steps that might have made him a direct Moz competitor. I guess only he knows all about it
  9. Webmasterworld And Seochat Sold To Brett Tabke

    Saw that. Was wondering about this place
  10. 30% drop from when to when? Each of our sites is up marginally on organic google traffic from the previous 60 days. So marginal it doesn't matter. But nothing dropped like a rock.
  11. @bobbb, @Iamlost (our knowledgeable contributors from "north of the border" (is this a coincidence????)). Having taken my first look in ages (years and years) at the volume of sites that have left cookies its simply astonishing. Blew me away. In the course of scanning I recognized some sites and didn't recognize the majority. Question: Can a site or sites leave cookies on your computer on behalf of other urls? Do they? I'll have to think through your suggestions. Ignoring my "whining" I'm interested to see who is advertising and how. But clearly the freaking volume of sites that have left cookies is astronomical and far beyond anything I had imagined. So much for privacy.
  12. Good points. And we are as clueless as you in terms of all those aspects (save advertising on site) Lots of testing in the future
  13. Today the remarketing ads from tripadvisor, (that were enormous in size sitting on news sites) didn't show. that isn't bad. 3,4,5 days not horrific. Then I took a little look at cookies on this computer. HOLY "number 2" BATMAN!!! Did I actually visit all those sites???? I eliminated a bunch on a one by one basis (including tripadvisor and THIS SITE) Wouldn't you know it...and of course, when I came here I had to sign in again. NO FOLKS....Kim's face did NOT show up on a popup telling me NOT to delete this cookie!!!! I swear all those sites with cookies. How the F**k did that grow so large??? So much for privacy.