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  1. earlpearl

    Text Display Remarketing

    I got a twitter response from GMB staffers asking me to dm as to an issue I had contacted them on. It has to do with the preferred photo in the Knowledge Panel (KP) for different smb's. I made changes on several of them. The dates should have been around 2 weeks ago or so, as those were the dates when I became aware of the impact of colors and started substituting photos with more eye catching yellows, reds, and oranges, for more drab colors. While I set the more colorful photos as the ones we wanted to show in the KP about two weeks ago and they reverted for a day or so, the google algo switched them to the then long term, and other "drab" colored photos after a day!!!! Google's TOS or descriptions on this state that you CAN change photos, but adds that it might not be what is shown, according to their "algo's". I hate that. F**k google's algo's and their KP's. Its google's control of a big piece on the web and it may or may not help our access to potential customers. (first rant over 🐉) Anyway it has taken the GMB social media folks two weeks to respond to my tweet to them. They used to respond within the first 24 hours. Not any more. In general their GMB teams aren't currently giving customer service via direct contact and/or only minimally...so the Social Media team is the one doing all the work. Hence the two week delay. (GNASHES TEETH!!!!!) I'll DM them now. They may or may not change photos to what I want in that Google has always used the "out' that photo choice for display is NOT subject to your own wants or desires but subject to Google's control. Screw that. Have I mentioned that I hate google??? 😎
  2. Nice references. Thanks Boom bah bah!!! What a site. If she has found that it works—more power to her. Yes she has found a unique context that appeals to a niche group. Again bully for her. As to the comparison... oi I’m speechless 😵
  3. earlpearl

    Text Display Remarketing

    They used to respond within a day or so. Now everyone in the world (that is literal) is using them with google again cutting back other services. It takes longer now
  4. earlpearl

    Text Display Remarketing

    yeah. That group fixes things. Its the same group on facebook. It appears to be the best way to get things fixed on local. Back to the photo thing in google and specifically in the gmb. (btw I've tweeted that group about this) Here are their guidelines on photos: So I tell them we want a different photo. No guarantee that they will respond. ...."but it does tell them that is what we prefer". Oh geez. That reminds me of when I was a little kid trying to express my wants or needs to my folks. Those are google's pages. what cr@p.
  5. Here is a little nugget I just picked up. I suppose the topic could go into paid advertising or local/ but since this generally applies only to local campaigns I thought I'd place it here. I recently made drastic changes in some very old very antiquated adwords campaigns. From the earliest days we used adwords simply to get top of page visibility. It worked. Revenues from search have been very high and the total volume whether generated by organic or ads paid for those ads by quantum amts. With mobile dominating adwords click through rates (ctr's ) have shot through the roof. If you haven't really paid attention mobile ads can (and often do) take up the entire mobile screen real estate. One ad. One place to contact: So we must rely even more on ads. Needless to say the mobile ctrs are astronomical, and frankly the difference between being first or 2nd on mobile makes a big difference. Back to the main point-> campaigns that use zip codes as the geographical settings. The main point!!! They don't work well. For our largest smb we divided the main thrust of our efforts into 3 different campaigns with a lot of repetitive keywords. The difference was jurisdictions. In one of those jurisdictions we defined the geo settings by zip codes, versus by state/town/county/ or by a radius map. Impressions weren't showing. Ads weren't going up. We possibly lost about 75% of ad impressions during the first month of operations. The Google "advisors" told me to "wait". Got help from someone with more experience on more campaigns. Did a radius overlap over the designated zip codes. BINGO. Impressions in the designated area seem to have soared by about a multiple of 5. More ads showing-> more ads being clicked. That is okay. We have cut our costs per click (cpc) by almost half. Anyway word of warning. If you are going to run a regional adwords campaign of some sort, do not use zip codes as the definition of the area---use a different way to define the territory.
  6. earlpearl

    Text Display Remarketing

    On a related photo topic and how google chooses photos. For the Google My Business (GMB) section, once you have claimed a GMB page you can upload photos and designate which one you want to highlight. (or so the googlers say). This has ALWAYS been glitchy, and/or subject to google's control. Regardless of what you want, either it doesn't switch under direction and/or google wants to test other photos. If I recall, at one point google made a massive industry wide change on (gmb) photos for hotels, regardless of what individual hotel operators wanted. After seeing some startling eye catching photos on a local knowledge panel I read up on colors and switched photos. For two days the more eye catching photos were showing. Now they aint. Tried to get their attention via gmb on twitter or FB. No response yet. Those Firetruckers are simply not responsive!!!! (is that a rant)
  7. and long ago I was an aspiring sports writer with a twisted perspective. Using the following caption to a photo of a flailing goalie: "Get the Puck out of here" might have brought chuckles to a few readers but brought wide spread admonition from editors. So much for that career aspiration.......
  8. Thanks. I went to some of our sites and their Google My business pictures and we have some lousy photos. Oooof. That's me not paying attention. Just made some changes. Now I'll start working through the images on pages. Had some of our staff give opinions on all this. I'll have to go through the article referenced in the thread from 2009. Good memory bobbb. Self diagnosis is that I need color help!!!!! ...and now I wonder how much difference this will make?????
  9. The other day I was showing a friend how to improve her husband's presence in local search..get into google my business, get more visible and highly ranked, how things show and I came across this example of the picture that is highlighted for a business when you search by Name: The photo below is from a mobile search: The Yellow Blew Me away. I found it incredibly eye catching. Much more than most photos I find for most businesses. That view is the Knowledge Panel view in mobile. Look up Barbara Oliver Jewelry Rochester, NY in a desktop and the same photo is highlighted in the Knowledge Panel. The color BLEW ME AWAY. I found it extremely eye catching. So I did a quick read on "eye catching' colors and learned that red's yellows and oranges are very effective, along with neons. Admittedly my recent research is minimal and my knowledge and focus on this topic has been NIL. But Boy. If I want an smb to stand out on first view in the Knowledge Panel and more importantly have eye catching effective, visitor holding images on our web pages. it would be worthwhile to learn and focus on this topic. Any guidance would be appreciated!!!
  10. From the article as bobbb cited Might very well be true, ....butttttt.....there are possibly 300% or more or less web sites now than then, and some of those older sites have not been touched at all, plus in certain verticals, such as hotels and other monetized sites, google has changed the serps to highlight anything or anything that is monetized ESPECIALLY where it makes money. Could be that if its a highly monetized vertical of some sort, links are devalued to highlight other elements (such as google makiing $$$ off it---do I make my point?? On certain product searches the google web site so focuses on so many elements that simply are for sale (with google ads)....that it is difficult and harder to research the essence of a product, a pot, or pan, or food processor, etc to learn rather than see hundreds of ways to spend money on one of them. (Its "harder' its not impossible. I asked questions about non stick frying pans. VOILA (google) search/ top of the page came up with websites with good responses.) But when the top of the serps and the "other stuff" (google universal search) are all monetized results, all I can think is links/shminks....google changed the essence of what shows in search. Relationship Link Building I've always liked this approach. It does get one links. Its more natural and it is the way business works. I have repeatedly gained links that way. Through time. If they are better sources with better websites and links from more powerful pages they work. I don't test this stuff these days, but I suspect it still works. Does anyone have info/data/research that either confirms that or suggests it no longer works?
  11. earlpearl

    A search engine that plants trees? Ecosaia

    Just checked a bit. Looked at our own sites and how they ranked. They get their ads from bing. (hey I didn't read the wikipedia article...but I do recognize our bing ads. As a series of smallish local US sites I don't think I've seen Ecosaia traffic. If its there it must be tres teeny weeny. So I like the stuff on trees, but what about secrecy??? Hmph. On our largest website it has shown up. Traffic has been about 1/3 of duckduckgo. Such small numbers though. Relative to the article though most of our traffic is from the US. And also interestingly it doesn't show traffic on a geo basis such as Bing or Google do these days. The traffic came from all across the nation. (the site has relatively high rankings for its general business terms in bing evidently) Nice to know there are searchers out there who are active tree huggers!!!! Use Ecosia. click on ads. Help bing. Plant trees!! Go EU. shake up groogle. (rant over)
  12. earlpearl

    Google: Don’t be evil

    Did someone call?? As bobbb referenced many other elements wherein google might be questioned about their monopoly one area seems to me to be potentially problematic. Google's enormous ability to track the intimate location of most mobile users is a potentially serious issue on many levels. Here is one--> financial. The public stock markets and their watch dog overseers regulate against insider trading. For instance Iamlost could be the Chief Financial Officer of Widgets International. Its a huge/even Yuge publicly owned company with billions of dollars of sales and an enormous net worth let alone tens of millions of shares held by the shnooks in the public. Before the financials come out, Iamlost as CFO sees that widget sales plummeted as the world started to ignore new widgets and instead purchased Smidgets built by that business disrupter, Glyn. Iamlost with insider info sees the soon to be public information first and sells his then enormous holdings in Widgets Intl for a high price. Shortly later the financials come out and the stock plummets so that shnooks like me take a bath. That is deemed illegal. Google has more info on where people congregate and shop than any entity anywhere. It has historical data. It has historical data on bodies in businesses and it can match that against financial sales as reported in public financial data. For instance Google can tell if volume of bodies is measurably increasing or decreasing at Walmarts, the world's largest retailer. Google can invest or divest in Walmart or any other entity wherein volumes of bodies has an impact on values. Coming out of the world of real estate I can envision that data being parsed and reparsed thousands of ways to guide investments. It is worth 100's of billions. Only google has that data. How google uses it is anyone's guess. GO EU!!!!! rant over
  13. earlpearl

    Google: Don’t be evil

    Way back in the day when I was a young sprout, as is Iamlost now, I attended college in the US during the period when the War in Vietnam raged. At the time a deferment from the then existent draft was in place during the period one attended college. I used it. During the period I was in college the war itself peaked with the largest volume of US soldiers and then diminished. By the time I graduated the draft had willowed to nothing. During that period there was an enormous amount of anti war US sentiment, protests, etc etc. It was a period of horrific political polarization similar to what exists now. All of that is background to a campus protest I recall, similar to that occurring at other Universities which also had larger research entities. Students protested the University's involvement in military research related to the Pentagon; similar to what over 3000 Google employees signed as a protest to as described above. As I recall the research and research contracts were not terminated but continued on and probably for years after I graduated. All of which is to simply say that protests of this sort are not new. As of their most recent financial statements Google has 88,000 full time employees. Not that long ago I read something about the number of people as a percentage that engage in protests. Its a small percentage, possible higher or lower than the 3,000/88,000 involved in google and the protest, but simply protests always involve a small percentage of the whole. I have no opinion or involvement in this google "thing". I'm not involved. Just wanted to add some perspective.
  14. I only suggest it as a way to create an updated web page(s)/site version for free that will most probably show in search (at least google search—and maybe it won’t rank well for other engines) when one searches for the businesses/ horse farms by name. Admittedly that isn’t much but it’s “functionally available on search” not unlike having an FB page as suggested above. Caveat: I haven’t tried it nor do I know anyone who has—but I could ask some the local Seo google marketers I know. I remain skeptical for all but some cases as Kim described.