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  1. Free stuff will usually burst after some time. When it goes, you can't say a word, it was free. Never used analytics, gmail... and I'm happy I kept all my sites activity logs (hint).
  2. If it's for french, translators are really crap, trust me on this. Even in the searches G is screwed... just as an example... Une marche d'escalier (a step on a stair), prendre une marche (take a walk), un marché (market), un marché (a deal) ... zzz Your texts would sound really stupid using this...
  3. So far, I never saw any software translator able to handle french properly... maybe they do it better with other language... for a serious site, get a human translator.
  4. Lol... I should have said it did sound more as A to Z to me... but I'm not in the states, so the AZ abbreviation didn't hit me first. Ads don't give much... specially compared to 3-4 years ago. But if you have tons of content, it can work.
  5. Could be A to Z Best deals... not necessarely Arizona...
  6. It's an opportunity for those that see it as such... like those that like to rank poor content...
  7. Maybe it's topic related then. For flowers, Wiki ranks with "blabla is a flower of the family of blablabla"... that's it... the snipet you have under the link in google's serps is what's on the page... and a picture... that's it...
  8. I rarely pull a rant... but I've been bashed big time by wiki, even more over the last year... It's been going on for years... I got bumped up to yin-yan, and losing the 1st spot really hurts. If you'd ask what hurt me most financially in the last years... Wiki is it. In fact, I'm sure it's been a big factor in messing up webmasters economic situation. Lately, it's a nightmare, they rank #1 with single statements like "this is a sketch page on blablabla"... or a two line list of "blabla (the plant), blabla (the tool)" that points to those pages of theirs. But it's normal... just browse the Nasa "Astronomical picture of the day" then look at the little paragraph at the bottom. It's filled with links to wiki pages, phrases and single words like California, eclipse... and all those will be PR4-5 next time you'll look, cause the Nasa site is super strong. In french searches, most of the time, wiki gets the 2 first spots with their french pages, and often the English ones rank too. Lost tons of first spots to them, and all they have to do is mention the word on the page now ,and boom, they are the best on the topic, bumping my pages that have everything on the subject, with a page with a line that say the page is in construction... nice quality and relevant result Google. So yes... wiki is bumping me everywhere with just a mention of the word now... kind of makes it hard for those that don't get natural links from the Nasa, .gov, and all the other gorillas... that are linking spontaneously to wiki. Making sites was lots of fun, always doing better and better... but it's over now, getting very frustrating to be bumped by pages that just have a one liner. When I saw wiki bump the American Cribbage Congress with a single page a few years back... I got disappointed, but also got scared, stopped working on the poker site, and worked even more on the other ones... now... it's simply stupid... got to work many times more to just try to stay the same. Sorry for the rant... but when G can't even figure that é, ê and e are not the same... very swift... making my life harder from the start, and now, it's even ranking Wiki empty pages that are in construction, or putting English pages above me, cause an é is the same to them... I feel your pain my friend. For the last 6-7 years, I never had to go fetch backlinks... but it looks like good content is really getting to become irrelevant, when a single wiki page outranks huge sites just about a topic, like the Cribbage American Congress got done to them... I never expected to outrank them with my free game, but Wiki bumping them with a single page... I was insulted for the ACC. It was bad... but now it's ridiculous, and they might as well rename their "I feel lucky" button by "I feel wiki"...
  9. You can use the meta refresh in your 404 page to do that... META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh"
  10. I wonder who got what when G bought youtube... I doubt the members that posted videos before the purchase got anything...
  11. jocelyn

    Commissioning A Cartoonist

    I asked Mr Cook at one point on Seorefuge and he's quite expensive... don't expect a 2 digit figure there...
  12. I wouldn't touch that even with a 12 feet stick... even just moderating is a pain... Spam, moderation, updates... very hard to launch, and very hard to monetize... Too much work and trouble... unless it's for fun cause you're bored...
  13. I think the only thing that looks weird is the buttons around the page... top and right. It's not the buttons, themselves, even if I would have left a little gap between them. It's the center justification, and because all words have different lengths, they look kind of crooked. Try switching to a left justification to see... smaller font, or a different one. Beside that... it's great.