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    My Bad on the placement. Thanks for the feedback. Calculating lifetime customer value is difficult, and we're defintely not good at it, are there any web sites that we can help point someone in the right direction at least? It is very simplistic, as we didn't want to innundate people with so many variables that joe blow at company x couldn't figure it out. One thing I definitely didn't consider is that at lower rankings sometimes conversions are higher (a marketing sherpa report illustated this fact very well...GOOD POINT!) any ideas on how to tackle this issue? I can't think of any off the top of my head. Thanks again for the feedback!
  2. Hi All, We Have built an AJAX slider tool that helps SEO attempt to display the value of SEO on a clients bottom line. I know it is something we struggled with for some time, trying to get clients to understand the value that we were bringing instead of looking purely at cost & rankings. For folks having a hard time selling SEO services internally to bosses and other's "up the food chain" this might help too. We're looking for feedback (especially on the tool-tips), so if you use it and have any pointers that would be greatly appreciated, and if you really like it, a link to it wouldn't hurt either Thanks again! Here is the link: http://www.thinkseer.com/tools/seo-search-...-calculator.php
  3. bwstyle

    keyword density

    Hey Guys, the KW density is most definitely a myth, I get some decent rankings and haven't even thought about KW density in years, there are so many other GOOD uses of your time I would hate to see you spend anything more than 1 minute looking at density analysis.
  4. Hey all, got a quick question. If I am stuck optimizing a flash site, will the search engines index us properly if we use a flash sniffer to show a text version for the site for non-flash browsers? Or would I be better off just using the noframes? Thanks for your help!
  5. bwstyle

    Google Updates

    What I am finding is that while I am seeing the PR on many pages within sites I work on, their rankings aren't changing much, as this is looking like it just may be the PUBLIC display of a PR that has been around for a long time.
  6. bwstyle

    Yahoo vs Google

    Yahoo! Definitely seems to be more focused on on -page criteria, as we too are killing the serps for google and MSN, looks like it is research time once again.
  7. bwstyle

    Meta Tags

    I have recently started looking at the way people search the web, jus kind of watching over tehir shoulders and I was shocked with my non-scientific test when I found how many people don't click on the organic links sequentially, instead they really seems to skip around, reading the descriptions briefly. Noticing that led me to start optimizing the description tag for more marketing effect. I still skip the keywords tag though.
  8. I spoke on the SEO track at the Affiliate Summit Conference yesterday in Vegas, and I asked everyone in the place how many have hired a firm or attempted SEO themselves, and ofcourse almost everyone raised their hands, then I said look around, keep your hands up. Now how many of you have hired a usability person to evaluate your site's ability to complete the top tasks you would like users to complete, about 90% of the hands went down. People focus so much on rankings that they don;t realize that spiders don't buy products and services, people do, build you site for people first, and algorithms second. good thread!
  9. I would agree but their employees are probably all over gawker and gizmodo, you'd think they'd find them and say no-no. But then again, these sites run a ton of google ads so maybe they'll look the other way on these guys?
  10. Hey Everybody, From what I am reading on the blogs og Matt Cutts & Tim Converse, Google and Yahoo! both obviously look down on sites that sell text links w/o the "no follow" with that said, why is it that sites like Gawker and Gizmodo which G & Y must know are selling text link ads are not penalized for it? Any insights would be greatly appcreciated.
  11. bwstyle

    Log file analyzers

    I've been using NetTracker (Paid version) for some time now, and I really like it. Let us know what you think about the free version. Thanks, Wil
  12. bwstyle

    Google gives me such a headache

    Part of ranking well on Google is about patience. I think this is one of those things that gets a lot of SEO's in trouble, keep doing what you are doing, look for ways to get high quality links and over time you will start ranking well for the terms you seek. Stay patient and never go into "OMG this isn't working, let me change everything mode". Good luck.