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  1. Hi everyone, its been years since I have been on, how are you all? I have had the run around from google (long story) and wish to take them to court, does any one know for *sure* the name/address of who to put on court papers to sue google adwords if you are an customer of them in England? Google seem to be refusing to reply, or even supply simple details such as this, as far as I am concerned they have ripped me off, lied, wasted my time and stolen from me so I will be taking them to small claims court - but as they are acting like cowboys and criminals and refusing to even give simple details out I want to check first... Its a cut and dried case, no way it can be lost as the evidence is as clear as day..
  2. so google are making steps to make their serps less deceptive, to stop hiding those devious paid results so much? But only after being forced to by law? And Cutts has the nerve to go on about sites with paid text links, even if clearly marked as 'adverts', 'sponsors' etc? Google is evil.
  3. Microsoft can't really complain about dodgy tactics from google, microsoft has a terrible record when it comes to business ethics.
  4. Its worse than a rag, it promotes hatred, intolerance, even supported the nazi's in the past. It loves to hate on immigrants, people on benefits, the sick, the disabled, basically anyone who they can wind people up over with made up/faked/hyped stories. But, occassionally, very rarely. they do print a good / accurate story.
  5. I fear as time goes by more software will become online only... More people will use the 'cloud', built in storage will become less common place, as people rely on external storage over the net.
  6. Webmasters are not partners, they are disposable income. Plenty more webmasters in the sea for google, annoy one, they leave, and two more will take the place of them. All that matters to google keeping shareholders happy, all that matters to shareholders is short term profit.
  7. Cant wait for the giant to fall and burn. It will be a better day for the world when they lose their monopoly. Google = do evil these days.
  8. How The Freaking $@@$% To Keep Up?

    Things certainly are moving fast, however I have pretty much given up trying to keep up I have learned that most of the time, the latest and greatest is just a rehash (often worse in many ways) of what came before it. I still have old windows mobile phone (only bought that because I stupidly thought I could write normal windows apps for it...) My laptop is ancient (although it has been upgraded and repaired by myself more time that I can remember). I dont drive any more, my bike is 15 year old. I did upgrade to windows 8, must have been a moment of madness Code wise, things have been moving fast for a long time, I blame microsoft for most of the damage - its hardly worth learning a language now - really learning one I mean, in depth - because it takes years to master one inside out. By the time you get even remotely decent in a product, they scrap it and bring out a new one..... The basics of course rarely change, things just get more bloat, bells and whistles. The bloat is designed to abstract people away from real programming and make them reliant on microsoft... Web wise, I was not doing much in that arena for a while, but I come back to it and it seems like google has gone insane, with matt cutts merrily leading the insanity (and dont get me started on googles lobbying of government to mess up copyright for photographers etc) A lot of changes seem to be dumbing down, like for example, people have always wanted to write their thoughts on the web. So first we had custom hand built homepages, then we had things l ike geocities for homepages. Then came along blogs - which made things easier.. Then came along twitter which is basically a blog without the blog post (just short comments allowed). Which is making the most money? The most dumbed down, hard to use service (twitter). One of these days im going to have to try to keep up a little, and try to learn face book, even if I do think its possibly the worst thing I have ever seen on the net
  9. I never cease to be amazed at the number of seo / sem companies that submit to my blog directory that fail to grasp even the most basic concepts. The most common problem is they fail to select the correct category (and we do have a SEO category), simply placing it in the first category they come across. Others fail to put in a correct url for their blog. Needless to say, they dont make it into the directory if they fail to select the right category, or fail to put in the correct url - after all these are people claiming to be experts. I have even had blogs from directory submission companies that failed to submit correctly, the mind boggles.
  10. Best of luck, and dont forget to keep visiting chaps!
  11. Yet Another Seo Tool

    For some reason it is saying that it is not finding a title tag at www.lsblogs.com, there is one but it does not appear to be seeing it for some reason.
  12. More on the adsense support site here including, as was pointed out to me in another forum Great, now they say even they cant interpret the terms to the public, and recommend an (sic) lawyer... Surely google has the resources to make things easier for people, without just saying there are lots of small changes, see a lawyer!
  13. Adsense have updated their terms and conditions, and are making people re-agree to them before they can continue to use adsense. Lots to read through (and google has decided to make it hard by not being user friendly and just publishing a overview of what has been added) and it looks like they may be sneaking in some changes. It appears google now requires adsense publishers to maintain and display a privacy policy for their users, explaining about third party cookies etc. There may well be more changes, if any one spots any thing post it up so we dont miss it!