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  1. yannis

    Problems Working In The Cloud

    I am also using Google docs a lot and also have put a couple of google sites that I use for Project Management. Other alternative products that you can consider. crocodoc for web collaboration using pdf files and dropbox for storing documents, both are much better than Google docs in this respect with a generous freemium plan.
  2. I like the logo and the top banner designer. However, not the green. You need to re-create somehow the ambiance of a casino. Lots of GOLD and plenty lucky reds! Then you got a hand of Aces! Some movement also would be ideal, like maybe some lights in the welcome sign of the casino at the top banner.
  3. Pierre Most probably one of the following errors: (01) You have defined parent class after you have defined child (02) Constructor did not work properly check underscore properly! (03) Child constructor must also call parent constructor. If you still battling try and post a bit more of the code Yannis
  4. yannis

    Dreamweaver Basics In A Day?

    Jon To be honest personally I would not hire anyone as a Web Developer that put Dreamweaver in his CV! You can use it is a great tool for certain things but ... not for serious development work.
  5. yannis

    Horizontal Websites

    Horizontal websites have their place. However, sometimes usability is a problem. To develop them you need: (a) Good knowledge of CSS (B) Good knowledge of javascript. Essentially the whole page is a 'carousel' or 'slider'. Normally the HTML would default to you seeing the frames one of top of each other. I would look into jQuery for plugins or at the source code of vanityclaire. (You can check the links in the .js files they are all open source'.
  6. We all appear to have problems with Firefox recently and some of us were almost forced to use alternative browsers. Firefox has been OUR trusted friend for a long time! They have been the advocates of web standards and literally were the force behind pushing the mighty Microsoft to follow! Firefox is still in the lead. For the next 35 days probably less now, they are publishing daily the features of the forthcoming version 3.5. This is actually a web developer's dream come true! Please read Mozilla hacks and see Shadows and fonts I have downloaded the advanced 3.5 and so far seems great and stable (except the cursor looks funny!). Yannis
  7. Show my IP being in Germany! Since you are only interested in Canada versus the world, I would get a list of IP blocks in Canada and if nothing fits there, I would just place under the else statement. check also geolocation Regards Yannis
  8. yannis

    Mircosoft Takes Gaming To A Whole New Level

    Wondering if it is programmed in ASP or PHP? Yannis
  9. yannis

    Who Is The Customer?

    Sadly the only possible source of revenue for the average website is advertising revenue. What you say iamlost makes a lot of sense. Advertizers are looking beyond traffic (perhaps not Google), they should be looking at profiles of typical readership and also number of hits from such a market. Ultimately they will look at either branding or driving traffic for sales of products or both. The best paradigm comes from print media. Your local paper was normally dropped for free and survived on advertizing revenue. The larger papers derived their income both from advertizing as well as selling their content. Organizations such abc were created just to provide circulation figures and other statistics for advertizers. Yannis
  10. yannis

    Floral Text

    BP I love it. Actually I am in love with typography in general. If you consider that it arose out of calligraphy, fonts like these are in a way connecting us with our past. I hope that one day we will leave something to our children as well and is not called 'microsoft trebuchet!'. Please post more! Yannis
  11. Could you please elaborate? Yannis
  12. I read your first post thrice and your second once... you know iamlost some of us are slow... :frustration: It just stroked me all you had to say was 'sell it with pictures'! Images attract attention and your idea is very good, attract them with an image and funnel the user to wherever you want them to go. How about writing on the image itself? Yannis
  13. Most likely ebay read your browser history! for something similar read http://www.merchantos.com/makebeta/tools/spyjax/ Yannis
  14. Maybe something like this? http://www.cre8asiteforums/index.php?/How-Important-Is-Seo-Url-For-Online-Stores/ You can actually make your index into a controller ala MVC and can become, simpler like http://www.cre8asiteforums/How_Important_Is_Seo_Url_For_Online_Stores/ if anyone mistypes the second part, you should send him to the search page with the results of the title! Try it on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ruud http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Search_Engine_Marketing To come back to the original query, http://myshop.com/shop/persian-lions/lioness/5 i.e. http://myshop.com/shop/products/category_name/item_name/more_info Wearing a programmers hat on with the banner SEO, http://myshop.com/CLASS/FUNCTION/variable values Yannis