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  1. You mean to say .... I should submit a reconsideration request to Google and at the same time rewrite the content too.
  2. markov

    Promote/ Remove?

    I don't find them in IE browser. Are these screen shots of Firefox browser?
  3. Just simply copy and paste the url in the Google search. The site command is another option.
  4. Even after 6 months, my site is not getting indexed by Google and BING search engines. Only Yahoo recognized it. Why is this so? As the site http://relationshipadvices.com/ is powered by wordpress, it has All-in-one SEO and sitemap plugins. What could be the probable reasons for site not getting indexed?
  5. If Google restricts these SEO softwares usage, how come IBP lists so many clients in is testimonials page?
  6. Say for example I do have a site with about 500-550 pages, then will it be beneficial to have one sitemap that consists of a list of sitemaps? In each sitemap, how many links should be there?
  7. I too agree with this - "I guess it still "it depends" in each individual case." There are some people who just want a catch domain name. Something like DIGG, BING. But the new entrants prefer keyword rich domain thinking that it will give them a boost in SERPs.
  8. Even for click through purpose, I would go with less than 70 characters. I don't think visitors like long titles. Long sentences are anyway displayed in description.
  9. Less than 70 characters in title is always a good practice. I don't think stuffing and spamming will help.
  10. If you think you get better traffic from Yahoo, then concentrate on content, otherwise a little concentration on content is enough. Allot more time for link building methods. However, as someone has already said, you need to concentrate on visitors. So give a reason to visit.
  11. As it is a fresh installation, the blog don't have any plugin. I tried to manually update to the new version. Regarding the support forum, I did try but didn't receive any reply till now.
  12. Actually I was looking for the new wordpress themes that are compatible with the new version. Thanx for sharing them here.
  13. Recently I thought of upgrading to the new wordpress 2.7.1 version. But when I tried it, I'm facing problem in upgradaing from wp 2.6.5 to 2.7.1 The errors are as follows: Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_remote_request() in /home/onlinedo/public_html/DOMAINNAME/wp-includes/update.php on line 58 Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_remote_post() in /home/onlinedo/public_html/DOMAINNAME/wp-includes/cron.php on line 204 How should I fix them? Any suggestion please.
  14. markov

    How To Rename The Blog

    After reading the notes by wordpress, I'm very much confused. Simply i'll change the url in the WP panel to http://diary.onlinedownloads.org So I should be happy with http://diary.onlinedownloads.org instead of http://www.onlinedownloads.org/diary Regarding Permalink Structure, should I keep http://example.com/category/post-name/ or http://example.com/articles/%postname%.html which one would be better?
  15. markov

    How To Rename The Blog

    Regarding the Customize Permalink Structure, which will be better in terms of SEO? /%year%/%monthnum%/%day%/%postname%/ or /articles/%postname%.html