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  1. I started working for a local SEO company. My experience has been with on page SEO and link building such as blog, forum comments and creation of press releases. That all being said, I was asked to setup tons of domain names using different IP's. Is this against any laws or SEO ethics? Finally, I was asked to find blogs that relate to clients website theme. I was told to make sure to use different IP's? Does this mean cheat and use a different IP or a different IP from the blog? Like make sure each blog has it's own class and IP? Thanks for any help you can provide. Regards
  2. You built a website for your parents that relates to the filed of real estate. You've completed link building for them via forums, blogs ad human edited directories that real to real estate. That all being said, another realtor out of another state has asked to complete link building for their real estate website. You will need to post on the same forums and blogs as you have done so for your parents real estate website. Will Google, MSN and Yahoo trace the IP's and ban my parents site or penalize them? I would have to create other user names and signature links on these same forums and blogs. How does this all work? Would or should I change IP's? If yes, how so? Yes, all content relates to the blogs and forums!
  3. I need to find forums that relate to Pandora Unbricker Batteries and Magic Memory Sticks. Examples would be: "psp mod forums" "psp forums" . These forums should allow for postings to include a signature to your website. Also, these forums should allow for do follow links. It is basically easy to find forums that relate to your theme and allow for signatures. However, how do I go about if they allow for do follow links and are search able among the search engines- as in being indexed?
  4. I came across a potential job on another website. This person is asking for a content writer. They did not give details on how many pages are needed to be done. Nor did they post if they are in need of Meta Tags.Their budgets is between $250-$750. I've done content for other clients such as: Forum postings, blog comments, reviews, product descriptions and etc. I also have three websites that rank in the top 20 of Google under some very competitive keyword phrases. My question is: How much should I charge for the potential project that I described early in this posting? How should I set this up as for a plan? Example: Should I charge say $500 for content to be written for their home page, about us page and etc?
  5. Are there other online directories that are like that of DMOZ? I hate that you need to wait years. What keyword phrases do you suggestion I use to find directories that are like that of DMOZ?
  6. Are products review sites the better way to build back links? If yes, any suggestions on how to find these type of sites?
  7. Question: How do I find out who is linking to my competitors? I know there are ways to see who is linkg to my competitors via Google, MSN and Yahoo. In fact, can I find out which blogs, forums and directories are linking to my competitors under a certian keyword phrase?
  8. http://www.inlineseo.com/dofollowdiver It is supposed to list a number of blogs that are do follow. In other words if a blog has the no follow tag, this site won't list it. Do you think software works? How about a software to be used in the same way for forums and article directories? Any suggestions?
  9. Currently, my website has an articles and forums section. Example: my articles section uses the keyword realtor articles. My forums section uses the keyword of reatlor forums. I've decided to dump the forum and make the articles section both articles and the forums. Would this hurt my rankings? if I deleted the forums software and kept the articles software in place?
  10. Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of a "free" software that list a number of blogs and forums with do follow instead of now follow.
  11. First, you redesign your website. You remove certain keywords from the home page. However, other sites still link to your home page using your old keywords as anchor text. Would your site be penalized for this?
  12. Lets use this as an example: You own a website that relates to real estate in Boston. Your home page talks about you as being a real estate agent in the city. The listings page would show off your listings. Home Page Title Tag: Boston Real Estate Agent Listings Page Title Tag: Boston Real Estate Listings See how several of the keyword(phrases) are used on two different pages? Would the search engines penalize you for this? Would this be looked at as being duplicate content?
  13. Just like on page SEO, I've heard rumors about link building. Now, I'd like to receive the proper answers that tell the truth #1, You own a website that sells gift baskets. You post 150 blog comments to 150 different blog sites. Each comment has a well written message about the topic. Your link and anchor text has been included in your blog comment. Would this be looked at as spam by the search engines? #2, Regarding question #1. You use a different IP address or proxy to submit blog comments. Again, each blog comments is unique. Also, you use a different anchor text for each blog comment. Would this still be looked at as spam by the search engines? #3, You submit your own site to blog comments. A month later someone pays you good $$$ to submit their site to blog comments. This person also owns a gift basket website. Would places such as google pick up that you did all the postings for both sites? If yes, would your site be banned from google? #4, Your website is very much liked by 500 people. In fact, all 500 people decide to link to your website in a 48 hour period. Would this be looked at by search engines as spam?
  14. I have heard all the rumors in regards to SEO. Now, I want the truth #1, Does keyword density really matter? If yes, how much is too many or to small in regards to on page content? #2, Long title and description tags = Spam? #3, Title tags should NOT be written as follow: Gift Baskets: Wine, Fruit, Christmas Rather a title tag should be written like that of a sentence? Example: Buy Your Favorite Baskets At............(Website name). #4, Each web page should NOT have the same keyword(s) as your other pages? Example: Home page includes the keywords Gift Basket, Wine and Fruit. Your wine page should NOT include the same keywords as your home page? #5, Each page on your website is broken into categories. Two of the pages has the sub categories named, "summer wine baskets." This would be looked at as spam?
  15. "and if they Google your identity and see that all of the comments you leave contain links to your client's site, it's not going to take long for them to realize you were sent out with a mission to drop links." SEOigloo, How would they check for my identity? I don't post on other sites offering this service. Nor do I use the same scree names or ID's. None of my comments are that of spam. I have done regular blog comments and/or postings on the site of a client.