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  • Sponsorship and Donations

    Opportunities are coming in 2018 to market your own brand, website, tools and more.  Plus, a simple PayPal donation towards the maintenance and operating costs for Cre8asiteforums is welcome at any time, and very much appreciated.


  • Relaunching January 2018.


  • Any donation is accepted, anytime.

    In 2018 opportunities will be introduced to produce financial support not only for these forums, but to invite opportunities for members to earn revenue too. 

    If you would like to see your Leaderboard with Link banner placed at the top of the forums the spot is offered on a monthly basis at $135 for January and February only. Impressions and clicks are provided. As we grow and increase traffic, the fee will increase. However, by the Spring of 2018 the intention is to provide a variety of options to fit any budget.

    Please contact Kim Krause Berg for information.

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  • Donations Welcome

    Thank-you for using our community. It would be greatly appreciated if you could assist with our running costs by donating.

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    Your donation, no matter how much, helps with paying for the hosting and software monthly expenses.  Choose the amount and currency you would like to donate in below. Once again, thank-you.

  • Donations accepted by PayPal. Thank you.