10 Free Must-Have Design, Video, Email, Accessibility Tools and Plug-Ins

The best  web development and Internet tools are easy to use, save us time, provide valuable information in terms we understand and free. Here are some favorites:

1. Web Developer Extension for Chrome is a must-have.

2. Google Page Speed Insights

3. WP Accessibility . WP Accessibility provides fixes for common accessibility issues in your WordPress site. Learn more about the importance of WP Accessibility from its developer.

4. WP Post Styling. This plugin provides a custom field on your WordPress interface where you can add custom styles to be applied only on that page or post. Useful for being able to publish articles with a unique look.

5. Http Status Code Checker. Here are more free webmaster tools.

6. Cre8asiteforms Web Page Size Lookup

7. Create your own Favicon with the Cre8asiteforums Favicon Tool

8. Mobile emulator tool by Keynote MITE. This robust, free tool provides access to hundreds (free), thousands (enterprise) mobile devices for performance testing.

9. The free Color Contrast Comparison is a strong favorite for checking color contrasts during web design.

10. This one is three bonus recommendations.

PakWired’s 3 UX Design Tips Startups Can Implement Today

I like to use the same concept throughout my designs: display what you need to display, don’t leave out anything important, focus attention on places you want your users to be drawn to, without spamming them with ads and “buy” buttons.

3 of Deborah’s Favorite Obscure {but valuable!} Free Video Resources

For those of us in the video industry, finding resources can be addicting. I love tools. I love ebooks. I shouldn’t tell you this, but basically if it has the word “Video” in it, I’m pulling out the credit card. In my quest, I always welcome freebies, as well. Today I’m going to share three resources, two of which do not have nearly the buzz they deserve, when compared to the value of their resources.


Smarter Outreach: 3 Tools to See Who’s Behind Each Email

Today’s social networking world is overwhelming: You meet people online, talk to them, lose them for a month or two, then find them again. There should be better ways to keep up than trying to remember everything!

How to Engage With a Web Site Image

Donna Fontenot, Cre8asiteforums Site Administrator, alerted us to an amazing way to make web page images come alive.

She wrote in Welcome to the Attention Web,

Something new just hit the WordPress sphere lately, and at first, I ignored it, not really seeing the point of it. Now, it’s important to note that the REASON I didn’t see the point of it, is that the blog post I read about it, didn’t capture my attention, so I didn’t actually do more than a quick drive-by of the information.

Once I finally got around to really LOOKING at this new “thing”, light bulbs went off! And this new thing is something I desperately want to try, test, and play with, in the hopes of finding one other means of really capturing the attention of visitors. What is it?

The new fun image plug-in is reviewed and shown in action in a blog post Donna wrote called Engaging Readers In A Way You Didn’t Know Was Possible. Here is where she provides an example of an image that literally allows users to engage with it in a variety of ways.

As you can see, a simple image has been turned into one that allows users to get more information, purchase a product, watch a video, listen to a song on Spotify, see other images, and connect with you on your various social networks. There are many other elements that can be added as well.

I decided to try it out:

This is super fun. You can add music, link to whatever you want, and easily share the final image. For FREE! Give is try yourself – ThingLink.