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Found 13 results

  1. Facebook Craps on Businesses

    There's a LOT of talk about this...here's something from Mashable Here’s everything Facebook wants publishers to know about News Feed
  2. Facebook invades your privacy but it's against their privacy policy to tell you how they invade your privacy. Oh, and they know your relatives, including those you don't even know. I've noticed this too. I can't stand the people you may know thing they do. Facebook Figured Out My Family Secrets, And It Won't Tell Me How
  3. I happened to come across a Facebook ad that shows '162 views' on the bottom right of it. My question is, how to you evaluate the effectiveness of Facebook ads? Does such low number affect how many people will view and interact with your ads?
  4. Facebook has been changing their UI often, which is against one of the most basic tenants of usability and user experience design. Every time a UI changes, users are forced to re-learn where everything is. If they liked where something was, such as on a site they use often, and it's moved or different, it's a source of confusion and frustration. Facebook increased the font size from the default 14pt to much higher, so that the first so many characters appear large and it looks like the person is YELLING, when they are not. To reduce the font size, FB users had to extend the sentence until the size dropped to normal. Facebook also added colored backgrounds for Android users. This allowed users to write their status and add a pink background, for example. Anyone who is colorblind, or has eye sight issues, or prefers to read text on white backgrounds had no choice but to view the status with the color. I complained via sending feedback forms to FB about the inability for users to have a choice in the look and feel of their FB experience but of course there was no response. Today, while playing around with my Social Fixer, I discovered the ability to get back control of the UI. There are lots of options. It puts the control back in your hands. socialfixer.com
  5. Evening all. I run/manage a Facebook group with about 6,000 members. However, I believe the last several hundred are people who have been "harvested" from other members Friends lists and have had "Requests To Join" generated by Facebook. Many of them have not used Facebook for years and will be unlikely to see any notifications that the group sends out. Others may have preferences set up so they don't receive notifications anyway and may not know they are a member of a group. I was told that this was what was happening. I have done an initial search through Google and haven't found this being talked about. Does anyone have any experience of this and any theories/explanations? It probably started just before Xmas I am told. Thanks Paul
  6. Actually, we plan to promote our new eCommerce store named HOTFITS, so we decided to use FM (Facebook marketing). there we got a confusion regarding post display. I Mean we give 40% off for tees, so we plan to boost that post on FB and also found promote your page option. The total cost for each is differ. for promote page it starts minimum 126 Rs to some high to Boost Post it costs some 2k/day for Min 22k to 48k. i would like to know the ad display area for both two and which one should be useful for us.
  7. I get a magazine called Shambhala Sun. This month's issue has an interview with Paul Budnitz, founder of the new ELLO, which some say is a Facebook competitor. He doesn't see it that way. He started Ello as a private place for artists to meet and be together. It grew. I thought this was interesting: Why Ello and not Facebook or another social media network? Ello doesn't have ads or sell data. Then, he said this, This is EXACTLY how we have run Cre8asiteforums. My only requirement is personal responsibility. Good conduct is always rewarded by more freedom. The moment the community is taken advantage of, such as by spam or someone not bothering to read the rules, they are shown the door. We used to try and salvage members and give them second chances but that changed in the last 5 years or so when the nature of spam changed. By then, people believed that joining forums meant link juice and conversation was not part of their agenda. Ello has its detractors who say the same thing they said of us. A site with no ads is doomed to fail. His response: Many people don't understand the logic of having a community with a small membership. To my way of thinking, what made us stand out was the quality of the discussions here, not the membership numbers. Have any of you explored Ello?
  8. I've been looking through this. Can't find an answer. If you review a business ...that's a review...not a like. Is it visible on your timeline and can your friends see this? I can't find them?
  9. I just designed this book cover. Do you think it will help sell books? Comments appreciated.
  10. Today I was grabbed by a face, name, and potential contact that flashed through linkedIn as I quickly perused its contents. How could I know or be "related to this person" via linkedIn. The name, face, and occupation seemed incredibly remote. I then recalled a vague interaction and tracked the person's name from linkedIn to a data base with regard to one of our smb's. It was one and the same person. I specifically recall contacting this person who had used the services of one of our SMB's. I asked him/her if they would consider a more in depth follow up in light of some specific situation. I was pretty sure it would be of specific help to us. This person declined the offer. It was for perfectly reasonable professional reasons. I immediately dropped the issue and never pursued it after that. Now though, because of some email there is this connection in linkedIn, however remote. The connection exists in LinkedIn's data base. It might never be exposed. It probably won't be exposed. But the remote connection is there because of the email. Its in the public domain in some capacity because of LinkedIn. And it violates the specific wishes of this person. Not Good. On the other hand, because of LinkedIn's algo's and connectivity some time ago a name flashed in front of me with a remote "connection". I followed up and contacted this person. He was a great friend of decades ago. He probably tried out my name in LinkedIn. My name is far more rare than his. We connected and contacted one another. It was great to reconnect over the web and if we have a chance to get together I'm sure we will. Decades ago we were great friends. We had completely lost contact. In that instance LinkedIn's algo worked to my appreciation and benefit. I've been seeing ads from the same damned websites I've visited in the past via remarketing and cookies. Its annoying. Its another invasion of privacy. As far as I know I'm not in the eyesight or have been visited by the CIA, the NSC, the FBI or any other government agency but who knows. So many emails, so many calls, so many obscure references to so many words and who knows what obscure connections via the web to some obscure person or incident. What grabbed my attention was this latest flash of a face, name, and professional occupation from somebody I scarcely know who very specifically did not want to follow up on my request for perfectly acceptable and reasonable professional reasons. We completely accepted that and moved on. Our "web connection" were minimal brief and pointed emails and that was it. Unfortunately for that person's desire...somewhere on the web that connection remains. These are unhealthy intrusions on privacy. What is your experience and perspective? Unfortunately for that person that
  11. Here is something we've noticed and tested and it has worked consistently in gaining more attention. NOW we have to figure out how to use it to good advantage!!! This has been working for FB fan pages for local businesses. In that regard most of the fans are local. Every time we've used the location tool on the page to identify a location where our business has "done something" We've created a map. Each time we've done that we have dramatically increased both unique and total visits to the FB page. We reference another business and use the location tool (its the little teardrop icon) and fill in the field with the name of the place where we have done "something" If that location or entity has an FB page a map appears with a pin at its location. The first time we added the map more or less as a mistake, having pushed "the wrong" link/button but we left it. That particular post and day had the 2nd highest single "reach" of any day we have had. Its topic though was incredibly different than the typical posts that gain very large "reach" This particular smb has I believe more 'fans" than any other business of its type in the US. Above 4,000. Its a local business with a niche attractiveness. Recently our weekly reach figures have hovered around the 3500 to 6500 total depending on how popular posts are during a 7 day period. We've been adding fans ....so I think the post reach to fans ratio on that day was somewhat over 1/2 of our fans, maybe more...we had an individual reach that post of just over 2,000. We've had one post higher...but it was of a type that can get a lot of reach, in fact our best one was the prototype for "reach". On that first day we saw this we were surprised as the post was a little different than one's that usually do well and of a slightly different flavor. Often that "flavor" does not give great stats...but this one did. Individual visits to the page soared that day...and repeat visits to the page really soared. Both were highs. The other metrics associated with FB, such as likes or "stories" or comments, etc weren't that high. It did do relatively well on a virus basis/ meaning non fans saw the page at a relatively high number...but we have had much better examples of that. So we added some posts with maps and got similar results. Lots of unique visits to the page and lots of repeat visits. I frankly like that more than "likes" or stories, or comments, etc. Most likes and stories etc are made from one's own news feed. They may see others comments on that topic/post but they aren't going to the page itself. Page visits in general and as a statistic are extremely low on a percentage basis of all traffic. Most people stay on their own feeds most of the time when it comes to fan pages. If I want to drive people to the sum total of our page...which works to make a point about our services...we want page visits. We work to get attention through posts but we also work to get people to take a look at our long full feed and get a feel for what is occurring over the long term and on a regular basis. So we value page visits. Now I have to figure out how to take advantage of this little technique to increase page visits especially at that time when the "theme" of our entire corpus of posts and/or the recent ones near the post with the map...are especially poignant and compelling. Any ideas???
  12. The new changes that have been rolled out by Facebook and the way in which these changes were rolled out I think has finally convinved business to NOT ENGAGE more and more with the world's favourite SNS. Or rather, to take a step back and evaluate a little more seriously the balance of power. We've moved from "let's embrace get into bed with FB", towards "let's embrace it but drive to our website". Already the idea for a business investing its time in a Facebook profile for which they only have cursory control and are subject to Facebook's whims and changes of what they consider important (what was the cost to business for the 31st March roll-out?) was scary. But to me it seems that Facebook thinks that companies depth of engagement is now all about visual content, as any examiniation of the new page format will reveal. My question is this: How deep an engagement can you get when it is all about visuals, and where comments and likes are collapsed to numeric values. The "Engagement" to people not already familiar with the group It turns into visual eye candy (the image) plus social proof factors as the convincing mechanism for people to "engage or not". In fact, when you actually start to analyze the "depth of engagement" and code the issues that are raised through the commenting feature you've got to ask whether the "engagement" ROI even covers the full-time staff members wages. But then really all this talk about "engagement" is really a lot of rubbish, because the goal of FB is to get you to like something, and by so doing pool your interests collectively with other, for the purposes of advertising profiling. Look at any FB change through this filter and it soon becomes clear. So, thanks to FB new rollout I have much greater luck saying to business "leverage Facebook for what it is - a great advertising platform, but put your own business assets at the heart of that strategy and spend". What's great about FB is that it has educated business about the potential for viral SNS and that makes it much easier to explain to businesses because they are already up to speed. So thanks to FB for that. What do others think? G. ps. I have also noticed that when you watch a video as an application this is automatically added to your timeline, but can be removed after watching it. Don't like this, but I'm weird I guess.
  13. Does anyone know how to add custom links to the side panel of a Facebook business page? I'm talking about the area I hilited in light green on the left of image below. Some of those links, like "wall", "info", are default, though "real deals", "jobs" are custom. I have a client who would like some custom links added to their facebook page. I tried a few wizywig apps, but they add tabs to the top of the page, that's not quite what I'm looking for. I know html so that is not a barrier. Thank you for any suggestions!