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Found 2 results

  1. Evening all. This is madness. Like the "Bad Old Days" of dodgy web browsers. But..... Firefox keeps running slower & slower - and the more tabs are open the slower it gets. So what have I done? I've done the interesting "Refresh" and a full uninstall & reinstall. Still no improvement. (Version 53. 32-bit). Tried it without Add-Ons or Extensions. No effect. Firefox is allowed through the PC firewall and is not "restricted in any way by Avast, Superantispyware or CCleaner - the anti-virus/pc cleaning tools I use. The PC is fine - everything else runs fine as is the internet connection and any programmes which use it. I've attached a couple of screenshots from the Windows 10 Task Manager. These are a few minutes apart and show Firefox slowly reaching Warp 10 before it blasts off into hyperspace! Yes - one is at one's wits end. Any help/ideas anyone? All help would be greatly appreciated. Ta Paul
  2. Firefox Book Mark Checker

    Afternoon all I wasn't sure which Forum to ask this in... so that could be a Rookie mistake anyway... (please feel free to move to the appropriate forum)... here it is... Firefox bookmarks. I've a new PC. I moved my FF profile from the old PC to this one. But it's time to CULL the bookmarks for dead ones/duplicates etc. I used to use a one called AM Deadlink and was about to download again from their website but they had a message on there: Now you used to be able to delete links within AM Deadlink from the older versions of AM Deadlink - but apparently (as I read it) you can't now. So, there is a Firefox add-on called "Bookmarks Checker - check for bad links" - but according to the reviews - it doesn't show you which bookmarks folder the deadlink/duplicate link is in. Therefore, my question is - "Does anyone know of any FREEWARE or FF plug-ins which checks for defunct links/duplicate links and tells you which bookmark folder they are in - and can delete them from within the software?" I also looked at something called Favicon - but that doesn't appear to do what I want. Thanks in advance peeps Paul