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Found 63 results

  1. The British couple who cost Google £2bn - but destroyed their business in the process https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/news/british-couple-cost-google-2bn-destroyed-business-process-124156615.html David vs Goliath This is right up earpearl's alley Of course G is appealing. They probably have a warehouse full of lawyers on retainers just waiting for a fight. 1.68bn is probably a bit excessive but when you are number 1 you have to expect number 1 heat.
  2. Barry reports on the event: SEO & Google Fight Over How Google Treats Subdomains vs Subdirectories
  3. Ann Smarty has an article out on how to optimize featured snippets. When the appearance of snippets first appeared we feared the loss of traffic. Is that fear valid? How Optimizing for Featured Snippets Makes Your Content Better
  4. Hello friends, We are wondering why this page is not being indexed. https://www.trendmicro.com/en_us/business.html It's not being blocked by robots.txt. It's included in the XML sitemap. Please let us know. Thanks, Stew
  5. She was ahead of her time and now the rest of the world has caught up to Cindy. Here's some of her latest writing. Understanding Mobile-First Indexing (2/3): The Long-Term Impact on SEO Understanding Mobile-First Indexing (1/3): The Immediate Impact on SEO
  6. In case you missed it, Bill wrote this for GoFish. Google's High Quality Sites Patent
  7. Edna

    Title Tag

    Hi I am told that i need to change my title tag so that people can see my wordpress.org site when they google the service i offer. Question is What is a title tag and how do i change it? many thanks
  8. Hi everyone, its been years since I have been on, how are you all? I have had the run around from google (long story) and wish to take them to court, does any one know for *sure* the name/address of who to put on court papers to sue google adwords if you are an customer of them in England? Google seem to be refusing to reply, or even supply simple details such as this, as far as I am concerned they have ripped me off, lied, wasted my time and stolen from me so I will be taking them to small claims court - but as they are acting like cowboys and criminals and refusing to even give simple details out I want to check first... Its a cut and dried case, no way it can be lost as the evidence is as clear as day..
  9. Morning all! I've got an email from Google (UK) inviting me to do a questionnaire and then to come along to a meeting/presentation of some new products etc. at their Head Office in London. I'll get £65 if I attend in person or £50 if viewing the meeting via Hangout. There's plenty of links to cllick on in the email, They all look genuine... but... has anyone (UK) got an email like this recently? Thanks Paul
  10. Did you see this article -- I'm sure you did but I missed it and just found it poking around. While I don't get that much into the SEO and Google "weeds" it did confirm a lot of what I am seeing and hearing from those who are. http://www.seobook.com/publisher-blocking So, you tell clients don't expect above the fold, or top page. Now even their ad ROI are up to the players that be. Better have uber deep pockets and exceptionally skilled folks to help -- and hope all that it is worth it. In my little world the SMBs have sadly been priced right out of the market...
  11. Jennifer does a great job rounding up the latest... Google’s Webmaster Guidelines: Breakdown of All Changes Made
  12. Barry points to a discussion at WebmasterWorld in which a list of on-page ranking factors for 2015 are listed, with some devalued and new ones recommended. It is about Google only. Google SEO On-Page Ranking Factor List 2015 VersionThere is push-back from Barry's readers about the list, as you can see in the comments section. What do you believe to be part of a solid list, for both Google and Bing rank? Is the list at WMW wrong?
  13. One of my pet peeves as a user experience professional cross trained in software QA UX and Functional testing is the practice of rolling out a website, app or form to production without testing it first. The rush to market a product or service before making absolutely sure it will work properly and meet its full requirements is driven by some sort of greedy, egomaniac lunacy and it happens by companies of all sizes, including Google. I've presented examples at my talks at conferences and have another one to add. The SEMPost posted that Google is seeking usability help. Sign Up for Google’s User Experience Research Studies so I went to Pierre's page to fill out the form. However, despite using Google's Chrome browser, I am unable to fill out the form, or even get started. I'm not the only one. Someone posted that it worked well on his iPhone but I have an Android. Someone else said it took an hour to fill out a "5 minute" form. Another person said they kept getting 404 errors. This is unacceptable by a company that has a Usability Department and yet it is the perfect example of what I have been seeing and experiencing since 2000 when I got into testing, which is that Marketing Comes Before User Experience.
  14. It was my understanding that there are two separate indexes, putting all the mobile sites into their own mobile search index. It was also my understanding that NOT having a mobile site would not lower rank for sites that did not comply and continue to focus on the non-mobile search index. According to Stone Temple, not having a mobile site had a negative effect on sites. Mobilegeddon: Nearly 50% of Non-Mobile Friendly URLs Dropped in Rank Can someone un-confuse me please?
  15. So the Google Borg once again rears its mighty power to dictate how websites must look. This time the matter is not about SEO, but rather, it is about making sure your site is mobile friendly. Should it be found to not be compliant, Google may send out a warning letter, an example of which is provided in the article below. Google Continuing to Send More Warnings about Non-Mobile-Friendly Websites to Webmasters From a usability perspective, a site that is difficult to use on a smartphone is reason enough to abandon it and never return. Google, who insist they are all about users, seem to agree. However, sending out warning letters for non-compliance is wrong. The choice for how a site looks should always be a decision made by the site owner and their team. As many times as I recommend responsive design for most of my clients, a surprising number of them just refuse to invest in a redesign. In the case of local businesses, they just don't have the money. It is only when I mention to them that Google is now alerting searchers which sites are mobile friendly that they reconsider and then they are very uncomfortable and even angry. Am I wrong in believing the decision is not Google's to make?
  16. As soon as I saw this I thought of iamlost and the brainiacs here at Cre8. Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: "The Internet Will Disappear" It's interesting to me that these leaders in the tech world have a totally different outlook than those who are abandoning tech to move off the grid and live much simpler lives. I'm not convinced the human-internet experiment is going to be the future that everyone adopts. There's a LOT of push back on how the Internet is used these days. What do you think?
  17. Long-timers around here may recall that Pierre Far was a moderator here at Cre8asiteforums. Google stole kidnapped hired him and they refused to share him with us. So, he left and became even more famous and beloved. An Update from Pierre Wishing you continued success Pierre! The banana people will party in your honor...
  18. Dear All, Here's a little message I got from Google Adsense: Interesting. About time perhaps?
  19. Google loses bid to stop UK consumers from suing over alleged privacy violations
  20. I'm seeing an abundance of articles on Google's mobile design recommendations with conflicting information. So what are the facts? Google is checking individual pages, not entire sites, for mobile readiness. True or False? Google is using mobile readiness is a ranking factor. True or False?
  21. A new relationship has begun between Google and Twitter so that the search engine has direct immediate access to tweets from Twitter. Twitter loves it because they want more people coming to Twitter and getting accounts. Google loves it because they want to provide instant instant instant information. How does this benefit us? A conversation between people on Twitter may be taken out of context, or not. Maybe those will be ignored. Breaking news posted on Twitter would get to the Google news sources faster maybe? Marketers will create more ways to use hashtags to get Google to post a tweet? What do you think? Story here
  22. All business owners, SEO's and online marketers who face the rise and fall of web life in Google will relate to this recent exchange between a site owner and John Mueller at Google. Watch Webmaster Give It To Google Over Playing By The Rules Without Seeing Results
  23. Many search engine marketers and site owners knew this was coming when Google announced its Knowledge Graph. Google To Answer Health-Related Questions In The Knowledge Graph Rather than seeing SERPS displaying sites and pages, the answer to medical questions will be displayed. Google says the answers are developed by doctors. People who use alternative healing methods may need to look elsewhere to learn natural ways of supporting their liver or finding meditation techniques for stress relief, I'm thinking. Since medical treatment varies around the world, are the answers geo targeted? I have all these funny visions of Google saying things like, "Kim, just go have a glass of red wine for your heart." or "Kim, your symptoms are scaring us. Go to the emergency room right now!"
  24. Hello To all, On Google webmaster, while i try to add my new page link on fetch as google, i made some error on url. how do i remove that url but google has already fetched on fetch and render.
  25. A few days ago I submitted my site in the Google webmaster forums in hopes I may get some "tips" to overcome Panda. I knew the first issue they'd jump on would be copied content...that's it. It's like that's the reason...period. Of course the post got buried pretty quick with other stuff, so I have no idea if there were any other useful ideas folks may add. besides. Who are these people anyway? With that "report" I started looking around by grabbing some text here and there. But I don't know what half of this crap is...like this one. What's the firggin purpose? I just don't get it. http://www.tpu-shield.com/p/Hardwood_Flooring_Hardness_Ratings___Janka I am also trying text in quotes and text w/o quotes, yet more show up. I'm also thinking in those DMCA (Google) reports you have to include the quotes for them to look at it? Wonder why some don't show up when using quotes? It's the exact same text. Today was the first time I ever filed a DMCA with Google. One Google site (https://sites.google.com) in particular copied one of my pages and placed it on something like 80 of their sub-domains. https://sites.google.com/a/magicwoodfloors.com/new-mexico-hardwood-floors-service/ That particular site is under further review. Guess it's a bot decision? "URL forwarded to appropriate product team for further review. You will receive separate notice after review." The same is true of a blogspot url I submitted. What a friggin mess eh? Am I wasting my time? Incidentally I went through this four years ago without DMCA's just reaching out personally. Got about a 10% reply rate on about 100 domains. I'm glad I kept the report I did. Looking at those domains today, half are gone, but still a few major copycats.