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Free malware removing software and online scans

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Being in a new forum I'm never sure where things should and shouldn't go, so I'm guess-timating this is the right place. If not, please move to the right section.

Last I knew these were all available for free the downloads and scans, none of them included spyware/adware - some spyware/adware programs do - and they were all user friendly.

Hope this helps someone :)

Anti SpyWare Software

AnalogX CookieWall Anti SpyWare Software
Bazooka Adware & Spyware Scanner Anti SpyWare Software
Bugnosis Web Bug Detector Anti SpyWare Software
Camtech 2000 SpySites Anti SpyWare Software
Definitive Solutions BHODemon Anti SpyWare Software
Lavasoft Ad-Aware Anti SpyWare Software
NoAdware Anti SpyWare Software
Spy Sweeper
Spybot Search & Destroy Anti SpyWare Software
SpyWare Blaster Anti-Spyware Software
SpyWare Gaurd Anti-Spyware Software
Wilders Security Browser Hijack Blaster Anti SpyWare Software
Wilders Security MRU-Blaster Anti SpyWare Software
Wilders Security SpywareBlaster Anti SpyWare Software
Wilders Security SpywareGuard Anti SpyWare Software
XBlock X-Cleaner Browser Cleaner Anti SpyWare Software

Anti Trojan Software

A2 Free Anti-Trojan, Anti-Malware, Anti-Dialer, Anti-worm Software
Abtrusion Protector Personal Edition - Tracks Software Installation
Anti-Trojan Anti-Malware Anti-Dialer Anti-Worm Software
Ewido Security Suite (Free Version) Anti-Trojan Software
Max Computing System Safety Monitor Anti Trojan Software
ProPort Anti Trojan Software
SnakeBasket Trojans First Aid Kit (TFAK) Anti Trojan Software
TrojanCheck (German) Anti Trojan Software

Anti Virus Software

AVG Anti-Virus Software
AntiVir Personal Edition Anti Virus Software
Avast! 4 Home Edition Anti Virus Software
BitDefender Free Edition For MS DOS Anti Virus Software
Clam Anti-Virus Software
Easy Desk Software Virus Repellent Anti Virus Software
MicroWorld Free Anti-Virus Utility
F-Prot Antivirus For DOS Anti Virus Software
Startest - Boot Sector and Windows System Files Monitor
HandyBits VirusScan Integrator Anti Virus Software
VCatch Anti Virus Software

Instant Messaging (IM) Security Tools - Anti-virus:

IMsecure - Provided as freeware by Zone Labs.
Bitdefender - For MSN, Yahoo!, mIRC, PALM, ICQ and NetMeeting. Free download for Home users.
RAV4AIM and RAV4Yahoo! - Free for Home and Small businesses. AIM and Yahoo! specific solutions.
RAV4Trillian - Trillian Specific.
RAV4MSN and RAV4ICQ- MSN and ICQ Specific.

Firewall Software

Agnitum Outpost Personal Firewall
Firestarter - Free Linux Firewall Tool
GoldTach Personal Firewall
Intrusion Catcher Firewall
Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5 Direct Download From Kerio
Kerio Personal Firewall 2.1.5
Kerio Personal Firewall FAQ
Kerio Personal Firewall
OmniQuad Personal Firewall
Soft4Ever Look 'n' Stop Personal Firewall
Sygate Personal Firewall
TRLOKOM OmniVPN 1.7.3 Firewall
Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0 Online Manual
Tiny Personal Firewall 2.0.15
Tiny Personal Firewall Guide to Configuring & Downloads
WyvernWorks Firewall 2003
Zone Alarm Personal Firewall

Firewall Test Software

GRC LeakTest Firewall Test Software
OutBound! The Personal Firewall Tester Firewall Test Software
Robin Keir's Software FireHole Firewall Test Software
Soft4Ever Look 'n' Stop YALTA Firewall Test Software
Trivial Firewall Leak Checker Firewall Test Software

Firewall Tests Online

dslreports.com Port Scan
GRC Shields UP!! Firewall Online Test
HackerWatch.org Port Scan
SecurityMetrics Port Scan Firewall Test Online Firewall Test
Sygate Online Services Online Firewall Test

Multi Purpose Software & Scans Online

a2 Online-Check
PC Flank Online Security Scans
PC Pitstop Free PC Diagnostics & Tuneups
Shields UP! Internet Vulnerability Profiling
Stop-Sign Online SpyWare & Virus Scan
Symantec Online Security Scan
System Security Suite Software

SpyWare Scans Online

Parasite Check Online SpyWare Scan
PestPatrol PestScan Online SpyWare Scan
SpyWare NUKER Online SpyWare Scan
Spyware Guide Online Spyware Scanner & Remover
Spyware Remove Online SpyWare Scan
SpywareInfo Spycop Online SpyWare Scan
Webroot Software Spy Audit Online SpyWare Scan

Trojan Scans Online

Anti-Trojan Online-Check Online Trojan Scan
GFI TrojanScan Online Trojan Scan
Sygate Trojan Scan

Virus Removal Software

avast! Virus Cleaner Virus Removal Software
McAfee AVERT Stinger Virus Removal Software
MicroWorld Free Anti Virus Toolkit Utility
Symantec Security Response Virus Removal Software

Virus Scans Online

BitDefender Online Virus Scan
Cyber Tech Help Online Virus Scan
HAURI LiveCall Online Virus Scan
Kaspersky Online Virus Scan Single File
McAfee FreeScan Online Virus Scan
Panda ActiveScan Online Virus Scan
RAV AntiVirus Online Virus Scan
Symantec Virus Detection Online Virus Scan
Trend Micro HouseCall Online Virus Scan & Removal

Keylogger Software

Keylogger Hunter - Detects Keyboard Monitoring Programs

Edited by cre8pc

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Hi Gang


Have any of you tried some of the tools on the list?

Any reviews or comments?

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That list is 6 years old, so probably best ignore.


You should only need 1 AV with Anti-malware and 1 Firewall. Personally I use Avast and PC Tools. Maybe not the best, but I never intentionally visit sites that are likely to be infected anyway.

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Please note that the original list and many of the later suggestions are from years ago. Things change, especially in the internet security business.


There is no one size fits all, no perfect solution.

I can suggest some reading :)

* Virus Bulletin


* AV-Comparatives


* Anti-Malware-Test



* Microsoft Security


* How to boost your malware defense and protect your PC

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I found this looking for ways to speed up my laptop. Lately it's been getting hung up, or everything freezes. Any suggestions? I'm so distrustful of any advertized product, including the latest TV blitz and the Win Cleaner.

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Depends what the laptop is. If it's a 486 forget it (joking). This is the first question.

The best is to just reload it from scratch. Yes I know, lots of work.

More memory is always a help. You never have too much memory.

A solid state drive is also an instant boost.


Not much is going to help in the long run if it is an older machine. If you have an I7 then you have a serious problem :)

Edited by bobbb

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Nope, perty new laptop.


IE? I rarely go near it. For some reason ever since I loaded the last IE browser for testing purposes only, it takes forever to load.


Looks like deleting temp files has helped...some 12 gig worth.


Any other basic things I should be doing?

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Windows doesn't bother with operational garbage removal (such as those temp files) and that eventually slows/stops operation.

Normally I recommend the free version of CCleaner to unclog the pipes.


For the past while my Windows malware broom of choice has been the free version of Malwarebytes.


For most people I recommend running both weekly unless a problem pops up, then run immediately.


If those two don't get things running better you might need some serious intervention.

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IE browser for testing purposes only. perty new laptop

I presume Windows 7. So how many years is "perty"


How many of those anti-this and that do you have installed. They all want exclusive control and end up "fighting over it". ie 2 anti-virus and/or firewalls. (or should that be 2 anti-virii)


I found computers that do not get started often go into this "update loop mode thing". They auto start to download updates, get turned off, get turned on and restart it then get turned off again. Leave it on for a while and force the updated process until there are none. If there is always one or two then..... I'LL BE BACK (in an Arnold accent).


I use Emsisoft Emergency Kit for repairing other people's sick computer (among others): http://www.emsisoft.com/en/software/eek/

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I use CCleaner too. Just run it every now and then.


I have Avast! free installed and not had a virus in ages (famous last words ....).


I also have Malwarebytes installed and run that now and then if I feel things are getting slow. Usually, slowness tends to be because I have a hundred browser tabs open though - fewer tabs helps!

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perty is three years. All I've used is the avg free version. Never had problems except I did have some adware on IE about two years ago. Lottsa HD space left.


I downloaded the ccleaner but I guess I better investigate what I'm doing first before it's too late, or delete something I don't want to.



fewer tabs helps!


I thought about that as well. I do have tendency to have four or five programs open, a few notepads and a few word processor documents...plus six or seven Firefox and a half dozen Chrome.

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Yep, close the browsers when not is use. They are all hogs. Someone here once mentioned that a site he visits often played little video even when that tab is not in focus. I know Yahoo does that.


The rest of the apps you mentioned don't play anything so no worries.

Depending on how much (little) memory you have, it can be instant relief. There is something called paging that can slow things down when it is occurring too often. It is a very high priority task in memory management. Many tabs and programs could do it.





A program that works with huge data structures will sometimes require a working set that is too large to be efficiently managed by the page system resulting in constant page faults that drastically slow down the system. This condition is referred to as thrashing: pages are swapped out and then accessed causing frequent faults.


The term thrashing comes from swimming and what you do in water when you are working really hard but not getting anywhere.


Gotta go. I see some fat man in a red suit dumping stuff on my snow covered lawn. Must investigate.

Edited by bobbb

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Another question. How long should it take to reboot where one can functionally use a browser? It's taking me about four to five minutes.

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From a cold stop, it's 40 seconds to the icon to click so I can enter my password then another 20 seconds to where I can click a browser icon.



to reboot where one can functionally use a browser

There are 2 things here. Long to shutdown OR long to start to get to the point of starting a browser.

You need to measure each separately.


4 minutes is toooo long

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1 Install a Solid State Drive
2 Give Your Computer a Static IP
3 Upgrade Your RAM
4 Remove Unnecessary Fonts
5 Keep Your Antivirus Running and Up to Date: Stop Paying for Windows Security; Microsoft's Security Tools Are Good Enough
6 Disable Unused Hardware
7 Change Your Boot Menu's Timeout Values
8 Delay Windows Services That Run at Startup
9 Clean Out Programs that Launch at Startup
10 Tweak Your BIOS

I won't disagree with anything in their top ten because in essence they will all shave time. Shave is the operand word here.

Their 1 and 3 were my top 2. 5 and 9 are important but 5 has nothing to do with a slooow startup and I disagree with Microsoft's Security Tools Are Good Enough. This was true in the beginning (and true if the choice i$ that or nothing). As I said the problem is some go overboard and install too many in category 5 which leads to number 9. Nine is a bit harder to adjust since you need to know which and what and probably the reason people leave it alone.

As for the rest: They are all true but an analogy I like is from the drag-racing world where the racer will shave his head and all body hair, clip all his nails, go for a dump and whiz, does not eat or induces barfing, remove his sock and shorts, and other little odds and ends in order to shave some weight off the total load. If this is all that is left on a checklist then OK.



Do not ignore 5 and look at 4 if you have a gazillion fonts.


Of the 3 software mentioned, Emsisoft Emergency Kit, CCleaner, and Malwarebytes, none contribute to number 9 (but been a while since I looked at the latter 2) Hmmmm something to do.


But my question still applies. Do you have slow startup or shutdown since you only measured a reboot.

And to measure a shutdown you need to close all open applications like chrome, IE, FF, Word, Photoshop, etc, etc and wait a bit while they wind up their cleanup if any.

Edited by bobbb

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Seems I was a bit wrong about CCleaner, and Malwarebytes. To make CCleaner truly standalone you must turn off monitoring in the options.


Malwarebytes is the full trial version with virus and surfing protection on so it does add to category 9 above. There are options to turn off the trial but I will let it run out and see.


Emsisoft Emergency Kit is really standalone and can be on a USB stick.

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Do you have slow startup or shutdown since you only measured a reboot.


More details...


All programs closed..


0:00 - clicked restart

0:30 - time it takes to shut down to black screen

0:35 - Windows starting

1:35 - login with password

1:35 - Welcome screen

2:23 - Desktop screen appears

2:45 - Desktop icons loaded (20 or so)

4:02 - Wireless connects

4:05 - Try top open MSFT works word processor(I use it alot)

4:33 - MSFT works open

4:40 - Click Chrome

5:36 - Chrome opens, but only address in address bar

5:45 - Finally Chrome home page.


Fonts? 256


I did uninstall about 20 programs. Only the ones I was very familiar with. Games I played with 2 years ago and adobe Captivate...2 gb...the biggies


1. Solid state? Hmmmm. I'll have to look into that

3. Memory? 8 gb. If I recall it can't be upgraded


I do think I should just have a pro reload the whole stinkin thing. I'll probably really screw something up.

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Memory, fonts and shutdown look OK and lots seems to be happening on start so solid state might not be the proper solution. I would give CCleaner a shot and just look for a start.


Desktop screen appears and wireless connect seem long. Have a wire? try a hard wired connect.

Edited by bobbb

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No change, but the wire is going through the router.


Ccleaner- did that three days ago.


I see it sneak in now and then asking if I should run it to save 1.2 gb or something like that...then it fades out of the picture.


Wait 1.2 gb in three days? Okay try it one more time...then I'll


probably give up on this. Not my bag...too frustrating but thanks for your time!

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Run it. Where is that 1.2gb (in 3 days oh boy). It's kind of a clue.



give up

have absolutely no idea what that means :)

Edited by bobbb

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give up


That's usually when I'm throwing in the towel. Or at least that's the way I felt last evening. I never did use Emisoft. It's now looking around. By the time you see this message...maybe around noon EST it will have checked all. It really zipped through the first 50% of my files, but now a turtle. Nothing suspicious yet...or it doesn't say high threat.


Start 5:52 AM

6:27 AM 58% done


Scan start: 12/28/2014 5:53:32 AM
C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ytd video downloader detected: Application.AdStart (A)
C:\ProgramData\best buy pc app detected: Application.AppInstall (A)
C:\ProgramData\ytd video downloader detected: Application.AppInstall (A)
C:\Users\Ken\AppData\Local\best buy pc app detected: Application.AppInstall (A)
C:\Users\Ken\AppData\Local\ilivid player detected: Application.AppInstall (A)
C:\Program Files (x86)\coupons detected: Application.AppInstall (A)
C:\Program Files (x86)\free offers from freeze.com detected: Application.AppInstall (A)
C:\Windows\couponprinter.ocx detected: Application.AdCoup (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\CLSID\{37211D63-CCE9-4780-B182-96538CFC6FED} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\CLSID\{3CA2F312-6F6E-4B53-A66E-4E65E497C8C0} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\CLSID\{80922EE0-8A76-46AE-95D5-BD3C3FE0708D} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\CLSID\{8B9C4F32-044E-491C-893E-362CB8A679D5} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\CLSID\{CF2BF214-9D1E-4803-9AEB-38552615FD40} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\INSTALLER\UPGRADECODES\F928123A039649549966D4C29D35B1C9 detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\INTERFACE\{6C434537-053E-486D-B62A-160059D9D456} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\INTERFACE\{91CF619A-4686-4CA4-9232-3B2E6B63AA92} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\CLASSES\WOW6432NODE\INTERFACE\{AC71B60E-94C9-4EDE-BA46-E146747BB67E} detected: Application.AdReg (A)
Key: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3551676427-1872129176-3036084242-1000\SOFTWARE\APN detected: Application.InstallAd (A)
Key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432NODE\APN detected: Application.InstallAd (A)
Key: HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-3551676427-1872129176-3036084242-1000\SOFTWARE\INSTALLCORE detected: Application.AdTool (A)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Free Offers from Freeze.com\ detected: Adware.Win32.Mostofate (A)

Scanned 58530
Found 31

Edited by Ken Fisher

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That looks like a lot of adware and they operate in the background eating up the CPU. It's a start

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OK so I understated. It's more than a start

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Something must have happened after I dug into CCleaner a bit more with registry options. Not much change with using Emsisoft.


All programs closed..

0:00 - clicked restart

0:29 - time it takes to shut down to black screen

0:37 - Windows starting

1:21 - login with password

2:10 - Welcome screen

2:10 - Desktop screen appears


2:10 - Desktop icons loaded (20 or so) Seemed immediate, but do flicker on and off for another 20 seconds.

2:15 - Wireless connects (previous, over 4 minutes)

2:58 - Try top open MSFT works word processor(I use it alot)

3:49 - MSFT works open

2:40 - Click Chrome

4:15 - Chrome opens, but only address in address bar


5:38 - Finally Chrome home page. Actually it's Comcast. Could be why it's taking so long?


Some programs freezing (not responding) when clicked. It's only been happening the last two weeks. Also at times everything locks up where I have to unplug the whole laptop. Probably a half dozen times in the last week, including once today.


Curious as to when one should expect a browser to function completely?

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MSFT works and Chrome seem long to start. Remember at this point the PC is up and running. Your boot time is approx 1 minute 45 seconds.


A browser is up and running when it is ready to click a shortcut. That's 1 minute 35 seconds for you. The time to render your home page is a measurement of the Internet, same for the MSFT works. It has no bearing on the boot time.

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Some more improvement after I pulled a few items from the startup boot, and removed all the unnecessary VAIO crap


On restart button it goes to shutdown mode quicker, within seconds.


0:03 shutting down

0:23- 0:26 black screen

0:26 vaio

0:30 starting windows

1:16 login with password

1:18 welcome, icon spinning

2:02 desktop

-- wireless seems to connect in here---

2:20 click chrome

2:25 click works

2:40 chrome opens, white window, no address bar

3:02 chrome functional

3:15 works opens



Some stuff still hanging...like the notes I just tried to save in works...spinning icon. My sony vegas locked up too.


Maybe my niece can help. She is the IT person at the local high school, but getting help is freaking hard.

Edited by Ken Fisher

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This is already good but yes there is still something. Malwarebytes has something called startuplite-setup-1.07.exe which they say can solve sloooow start ups. Unknown and untried but I have it on a list of stuff to test.


Ah the money I could make if I had a teleporter like in Star Trek.

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While bobbb has pretty well covered the 'most likely' stuff I always suggest running each operation, be it anti-virus, malware, cleaner, what-have-you thrice as some stuff is clingy or not found on a single pass and Windows is weird.


I suggest trying a clean boot to see if things speed up.
How to perform a clean boot in Windows, Microsoft Knowledge Base.
Note: there is a link to a video walk through for Win7.

I especially suggest the section somewhat over half down the page 'How to determine what is causing the problem by performing a clean boot'. Basically shutting things off by halves until the culprit(s) are located. Hopefully.

Note: the above works if the problem is in the start file. It does nothing about programs shutting down, or not.

Not usually a problem but will cover just in case:
Win7 likes and usually takes automatically a swap/page file equal to available memory, i.e. if you have 1-GB RAM wants 1-GB of hard drive space aka virtual memory.
To check:
Press Windows + Pause Break
-> click Advanced system settings (left pane)
-> click Advanced
-> click Settings (in Performance)
-> click Advanced
Note the amount set aside under Virtual Memory.
If amount is lower than RAM and ONLY if it is lower:
-> click Change under Virtual Memory
-> clear Automatically manage paging file size for all drives checkbox
-> click drive (under Drive [Volume Label] you want to change
-> click Custom size
-> enter increased size (to at least RAM equivalent) into both Initial size (MB) and Maximum size (MB) input box
-> click Set
-> click OK
Note: an increase should not require a restart.

If you want to test whether more memory (RAM) would be helpful:
Plug a USB flash drive into computer USB slot
-> open computer
-> right click drive, select Properties
-> click Ready Boost
-> click Use this device
If things work better invest in more RAM.

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Note the amount set aside under Virtual Memory

That a good indicator to see if the system did an auto increase. The defaults are the size of real memory and recommended is 1.5 x RAM


For initial size I would use the amount set aside (now) under Virtual Memory (but not less than real RAM) simply because it indicates that it had reached at lease that. If that now size is really x greater than RAM. WOW


Hmmm did not know about Ready Boost. Now I do. He has 8GB

Edited by bobbb

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