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Anyone recommend sites for Fonts?

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I've searched through sites such as acidfonts.com, dafonts.com for some "business" looking freeware fonts, but they all seem to be film, kid or fun fonts, nothing serious.


Anyone know of any?

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Thanks Black_Phoenix :D


I've never seen typenow.net before. I like it. Must add it to my collection. Thanks!

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Need to identify a font?

Need a line on a free, extensive font family?

Try usenet.


alt.binaries.fonts is a good source.

I'm not pushing downloading warez fonts or copies of copies of copies that are missing the niceties of hinting and kerning. However, some folks who design and study fonts are there to post their own and have deep love for the topic.







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Media Temple hosts the Typophile wiki and forum




Typophile's list of "cool" free font links



Wikipedia's outside links on typefaces and typography are nice -





Fonts are art, form, function, history and oh so addictive!




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I agree that typography is addictive. It's why I started my site - it's just a hobby that became and idea that begat a site.


So here is list of my bookmarked font sites:


Sites for original font designers:


Silkscreen font. Silkscreen is the "official" font for those 80x15px buttons we see everywhere.


the Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute. One of the best font sites ever. Very classy design and very cool fonts. Highly recommended!


merald city fontwerks - alphabet. Another top site, home of many of the popular free fonts. Check out pookie and augie.


dave bastian free fonts Another collection I like, more funky than your typical style, but still very cool.


Collection sites

On snot and fonts. Although it claims that most of the links are dead (some are, true), it's still a good collection.


Unicode fonts collection Because we're an international bunch and we need unicode fonts.


Unicode Font Guide A better unicode font collection.


DMOZ Font Directories The DMOZ page for this kind of stuff.


NetFontes A Brazillian site, with a cool collection.


Search Free Fonts. As it says on the tin (well, title). A big list ripe for your picking.


fontsite. A collection of free fonts. Not sure how often they change their free collection, but it's there. Worth a check once in a while.


Typography tutorials and the like


All Good Things Typography. A collection answering the question "what is typography?".


Paul Baker Typography. Watch those frames, but click on the "P A U L B A K E R T Y P O G R A P H Y" link at the top left.


Designing with Type. As they describe it: "devoted to the art and appreciation of typography. It offers a unique typographic resource for students, educators, and professionals, showcasing talent from around the world."


Microsoft Typography. An excellent site. Be sure to check out their A DISAGREEABLY FACETIOUS TYPE GLOSSARY, which as they put it "FOR THE AMUSEMENT & EDIFICATION OF PEOPLE BEGINNING A LOVE AFFAIR WITH FONTS"

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http://www.fabrikadetypos.com.br/ (fell in love with his font Helena that I found on a free font site and paid $5 to use commercially. I wrote him, some of his fonts are created as derivatives from royalty free stuff, so I'm not going to use them for clients, but I seriously love them and would use them for my own stuff).


http://floodfonts.com/ (license for free fonts is commercial: http://floodfonts.com/readme/readme.html)


http://apostrophiclab.pedroreina.net/ (these are the old Apostrophic Lab fonts, scroll down to Tipos, license is here:http://pedroreina.net/apostrophiclab/info.html )


http://www.misprintedtype.com/v3/ I like this guy's fonts, but I wrote him and some of them he calls "collages" made from other fonts, so I'm not sure of the legalities, he gives permission for commercial use, though).


http://moorstation.org/typoasis/designers/gemnew/home.htm I like Moorstation, but only a few of the designers have their licenses posted and I've written many of them and none have ever replied


http://www.larabiefonts.com/ Been using this guy's fonts for years (actually bought one of his CDs). They're fine for commercial use, I think he might "request" a donation or something now, though.


http://www.glashaus-design.com/ - edited to add this. Great site, some free fonts for commercial use (I like Lacuna).

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allows you to find fonts based on a key word, or its name.


it also has a program that will scan your uploaded font sample and try to guess which font it is if you don't know it's name and need to buy it.



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MyFonts also has a neat newsletter -- it includes various new fonts that they'd like to introduce (I guess). Very aesthetic, and not your usual "21 Ways to ..." kind of thing.

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