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Wow.... Google Taking Mapping To A New Level

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Yep, and new 360 capabilities too. See this TechCrunch link on '360 Streetside Views'


When do I get my own personal satellite views so I can check out who pulled up in my driveway?



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Well it doesn't deserve this much hype frankly. Have you seen the Live Maps 3D viewer? You can get pretty much the same perspective, and not be so zoomed in. I like that a lot more.


And it's world wide already.



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... and A9 :)


But it's neat anyway - Google is now copying Microsoft :P


What's next, Frontpage? Uhm, I guess you could count Google Pages, lol


Sorry, just being sarcastic again :).


What really, really bothers me about the Google street view maps is that the other cars are always faster. It's like some 90 year old (sorry, no offense meant, it's just a mental image) is driving the car with the camera. Zoooooom, they pass left and right :(.



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Boy I'm behind the times on this mapping stuff... I'd never seen it done before, I'll check out those other sites.

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