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New Site, Donating Money To 3rd World

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i might start a site where people can donate money to the 3rd word (more specific). There is one site with a simular idea, so i guess it's kinda unique (it's not just donating the i will take it one step further)

But how do i market it the green way?

i have been thinking about grassroots.org that i have it on the botton of some of my sites.

I guess i cant do that on clap.com (my new multi user blog im going to develop) because of the std association.

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Guest Autocrat

As far as I know, there are litterally thousands of Donate-Sites.

plenty of htem are not even for recognised Charities, instead for individual causes, or simply by those that want to help.


Most of them have common failings... and how do you get people to them?

Are peole going to go to Search Engines and type in

Donate to good cause



So how do you tackle it?


You need to make the site of use/interest to people.

That will take a lot of time and effort, solely on research.

Plus you will have to then figure ways of making people want to donate.

And you haveto make it trustworthy, as alot of folk are tired of being ripped off/conned by scams etc... so maybe you need to register as a legitimate charity/orginsation first?



Additionally, I'd look at creating Donation Blocks that can be plugged into other sites, and seeing if they are willing to support the cause. That way you get a little more visibility and can start creating a name.

It would be good to have an informative site that they can visit through the block, and thus re-inforce the idea of trustworthiness etc.

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I think the "trust" factor which Autocrat mentioned is most likely the largest hurdle.


I imagine starting a site with the goal of passing money to charities is not going to work that easily -- you will probably have to be well known before starting the site. And even then it would not be that easy (see all the fake red-cross sites).


How can you show users that they can trust your site to do what it says?



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how do i market it the green way?


What do you mean by that?


Market it while avoiding depleting natural resources?


Market it as a "green" endeavor?

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