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2007 Semmy Awards Nominations Announced

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I learned today that several folks from the Cre8asiteforums community have made the SEMMYS


The awards are for blog posts and articles rather than blogs. I'm not sure what the criteria was for nominations but I saw Miriam, me, Bill, Rand, Tamar, Rebecca, Barry Schwartz, Li Evans, David Wallace, Debra M., Chris Winfield, Donna F., Jeff Quipp...and others from this community there :)


Congratulations to all nominees!


(more info)

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I like that this is for a specific post, because it takes me straight to the best of the best. Yummy.


:::peering up from self indulgent reading and re-reading:::


Oh, and congrats to all nominees!


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Kim! Isn't that lovely?

I'm so excited. I just found out about this tonight.


The criteria, I believe, is that Matt logged your post at some point throughout 2007 in his monthly Best Of section (of which I'm a huge fan).


He didn't mean to officially unveil this until Monday, but I got trackbacks on my blog to the 4 posts of mine that were nominated and it seems that other nominees noticed this going on, too, so we all got excited and started putting up our badges. I'm going to blog about this tonight (Matt says a-okay to do that even though there may be a few bugs in the SEMMY site still). I saw your post, Kim, and Andrew Shortland of Local SEO has one up, too, so I guess the word is out!


What an amazing thing to be in company with the likes of the folks you've listed, above. I'm also very happy that my friend, David Mihm, got to design the site for the SEMMYs. This is a cool idea of Matt's and I like how it is honoring the content, in particular. It's a different angle. Goodness knows, it's the reading we all do that seems to make the world go 'round in this industry. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated! :woohoo:



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Donna did the same thing :) We all saw those trackbacks, saw our posts were nominated and the rest is history :)


Poor Matt. He wasn't quite ready for us to jump on this but on the other hand, it shows how good we are at tracking our stuff!

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