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Google Analytics

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I currently have GA on all of my pages. Does GA have the ability for

me to click on a specific visit and view all of the pages that that

visitor has visited in order? Right now it seems like I can view the

visitors keywords, exit pages, landing pages, etc... However, I want

to look at specific visits and find out how they browsed through my



Currently, I download the apache log files and browse through them by

IP address. That lets me see how users and navigating through my

site. Does GA have this ability?



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Google Analytics sort of accomplishes what you're looking for. I don't think they give you a full click-path analysis, but if you drill down into the content section you can see the pages that people visited before and after the particular page in question.


So on the left navigation click on Content. You'll see under "Navigation Analysis" > "Navigation Summary" and "Entrance Paths".


If you click on a specific page, you'll also have those same options. When at the "Navigation Summary" page, you'll see a list of your internal pages that were the "Previous" and "Next" pages. This can give you some insight on how your users are traversing your site.


If you're looking for an analytics package that gives you a bit more granularity, I'd suggest taking a look at Get Clicky. Granted this solution probably wouldn't work so great against a large data set, but for smaller sites it's perfect.

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