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Google Labs /*code Search*/ Goes Universal

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Just been playing with G again.

Thanks to Michael Gray (Graywolf), Code Snippets Part of Universal Search.

Note to self: Stop researching what you read - skim like the rest of them...


Another critter has been dragged into Universal Search - the Google Labs /*Code Search*/. Apparently the SERP ship still has room in steerage...


You can checkout his 'strlen' example or my 'money_format' one following:

Note: click on either the heading 'Code snippets for money_format' or the finishing 'More code snippets for money_format »' to go to Google Labs /*Code Search*/ for more juicy reasons not to leave the GooglePlex.


Note: it works with or without '()': [money_format] and [money_format()].


Omnes viae GooglePlex ducunt. :ph34r:

Minime! :pieinface:

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