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How To Promote A Non Profit Organization

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Though the most important question seems to be 'how to start a non profit organization', a matter of promoting it to raise more funds and money to help the cause is even more crucial.


Thus, I'd like to start a single thread, where leaders of nonprofit and charity organizations can find resources to make their organization more visible. Obviously, you are supposed to contribute a link or two that will help them in this direction.


I'd like to start with a single article that Bill Slawski and I have authored some time ago. It is about creating, improving and promoting a charity website. Having a great website is one of the easiest and - most importantly for a non-profit organization - cheapest ways to get noticed and get real results.


How to Create, Improve and Promote a Charity Website


In short, it is about:

- having an easy to use website (including a very easy, simple and compelling way to donate the money)

- building a community around the website with a forum, a blog or a social site of sorts

- creating valuable content to get more visitors, readers, word of mouth and to help build the community


Of course, there are other ways of promoting a nonprofit, both offline and online, so let's list these ways here.

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Bloggers in your theme might be winning to feature the organization in a post. That will result in some links to the website and some (hopefully) positive attention.


If it is a popular cause you might have informative articles on the site and a "badge" that can be posted on blogs and websites that support you. The badge would invite people to the organization's website.

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