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How Do I Position An Image Within A Div?

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Dear all,

I'm running into a problem with the css. I have a series of divs and I need to place an little icon on the right of each div. If I put the icon in the background then when hover it will be overrded by the color #e8f9f9. I want the little icon to be on the right at all times.


here is the css:



width: 184px;


#subnavProdList a{

font: normal 11px Arial;

display: block;

width: 100%;

color: #666666;

text-decoration: none;

border-bottom: 1px solid #cccccc;

text-indent: 5px;

padding-top: 5px;

padding-bottom: 5px;


#subnavProdList a:hover{

background-color: #e8f9f9;

color: #000000;




here is the div:


<td><div id="subnavProdList"><a href="fabrics.php?coll=Suncloth&fam=Summerhouse">Summerhouse<img src="../products/images/miniswatch/summerhouse.png" border="0" /></a></div></td>



<td><div id="subnavProdList"><a href="fabrics.php?coll=Suncloth&fam=Southern Cross">Southern Cross<img src="../products/images/miniswatch/summerhouse.png" border="0" /></a></div></td>post-17990-1209487522.gif


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Guest Autocrat

Have you tried assigning hte image as a background in the hover state as well as a color?

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I did but it wont work because when you mouse over the background image shifts a pixel down everytime and I have to define like 10 different divs/a/a:hovers.....

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Not tested in all browsers.

Try adding:


#subnavProdList a img { float: right;  margin-top: -12.5px;}


where the negative margin is equal to the height of the image (eg: 10px) plus half the height of the bottom padding for <a> (5px/2=2.5px) so 10+2.5=12.5px.

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