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Google Health Has Now Launched

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Not that impressed so far though still looking at it.


It's like a notebook. You can write "useful" stuff in it, like your gender, age, medicine you take. It tightly integrates your Dr's name to google maps and some affiliate site called vimo for reviews.


One good thing is you can import profiles from your drugstore.

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Thanks - Going to have to sign up and look around.


One of the patent applications that I came across last year deals with how advertising might work with an "electronic medical record (EMR) system", to present advertisements to physicians:




It doesn't look like that made its way into Google Health.


The Google Health FAQ states that:


6. If it’s free, how does Google make money off Google Health?


Much like other Google products we offer, Google Health is free to anyone who uses it. There are no ads in Google Health. Our primary focus is providing a good user experience and meeting our users' needs.

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