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Listing Problem In Msn.co.uk

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Hi friends,


i have face different problem in MSN.


i have optimized one website i.e vinsystech.com. My all keywords are also top in below 4 pages in MSN.com


My problem is same keywords are not showing in MSN.co.uk


here i am giving some of keywords


1. London website designers

2. Web designers in London

3. London web design

4. London website development

5. Software consultants in London


Is there any problem between MSN.com and MSN.co.uk?


please check and let me know the problem please.....


because this client in London. he is using msn.co.uk





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dot com address and a dedicated server in the USA means that anyone performing a UK only search won't find you.


And yes, msn.com and msn.co.uk will give different results the same way google.co.uk will provide different results to google.co.in.


And in any case, the site feels like you have taken a standard block of text and inserted the word london and uk. You might not have done but that's how it reads along with the spammy titles: 'Web design London, London website design, web design UK, London'.


In other words what incentive is there for the SE to list you in preference to any other London based outsourcing web designer?

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