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Download Xls Timesheet

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This Timesheet may or may not be useful to you. You may have something in place that you use and is better or maybe this one will be slightly easier to use. It was something I desperately needed to manage resources and projects. So i sat for 5 hours putting it together. I thought id share it here with the cre8asite people.


Download here: http://www.redhammer.co.za/TimeSheet-Cre8asite.rar


What does it do?


It’s a weekly timesheet broken down into the five working days. There are checkboxes and each checkbox equals 30 min. It will calculate how much time a resource is worked on a project/task - gives you task/project total as well as daily total. All the resource needs to do is click on the checkboxes and fill out Job Code and Task. Very easy to to use.


Can also be used as a persoanl timesheet if you are freelancing.


There is also a second sheet called: 'All Projects and Comments' nothing special there use it loss it. Main reason I added that is because I wanted to create accountability. Often ill get the:" but it was xyz responsibility". Now the project/task leader will be responsible for contacting the person who is in charge of that thing... But see for yourself.


I ask the guys to fill it out and send it to me at the end of every week.


Hope it helps get things done!


Perhaps this can also open discussion around project management. What to do with this information? Do you feed it into a bigger project plan? How best to deliver this information to clients. How else do you manage multiple resources? How do we create accountability and make sure our resources deliver on time with quality etc.... Be nice to keep discussion v. practical.


Thank you - Sascha



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Hi Sascha,


Thanks for posting this...I'm currently trying to implement something like this in our team of developers.


I like the use of check boxes to make completing it easier and quicker, good idea.


Couple of thoughts;


- A drop down box in the Job Code field could perform a look up from the list in the next sheet. That way you don't have to type in there either.


- A textbox in the overtime row could allow the user to enter how many hours over time for that day.


I wonder how this could be used in a team environment?




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Hi Jendy


Ahmm good idea about adding the dropdown box for job code. In terms of overtime I think there is room for improvement as well.


Next week will be my first week where everyone will use it. Im sure ill learn a lot after the first set which will come through.


This is how i have gone about it:


I have sent each resource one of these spreadsheets, 6 in total. Now 4 of those are on one big project and the other 2 on another set of smaller projects.


So they will all fill this out and send it to me at the end of the week. I will analys and give them feedback where needed. I will also join data from the different spreadsheets for the All Projects and Comments sheet - (Yes this process could be improved by somehow having them collaborate on the same sheet but for now ill keep it simple. Might also be good idea to learn what everyone is thinking about the different projects and tasks.) Then ill send it back to them on Monday and we start again.



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