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Hi all!


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if not, please don't "flame" me, just delete this thread, hehehe.


We've lauched a new website to our company, it's very clean and light, but that's enought. When creating this site we were running tests on FireFox and IExplorer and we found a few differences (in .css) for these sites... differences that have been fixed.


But, we're just curious on, how would our site look like in other browsers that we might not even heard before, screen-resolutions and different monitor sizes. And hear if the screen "looks fine" or it's all "messed-up".


Is this the right place to ask for this?

Even if our website isn't available in English? (it's only in Brazilian Portuguese).


Many thanks in advance!



And before I forget here's the URL.



I know that our website isn't "mobile-friendly", but it would still be nice to hear from mobile users as well... if not asking too much. :)

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Hi steve.spam


BTW welcome to the Forums. :wave:


I just took a quick look at your website in a number of the other browsers and did not spot anything that was a problem. I found the site a bit bland without images but since I am red green color-blind perhaps I should not comment on the color itself.


As far as the rendering goes, it looked fine in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, and Opera. In the latter I also looked at it in Small Screen which attempts to simulate the mobile experience. Like many sites designed for the desktop screen, IMHO it does not perform too well.


I also noted that at 800 x 600 screen size, you must scroll sideways to see the full page. Since possibly 10 percent of your visitors may be using that resolution, it seems unfortunate to not give them a good viewing experience. I would have thought it would be straightforward to ensure that it does work at this smaller size.


In summary, I think the most important point is to add some images. That is what will keep your visitors hooked on your pages.

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Hi bwelford,


Thanks for your time and your reply.


Actually we plan to insert a few pictures of our products, but we're still figuring out what's the best way to insert them, both in "esthetic" and "what tecnologie" to use. We're pretty sure they will help us to make our visitors to spend a little bit more time in our website... btw, we will use a few other tools to improve our "web-relation" to our customers.


Thanks running so many cross-browse test, and give me the feedback.

We've noticed that 800 x 600 would be a "problem", but as you said, less than 5% (to be more specific) of our visitors are using this settings. But we might think about considering to fix it.


Since we've mentioned visitors-time, as our analytics report, the average time spent at our site is 00:02:42 per visit. I think it's a nice average, considering we don't have any products pictures, not yet.


Thanks for your feedback.

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Hi I had a look in IE 7, Safari (pc) and Firefox, all looks good, did spot a few things I would change if it were mine...


1 the form backgrounds are a bit strong look more like buttons, than text fields


2. You have the login at the bottom of the page, would it not be more 'useably friendly' at the top, no scrolling to login.


As Barry says could do with a few carefully chosen images adding


apart from that looks good to me, will test it at work as well (IE 5.5 and 6) let you know if it falls over on anything



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When all else fails, I like to use this site for checking cross-browser compatibility:




It creates screen shots, and you can vary not only the browser, but the screen resolution, Javascript settings, etc. You can use the site for free, but free reports do take a while (about 20-30 minutes, in my experience).

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