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Using Wikipedia To Subversively Promote

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"As of 16th December 2008 , Trend Micro is recommending users switch to rival browsers until an emergency IE patch is released to fix a potential security risk which could allow outside users to take control of a person's computer and steal their passwords. "



One it is self promotion Trend Mirco, and two it is telling people to go with other browsers. Not very Encyclopedia like but potentially very effective?

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I guess that it is in Wikipedia's interests to ensure that its users stay safe. Trend Micro picked up the security hole, so nothing wrong with mentioning them whenever talking about it. And people need to know about it one way or another. No doubt it will all be forgotten in a few months anyway, and then the wiki page will be modified to show a more accurate state of current affairs.

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I change the topic title from wiki to "wikipedia" because the two are not the same, and it is a constant battle to teach people that.


... not that you two don't know, but this idea that wikipedia == a wiki makes it so hard to sell the concept of a wiki to people!

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