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To all who dare,


I am interested in knowing what the recommendations are from members of this forum in regard to:

1. A commerical tool that can be purchased for reporting on website positioning, including reports for recommended improvements (linkstructure with nofollow recognition--preferrably with PR weight distribution from an internal perspective, title tags and kwd (density) for words/phrases from title that also occur within the visible area of the page preferrably)

2. A tool that can crawl and validate public pages with recommendations that can be controlled by depth, word/url filters, etc

3. keyword research tools that can help streamline wordtracker (perhaps a tool with a wordtracker api if such exists), google external keyword tool, etc (perhaps others I am not aware of) in order to come up with a comprehensive list of phrases from which can be pruned and applied as it is found to be relevant.

4. A tool that can analyze backlinks accurately, perhaps integrating PR (but not required)

5. PPC tool (web api subscription, ie or bidrank?)

6. Analytics recommendations to assist with ROI, along with recommendations to prevent cross-contamination of PPC, organic, and product launches (referrer can be used and applied to cookie i suppose, but also interested in recommendations for cookieless returns)


Basically I am looking for some of the best shareware and freeware to run reports on existing sites and to manage organic and ppc campaigns for a small number of sites, ie 10.


Right now I have come across:


Internet Business Promoter

Webposition Gold

SEO Elite


bidrank web app recommendations?



Altho I highly respect the person making the recommendation to follow, it does not necessarily apply in my situation, and I am indeed trying to compose a list of tools that perhaps could also be considered for pinning in this forum:



I am probably missing quite a bit here..........so if anybody has any recommendations for the SEO TOOL Arsenal, please list the apps--please do not hesitate.......if there is a particular tool you use in your SEO/SEM, (html editor, css editor, kwd analyzer, google tool, wordtracker tool, image tool, analytics, host provider, text editor, system utilities, etc etc), please, let's come up with a list..........and then perhaps we can setup a voting mechanism wherein the members who login can 'vote' for their recommendations.



thanks for all your help, forum members!

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I'd suggest taking a look at SEOmoz Tools and Aaron Wall's SEO Tools. Those 2 sources should serve the majority of your needs.


For ranking info that requires either scraping Google, Yahoo, and MSN. If you've got a very large site and are planning on tracking a large number of keywords, I haven't seen a good tool that will accomplish this, mostly because the engines do a fairly good job of limiting scraping. If you have a smaller site, than Web CEO or Web Position Gold should satisfy your needs.


For accurate backlink analysis and true application of PR, it'll require a large scope of data that is beyond crawling 1 site or anything that is readily available in an API. SEOmoz's LinkScape is probably the best openly available tool at your disposal for that information.


From the PPC and Keyword Gen side of things, Shoe Money Tools look compelling, but I've never used them myself.


There's a heavy monthly cost to the full blown SEOmoz and ShoeMoney tools. So if you can justify the cost, these tools might be worth your while. If you have a large number of sites (or large number of competitor sites) that you want to monitor, the SEOmoz's LinkScape can get very expensive very fast. At that point you might want to consider writing up the specs of your tool and have an outsourced developer build it for you.

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I'd go and take a look at sites like www.fantomaster.com, follow some links and get some good bookmarks. Setup blogs in a reader and monitor these. Setup a test domain with nothing more than research and testings as the parameters for its operation. Write down your findings. Read about effective writing, persusion and and motivation. At that point, you can read through lots of blogs and forums smiling at how much rubbish there is written on the web.

For reporting webceo does a pretty good job. Do all that and in about 18 months you won't need to use any of the online keyword tools because your common sense will tell you what's going to work. You'll also think for yourself in SEO, which is what many people can't really do because they don't do hardcore R&D. I'd advise you start learning PHP as well. That's my recipe for become a Lord of SEO.



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Phaithful: Thank you. However, I do not want to use web applications for the ranking and website analysis.....I wouldnt mind using a web app for ppc management with roi, webanalytics, or some esoteric need, but not to monitor and analyze a website at a time (perhaps 1-3 a week).


For that, I would be interested in using a handful of desktop applications...........


I was aware of seomoz and Aaron Wall, of course.........not interested in those web apps. As was not aware of the other site you mentioned..........thank you for listing it, altho it too is another web app........like to know about such resources.


Glyn from Italy, going to school: Don't you know who I am?


I am not interested in researching and cracking the algo, per se, as the factors go well beyond on-page criteria......in the old days I did said.........and not with one site nor one niche (gambling and sex had different algos than 'recipes' back in 1999).

I have a fair idea as to what I feel is necessary personally........instead, I am looking for a group of tools to analyze a site and give recommendations that I can supply as reports to friends and family, colleagues and associates, etc. I wouldnt run a business doing that........just if somebody ask me for x, y, and z........I could run some tools and get them in the ball park..........


As for copywriting........hehe..........many overlook this.........i did...........altho I was put on the right path back in the summer of 2000 in Boulder colorado when meeting up with Marlon Sanders, Cory Rudhl, Jonathan Mizel, Alan Gardyne, Declan Dun, Stephan Mahaney, Michael Campbell, etc...........they had a guy there selling some old copywriting books..........I was then introduced to sales copy and influencing others thru the power of the written word..........so over the last 9 years, I also took notice of marketing sites......in particular, I am fond of Joe Vitale..........for business and 'thinking', I am fond of Jay Abraham.





Back to the tools.............


I am interested in being able to analyze a website for rank, onpage criteria (locations of keyphrases in the title, description, heading, body inside bold, italic, ahref), link structure (ibl within site to that page factoring in nofollow tag and robots.txt exclusions; obl to that page, preferrably with their PR).........I would have to say that, IMO, the linkstructures would be the most influential factors, all other factors equally addressed.


I am also interested in analyzing the site for broken links, load times, etc that may influence ppl leaving the site due to performance issues...........yes, i realize that the host plays a part too, but i am not interested in website monitoring for 24hr periods, altho that may be a plus..........


I am interested in keyword research, as I feel that first datamining every possibility is paramount to success, with dual strategies (long hanging fruit first as time and implemented techniques builds for the competitive phrases)........addressing keyword competitiveness and linkstructures is of interest........


so, a tool that works with wordtracker and google external tool, for instance, with an ability to datamine quickly and filter said data..............


a tool to assist with competitive analysis of google adwords...........may was well see all the ads a competitor has for the same industry to help your own ad copy


a tool for PPC bid management, preferrably with roi integration, factoring in the need to separate organic roi from ppc roi.......opinions welcome on this subject.



It would be nice if most of these tools were not monthly subscribed web apps.



obviously some of them must be, i imagine.

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I'd suggest taking a look at some of Ann Smarty articles on Search Engine Journal.

Some of these tools are good, some are ok ... none of them will probably serve your need as a one stop shop, and many of them aren't really desktop apps or meant for full scale reporting.


I still haven't come across such a tool, so I've written my own tools. I would say you'd be hard press to find a desktop app that will do what you want, mostly because some of the information needs either more processing power, more memory, more speed (bandwidth & http connections), or more data storage. All of those issues can easily be addressed if you distribute the data gathering and calculating over multiple machines which means you probably will create a web app instead of a stand alone app.


If you've ever used Xenu Link Sleuth, Web CEO, or any of the popular desktop SEO applications, and tried it against a mid to large site, you'll know what I mean. The app will usually crash before you can get any quality data out of it.


Good luck with you search, but I have a feeling that the only way to satisfy all your needs is to have someone custom build it for you.


edit: Also check out Dave Naylor's Tools ... web app again, but free: http://tools.davidnaylor.co.uk/ ... his Keyword Density Tool is pretty complete and well done.

Edited by phaithful

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Thank you for these resources.........I will check them out.


In regard to cpu resources, etc........Yes.......the more 'features' an application has......as you stated........which makes it unlikely for the mass market.......


I would have to say, tho, that Delphi and borland c++ probly come the closest to low resource demands feature for feature.


However, I am not a programmer, software engineer, etc.........my guy left.........going on to work with MakeMeTop's PPC bid management tool. A long story.


I have built a windows 2000 Adv. Server clustered machine using the dell powervault 220S filled with 14 73gb 15krmp drives as the shared disk subsystem, each configured with 8gb ram......each server itself also had 15 73gb 154krmp drives using a 4unit supermicro chassis (and I also drilled and attached a 500gb ATA drive inside each).......that chassis had (3) 5bay SCA enclosures in it.......I used (2) dual channel PERC-3 controllers in each (but it was a supermicro board).


I am well aware of powerful machines.............my 'programmer', at its peak, was working with approx. 20 remote machines that answered to tens of thousands of domains.........altho only about 2000 FQD.......the rest were subdomains.........


I have worked with 4 clustered machines in a node too........windows 2003 server web server load balancing.........4 nodes of 4, for 16 machines, each with 15 scsi drives and a SATA drive (another supemicro chassis config).........each node had its own local hub for the heartbeats (dual honed).......the internet side with the switch tied into a dedicated firewall appliance--netscreen.



You could say he was one hell of a .net programmer (started out with asp/sql7/win2k and custom c++ server, evolving to csharp, sql2k/2k5, win2k3). He was a former delphi/borland c++ programmer in his prior life.



But that is not an option for me...........he was the engineer. I lack the know-how to implement or design any system or software app.


Therefore I am looking for other, mass-avail. solutions.

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I'm not much of a .NET guy, Python is my game ... But you're correct, if you're pumping things out in C++ and your developer can handle the memory allocation and freeing, you'll definitely have a speedy program on your hands (otherwise it'll be fast, but crash over time due to memory leaks). I'm not a big Java guy, but I do appreciate the auto memory garbage clean-up that is lacking with C.


Like I said, I don't think there really is a good mass-available solution, especially for your particular needs.


Since you have the horsepower you might as well use it. Elance.com or Guru.com has developers that you can contract and could probably build what you need if you just write out the business and functional requirements.


I know it's less than ideal, but from my research on SEO tools, I only see 3 real viable options to capture everything you need:


1. Use the free tools, but you'll have to manually make the requests page by page (Slow and a pain in the backside ... unless you have an intern)

2. Use the paid tools, but they're mostly web apps which means monthly cost.

3. Contract / Build the tools yourself


In the long run, building the tool yourself is probably cheaper, but that's if the engines don't change. Even the popular desktop software I've seen are charging for updates ... so in the end, it's not really that much more cost effective than the monthly web services.


But in your case, where you're dealing with 2,000+ domains and possibly tracking 10k+ subdomains, I'd go with contracting it out, and making sure they build it so it can scale.

Edited by phaithful

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I agree with phaithful on this. You'll find that while the tools exist to do more or less what you want to accomplish they suffer from bloat because each one is trying to be unique. I use a series of the above to arrive at a clear result. Most of the don's with the technology are developing scripts and tools and not flogging them out. There are some pretty good blogs on the web that can help you think creatively, but it doesn't sound like you need it. I tend to try and tweak some of these free tools by making suggestions to improve them for my own needs, and in some cases they do this. I've also recently been tagging lots of pages and threads to my Google Reader, which is really very good (I'm late on this).


You might take a look at Yahoo's developer section because there's a lot of stuff that can be extracted and analyzed if you've got a good developer. I'd also recommend two tools, getclicky for traffic auditing and wordze for a good competitor to wordtracker.


As for cracking an algo, you can never really do that, but you can certainly get a better understanding of what it takes to go into the first page. And it is such fun!


Watch out for some of the free online analysis tools because many of them get you to throw it a domain name and then they create a cached page of information which they host on their website. Due to a high inbound linkpop on the domain you can sometimes find your brand name term coming up on one of these pages in Google with adsense being hosted to, so you they even make money from it!




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No, i dont do that anymore........that was the past.


I am only talking about once in a while, perhaps 0-3 sites a week......perhaps on average 10 reports a month.


Visual C++ .net has garbage collection and memory management handled by the .net platform/CLR.......Mr East's Keyword Companion programmed by the Romanians has put that to the test pretty well.........but one can still manually DISPOSE.......there are some very rare instances wherein the builtin auto memory management may have some issues, and that is where the CLR profiler comes into play........but far and few in between...........so finally a c++ environment without the dreaded memory leaks! (borlands memory manager is also pretty good, certainly better than working with something like digital mars)


IMO, Csharp/c++.net Tramps all over java in performance........one must remember, that the same guy (Anders Hejlsberg) who created java for microsoft(j++) and the lead architect for DELPHI, was the lead engineer for this csharp .net project........so in a sense, one could have called it Java+++ (but since j++ never took off, perhaps just java++)


It truly has come of age..........


That c++ webserver component was handling 30 requests per second sustained without crashing--it would crash at 60 sustained, but text messages would be sent out to cell phones, and there was a routine to reattempt to restart the services (which, unfortunately, is more complicated than it sounds with thousands of sql-driven websites)........really it was the cpu and disk subsystems that began to suffer despite large amounts of precompiled sql code (gotta love the memory optimization algos within sql2k/5)


but again.......i was just stating that i was aware of those variables you mentioned.


just looking for some desktop apps.


i will, more than likely, never again come across such a programming engineer that I would be afforded to be able to work with.......so that is all mute now.

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Sorry, I am just not looking for online tools for the majority of the analysis........I would much prefer a handful of desktop apps..........


web ceo, seo elite, and webposition gold i believe all have lifetime updates......just not for the algo analysis.....wherein they make recommendations (knowledge base updates as they were called back in 1999 (confirmed, sept. 1999, good ole adam norton) when i was using webposition gold 1.xxx ; hey, you all remember Susan Goodson of firstplace software???)


but i dont think any of the tools even do half of what i mentioned.........web ceo is probly the closest, and does appear to be the best single desktop app........



still looking for others..........



Now, glyn, get back to that degree you are working so hard on!!!!



Or I may call your professor.

Edited by uhNigMuh

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I'll remember to charge you double for a copy of my research project dissertation. ;)

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