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Negative Keywords In Google Suggest

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First of all: this is not my problem. I've read it elsewhere and I'm intrigued, so I'd like to delve a bit deeper....


Of course, we all know that a bog standard Google search page, these days, comes up with suggestions as we enter stuff into the search box. So... what if we enter the name of a company ("X"), and Google comes up with additions like [X sucks] or [X is run by the devil]?


All hypothetically speaking, of course.


Now I'm not sure, but my hunch is that these suggestions are generated based on search volume, rather than on search results numbers.


Here comes the hard part - and I hope that someone has tested this, or that someone has real "inside" info:

- Can Google Suggest be influenced directly, be it by adding suggestions or removing them? (Ok this is a trick question, no one should feel obliged to answer that)

- In case some unpleasant person (or bot) has found a way to sneak some "negative" suggestions in: can this be undone in a quick and simple way?

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I'm pretty sure it is based on search volume. Not sure how I *know* that, but it's just one of those things I've taken for granted, based on who knows what. So, theoretically then, yeah, I'm sure it can be influenced directly, with a large enough botnet performing searches using whatever phrase one wants to add to the list. Whether G can manually override the search volume numbers that influence it...I don't know...but probably. All conjecture, of course.

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Tx Donna hun.

Your hunch is sorta confirming mine.


My take on this:

- Google can't be arsed to correct individual cases of abuse

- People can only influence the top 10 of "suggested terms" if they put up a botnet themselves.


Of course I'm still only guessing, but .........

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I agree with both of your additional guesses, as well.

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