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Need Advise With Review On Usability

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In fact this is a project I already started work on, and already gave recommendation for improvement. The site is op/ed commentary hub on politics, economy, environment etc.


In my initial audit I used many of the things I learned from the Cre8asite community - for which I'm very grateful , but any additional bits of advice will make the picture more clear.


Ok, the site is http://www.project-syndicate.org .


In my audit is mentioned:

- the lack of copy to catch attention and make clear what is the site about to newcomers ( huge bounce rates ! )

- the lack of semantics/structured code ( no good h1 etc ) - that goes more on a technical SEO

- problems with comment system ( blank page after commenting )

- no links on some important areas ( for example the scrolling text on top that says "new iphone app" and the "well hidden" app link down there )

- eye tracking "heatmaps" that show where attention goes and how the site can be rearranged.

- the hover on top images is confusing, while one tries to reach the link on the left one often crosses the small image bellow and it's changes

Well, few more but that's enough :(


Thank you!

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One thing I do not like is when people take other people's domain names and add a - for theirs. I like the name, but I would rather KLPnews than a -. That is my two cents there.


Now, I love the site. I even joined to put my 24 cents on an article about China's rule. I went so right wing, but it was fun.


Ok, I love non biased and non spin media. I want the purest and rawest facts delivered to me. I do not care what The Company things. I want to read the purest truth/facts of the situation, and make up my mind. I am cool on reading what my fellow crazies think of the article, because that is fun. However, I hate opions called news.


News should never be right, center, or left, but it should be the purest and cleanest facts. With the newspapers closing I kept telling myself: A. they failed us with their opions, but there are some real true reporters who should work as a union natonally on a co-op website where they all own X% of the revenue coming in, so then they will get out there and report their local facts, which equal national facts.


I enjoyed you site.

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H1s aren't as important as people think; trust me.


As far as SEO goes though, your titles are bad. Get rid of your site's name and use descriptive text (except for the main page, where you would keep it, and add descriptive text BEFORE it); the title tag is the new description tag, and you don't need branded title's because you're domain name serves that purpose. Titles are a major factor in relevance.


Your menus are GREAT, as far as SEO goes, but graphically i feel that you should make the bottom heading menu's link's backgrounds the same color as the search box's background (ever so slightly darker). I'm not a designer, so you might want a second opinion there.


Your site really is well put together though; and it seems to have a great reputation (PR 7! I'd almost pay you for a link! (if i did that sort of thing, which i don't)). Good job.

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Thanks a lot both of you for the responses !

Yes, the titles are not good at all - didn't mention it here but is part of my audit/recommendation, and it's supposed to be done soon.

And the site is not mine I just got into this as a project, and yes - really love it from informational standpoint, too.

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