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I'm having SERIOUS problems with my website compatibility with IE 6/7. In 6 it seems to be totally unusable and in 7 it won't center and there's a little box to the right that doesn't show up correctly.


I already put in auto-margins and I thought with the centering issue if I put text-align: center; it would work, but it doesn't.


I don't know where to go from here and I'm losing serious business. Please help! I don't know if the forum allows links so I won't link to the site. But its ocpianoteachers and then .com. Thanks for any help!

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Guest joedolson

Is IE8 working? You don't mention it, but I'm wondering whether this is an IE issue in general, or more specifically with IE6 and 7 -


"Totally unusable" is too broad a problem to solve without seeing the site -- can you point us at your site?

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Yeah sorry, IE8 is working fine. It's just 7/6. Sorry I wasn't more specific. I first saw it wasn't working at a co-workers house who had ie 7 then I tried it on another computer with the same problem. So I wondered if it had a problem with earlier browsers and had a screenshot taken with 6 and it's even worse. The centering is the smallest issue. I don't know how to explain it unless you see an example in 7/6.


Sorry for being vague, I don't know how to explain exactly what's going on. I don't have much time to reply right now. I'll think it through and try to find a better way to explain what exactly is going on.


Thanks in advance!

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I've been working on it for a few hours. Everything is working fine except the centering issue. It is centered in IE8 and Firefox, but refuses to center in IE 6/7. I wanted to get it to work in the CSS, but failed miserably. Just to get it to work for now I used the outdated <center> tag, but that didn't even work.


It's basically written like this


<div class="containingblock">

<div class="content">




I have margin-right: auto; and margin-left: auto; set for the containingblock class. I also read that the problem in older versions of IE make a text-align:center; necessary for the containingblock, then a text-align:left; required for the content. I have all of those in place. I don't know what I'm doing wrong!


The containing block is position: absolute; but changing that didn't seem to help either.


I figured at the very least a <center> tag would work. But nothing is happening, please help!


The reworked site is at http://www.ocpianoteachers.com

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I figured it out. It was because it was absolutely positioned. I took most of that out and it now works.

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