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Seo Articles And Submission Ethics

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Hi there


We all know spreading articles and press release articles will bring some attention to your client, but im brand new to spreading content so i have some questions.


My questions arose when I started browsing these sites.








These sites are all sites where writers and can register and submit their articles. Me as an online marketer see these sites as places to post articles about my clients' websites.


How do I register on these sites, meaning, do I register under my personal name and submit articles about various categories, or do i register a new account for each of my clients?



Atm, I have a client website which is about South African Property Development. I will get a good web copy writer and write about property news in South Africa, then i will post it on the sites like the ones mentioned above.


Please let me know what to do?


Thank You

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Article directories, such as Buzzle, allow you to have pen names. Good press release sites do that as well.


If the site can't do it, then yes, you'll have to register an account for each of your clients to be able to specify their name in contact info and as authors of the content.

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Although article syndication is wildly popular with webmasters and SEOs as a way of gaining links, I strongly disagree with the practice.


I believe that you are helping your competitors more than you are helping yourself. You become their source of free content. Each page of content that you give away invites more competitors into your search results. You are also giving them content that might gain free links.


I believe that you will be far better off placing high quality content on your own site and promoting it to webmasters who might link to it.


The bottom line I believe is.... syndication is valuable if you have a "message" to promote but if you have a "website" to promote you should place your assets on it and promote it to relevant sites that might link to it.

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So, EGOL, I guess you don't submit blog RSS feeds to a certain popular black hat forum that distributes them? :)


I'm thinking of a site that begins with "Ess" and ends with "ate", if you know what I mean.


Sometimes I think getting on their RSS feed list is a faster way of building links than anything else. All the major SEO sites are in there....

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No, I am not on it. Never heard of it. Don't think I need it. :)

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